Devastator's "Anatomy"

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    I posted this on imdb, but only got one response.

    I counted 9 Constructicons in the scene of Devastator's formation.

    cement mixer (Mixmaster)
    red excavator (Scavenger)
    red dumptruck (Overload)
    large yellow front load shovel (Scrapper)
    yellow crane (Hightower)
    green dump truck (Longhaul)
    small front load shovel
    yellow dumptruck
    yellow bulldozer

    First, Devy's face may actually come from Scavenger, and is just passed through the neck Mixmaster creates. From the toys we have:

    Mixmaster - neck/head
    Scavenger/Overload - torso
    Scrapper - right arm
    Hightower - left arm
    Longhaul - right leg
    yellow bulldozer - left leg/foot

    We are left with the small front load shovel, and the yellow dump truck.
    I think the yellow dump truck forms the actual left leg, and the dozer makes the foot. This is supported by the fact that these two vehicles arrive right next to each other, and match in color. The small front load shovel though clearly forms the left hand/fingers after attaching to the crane.

    There is also a smaller "scooper" that comes out of Devy's mouth like a tounge. Hard to say where that came from. The wrecking balls were just a joke, but we could say that Overload was carrying them in the bed of his dump truck mode.
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    For easier discusssion, I just use the names from the toys :
    1. cement mixer (Mixmaster)
    2. red excavator (Scavenger)
    3. red dumptruck (Overload)
    4. large yellow front load shovel (Scrapper)
    5. yellow crane (Hightower)
    6. green dump truck (Longhaul)
    7. small front load shovel (probably Scrapper also).
    8. yellow dumptruck (probably green Long Haul also).
    9. yellow bulldozer (toy line calls this vehicle Rampage).
    In the movie, Long Haul is 2x the size of Rampage so the legs will never be even unless more vehicles are used on the left leg or another Long Haul is used on the left leg.
    Since the left arm has 2 vehicles (Hightower and Scrapper), I would assume that for the arms to be even, you also need 2 vehicles on the right arm (Scrapper + ? ).
    To use the 9 vehicles more wisely, I would put 2 Long Hauls for the legs and just use Rampage for the right hand for more symmetry.
    There actually could be more vehicles used that were not shown.

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