Diamond Select Datsun bros (Smokescreen)

Discussion in 'Transformers Feedback & Reviews' started by SmokescreenSWE, Feb 21, 2009.

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    It took me over a year, but he's finally mine!

    I'm not a big fan of busts. Even though I mostly keep my figures in robot mode on my shelves, I want the possibility of transformation. But when they announce a bust out of Smokescreen, there's no way I can say no to that one.

    Initially ordered back in February as a Toyrocket exclusive, he wasn't released until now, and he's also popped up on other sites (who will probably slap a sticker over the Toyrocket graphics on his box). Smokescreen is indeed limited to 250 copies worldwide. And mine is... #39. So damn close. Having the #38 would have been more awesome than I can imagine. Oh well.

    Since this is my first bust, I didn't really know what to expect. It turned out that he's pretty damn big for half a figure. 15 centimeters from bottom to rocket tip, he's almost in Alternator scale although not with realistic proportions.

    As you can expect, he's very much a repaint, although there are differences that can be seen just from the box art. All three are posed differently and have completely different heads. I feel Smokescreen's is most accurate to the original look. Prowl has his police detailing sculpted, but Smokescreen's bumper isn't remodelled to his racing class one. Then again, for 250 pieces worldwide it can't be big business to put too much work into it. All three are posed differently using similar basic parts, and obviously there is no articulation. The launchers attach with magnets and the gun arm can be removed for safe packing.

    The paint is nicely put on with no real mistakes. The choices could have been better - less or no red on the doors, white waist details instead of silver, and gold crest, but maybe it's a cartoon thing. Overall a quality piece that feels very solid. He weighs in at about 500 grams.

    I'm not about to go buy any more busts anytime soon and no statues either (unless there's one of Predaking that's bigger than the original figure - yeah right), but I'm quite content with this one. He will make a nice centerpiece of my Smokescreen collection!

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    im not a fan of busts but that is pretty awesome lookin

    and that custom Alt Smokescreen is awesome as hell too
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    I have the other two Datsun bros even though I am not huge fan of busts but these two I could not pass up. In terms of Bluestreak, his look is more accurate to the show with his smaller chevron. It is nice to know that the launchers attach with a magnet so that I can take somebody's off. Your Smokescreen group is very nice. I agree that they should have used less red on the doors.

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