Heavy/Scratch: Deus Ex... Road Caesar!

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    *Note: Sideswipe and Sunstreaker do not exist. The soon to be red and yellow cars are Laster and Braver. Nor is there a Trailbreaker. That's Blacker. Forget G1 accuracy, it's ROTF.

    OK... so you all might have noticed my Fallen's Force combiner, which failed spectacularly. Time to downsize, then.

    Meet Road Caesar. All they needed was some spare nest vehicles, and we finally have a working combiner, Road Blade included*. Why's Blacker's leg splayed out diagonally like that in the photo, you ask? Well, conveniently, it acts as a over-the-shoulder sheath for the Road Blade. About the only time that damned plow ever comes in handy. And yes, he does have a habit of running out of ammo, lol.

    Just one pic for now, maybe when it's painted i'll add more.

    *Technically, Bruticus was the first working combiner i ever built, and this is a slightly modified copy of it. But since i'm lacking a Vortex, Bruticus wasn't, uh, finished. That's what that Blast Off i posted was for.

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