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    Here be a character of mine I recently drew up. As finished as I'll probably get her for a good long while. Theres plenty of flaws with the picture as you can easily see. Egads I hate drawing hands :( 

    she turns into a clown fish :) 


    Maximal Waitress

    For many years, Diboni had worked full time at one of New Iacon's most popular nightclubs, The Blaster. When a work colleague had to forfeit tickets for a space cruise holiday due to other commitments, Diboni gladly took one off him in exchange for some credits. Unfortunatly for her, while she lay in stasis on board the IL Star Set as it made its trip through a largely void expanse of space, things went awry. Her holiday had turned into a nightmare as she awoke to find herself reformatted on an alien world and in the middle of a war with a gang of escaped Cybertronian criminals that called themselves Iron Carcass.

    Diboni is a young and friendly bot. She is outgoing, enjoying time spent with friends and making the most out of life. Loves her job at The Blaster, and greatly misses it, not to mention her normal life on Cybertron. She is the type of bot who can strike up a conversation with almost anyone about anything. Despite the circumstances it came about by, Diboni is fascinated by her new beast form and will often spend free time beneathe the water's surface somewhere just swimming and exploring the undersea enviroments. Like most of the other Maximals, she hates being called to duty by the Star Set's captain, Tigress. She certainly understands that she needs to help out, but also like most of the Maximals, she is no warrior. Though she has had experience dealing with some unsavory types in her job on Cybertron, it is nothing compared to what she could potentially face at any given time in her current situation.

    Like any good statis tube that finds itself in a hostile enviroment, it specced its occupent for combat. As such, Diboni now carries a mass displacer gun that can warp and weaken the armor of opponents. Her beast mode's eyes can fire short range laser beams when she is in robot form. Also while in robot form, she can move through water like a flier can the sky. In both forms she is fast and agile underwater, especially in beast mode. She will also tell her best ability is that of mixing the best drinks you'll find anywhere.

    Like most of the Maximals in this dilemma, she has not found the situation something easy to adjust to. Fear and self doubt both come into play when its time for a dutyshift or a combat encounter. Though her skills in the field are slowly improving, she is not a fighter. She has terrible aim, her armor is mediocre and her physical endurance is poor. Sometimes fear will over take her and she will freeze in one spot. She misses the safety and normality of Cybertron terribly. She has spent many nights weeping alone in her quarters, wishing she never accepted that ticket from a work friend.

    and because i was kinda bored, i did a boxarty background thingy
    right here :) 

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