Customs: Detolf Lighting with Dioders

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by redalert7799, Jun 24, 2018.

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    i know there are multiple threads and comments on this topic so please advise if I’m posting this in the wrong place.

    Although people post a lot on light setups, I havent seen a true tutorial yet that takes you all the way through the end to show how folks manage the wires and cables as they leave the detolf for the power supply. Some drill holes, some wrap them around the sides.

    Got my dioder lights installed but wondering how folks manage all the wires of various lengths that you’re left with and how to keep those looking organized. Thanks Fam!
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    Zip ties are my friend!

    For mine, I drill a small hole in the bottom (1/2" or so), near the back-left support pole. Then from each light, I run the cord to the left and then straight to the back, using zip ties to secure them to the front and rear poles. From there, they go straight down, using another zip tie as it meets up with the next shelf and the cord coming from it. By the bottom shelf, all four cords are together, so I feed them down the hole (with a zip tie at ground level on the rear pole so the cords sit on bottom) and under the unit (I have them on 4" legs), plug them into the plug and surge protector, then gather the remaining slack on the cords together as best I can and zip tie those together in a few places. It's a little bit of a mess at the end, but it's hidden under all the shelves. And inside the case it doesn't look to distracting.

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