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Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Deszaras, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. Deszaras

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    May 22, 2003
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    I will regularly update this list when I can remember items I want:

    As of: July 26, 2006

    Generation 1:

    Wheeljack - Missing Right Wing
    Reflector - Missing Missile
    Doubleheader - Missing Robot Gun
    Grandslam - Missing Right Side Gun
    Kup - Missing Gun
    Repungus - Missing Gun
    Grotusque - Missing Wings (L)
    Scorponok - Missing Cactus Antenna
    Apeface - Missing Robot Gun
    Stranglehold - Missing Rifle, Helmet and Backpack
    Bomb-burst - Missing Wing L
    Splashdown - Missing Sword
    Wheeljack with Turbo Racer - Missing Wheeljack
    Air Patrol - Missing Sky High
    Greasepit - Missing Short Sign
    Monster Truck Patrol - Missing Hydraulic, Slow Poke and Heavy Tread
    Chopshop - Missing Gun
    Groove - Missing Handgun
    Octopunch - Missing Claws
    Optimus Prime with Armored Convoy - Missing Photon Bazooka
    Jazz with Turbo Board - Missing Jazz and Gun
    Skyfall with Top Heavy - Missing Skyfall
    Kick-Off with Turbo Pack - Missing Kick-Off
    Soundwave with Wingthing - Missing Soundwave and Gun
    Treadshot with Catgut - Missing Treadshot
    Krok with Gatoraider - Missing Krok and Gun
    Shockwave with Fist Fight - Missing Shockwave
    Rad with Lionizer - Missing Rad
    Starscream with Turbo Jet - Missing Starscream
    Megatron with Neutro-Fusion Tank - Missing Megatron
    Sprocket with Attack Cruiser - Missing Sprocket and Missile
    Crossblades - Missing Small Laser & Chopper Blade
    Groundshaker - Missing Figure Stand, Large Ramp, Small Ramp and Gun
    Topspin - Missing Gun
    Roadgrabber - Missing Left Gun
    Military Patrol - Missing Tracer (w/ rotor) and Bombshock (w/ gun)
    Metro Squad - Missing Power Run
    Bugly - Missing Antenna x 2, Inner Robot
    Autobot Tanker Transport - Missing Pipeline, Cannon Mount x 2 and Blue Ramp x 2
    Bumblebee (Pretender) - Missing Helmet
    First Aid - Missing Vehicle Gun and Robot Gun
    Starscream (Pretender) - Missing Helmet
    Roadblock - Missing Visor
    Pretender Vroom - Everything except Shell
    Micromaster Anti-aircraft Base - Everything
    Deszaras - Everything
    Victory Leo - Everything
  2. Octane

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    Jun 19, 2004
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    I have these:

    Scorponok - Missing Cactus Antenna (actually a Black Zarak gold one)
    Chopshop - Missing Gun
    Bugly - Inner Robot (no feet)
    First Aid - Missing Vehicle Gun
  3. gen1fan

    gen1fan G1 PRIME FROM VA TFW2005 Supporter

    Jan 16, 2005
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    I have the following.

    Reflector - Missing Missile
    Treadshot with Catgut - Missing Treadshot
    Topspin - Missing Gun
    First Aid - Missing Vehicle Gun and Robot Gun

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