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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Strategist, Jun 30, 2010.

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    I am experiencing a problem with Device Label Cheetor.

    I already had DL Ravage but he works fine (no matter what USB I plug him in). When I insert him I see both the actual drive and the (virtual?) drive with the Autobot insignia which has the software.

    When I insert Cheetor at the front USB port my PC reboots. When I insert him on a back USB port he works but there is only the actual drive and no software.
    I would expect such behaviour from a Decepticon like Ravage but not from an Autobot. :S
    Or maybe he is just upset that Ravage was on this PC before him... :) 

    After an internet search I found that there is a recovery program.
    Unfortunatly it doesn't work.
    It gives the following error after step 5 (when you get the message all data on the drive will be lost and click yes):
    "initialPreformat - FC error

    I did change the name of the drive name to 'Steeljaw' (yes I use him as Steeljaw) so maybe that has something to do with it (although it does appear in the program).
    I can't remember what the original drive name was, but Ravage's name is 'DJA USB MEM' so I changed it to that which didn't help.

    My PC is very old (P4 3 ghz) and needs to be replaced soon so might be part of the problem although Ravage is working fine.

    I'd like to at least update the Desktop Defender so that it includes Cheetor as well (the software from Ravage only includes Ravage and Tigatron).
    And having a memory stick that reboots your PC isn't very usefull either.

    I got my DL Cheetor at TF-Source so I am sure this is a genuine product as TF-Source is a very good seller and I never experienced any problems with them.

    Anyone else experienced these problems?
    Any ideas or suggestions?
    I could try to format him manually but am afraid I might mess him up even more.

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