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    I posted a few translated versions of TakTom staff interviews in N&R Forum, and noticed some people were interested in which designer was responsible of which toys.
    While looking for the correct readings of some of those TakTom designers' names, I've learnt about Industrial Property Digital Library.
    I'd looked up and made a list, which is what I've got here. The list is limited to recent lines, and not all of the releases are covered. I still hope this might amuse some of you guys :) 

    You can use this search page to view prototyoe images as well.
    Copy and paste 形態変化玩具 in the first box, and タカラトミー in the third, then press 検索 below. A number should appear in blue, then press 一覧表示.
    If you want to use any of the images, please do the right thing and site the source (Industrial Property Digital Library).

    Who developed which toy? List

    Mr. Takio Ejima
    TFTM 07: Stockade, Incinerator, Leader Megatron, Payload, Meantime, Blackout, Scorponok, Speed Dial 800
    Universe/Classics: Prime, Megatron, Deluxe Megatron (Tank), Grimlock, Cheetor, Powerglide
    Animated: Deluxe and Activators Bumblebee, Voyager and Activators Bulkhead, Blackarachnia, Voyager and Leader Megatron, Prowl, Lugnut

    Mr. Shogo "Starscream" Hasui
    TFTM07: Barricade, Arcee, Jazz, Starscream, Ratchet, Dreadwing, Legends Bumblebee
    Universe/Classics: Rodimus, Starscream, Ramjet
    Animated: Deluxe and Voyager Prime, Grimlock, Soundwave, Lockdown
    ROTF: Starscream, Sideswipe

    Mr. Hironori Kobayashi
    Disney Label, Sports Label, Alternity, Masterpiece Grimlock
    Universe/Classics: Hot Shot

    Mr. Alex Kubalsky
    TFTM07: Booster X10, High Score 100, Longarm, Wreckage, Swindle, Bumblebee (old Camaro)
    Universe/Classics: Bumblebee, Mirage, Hound

    Mr. Takashi Kunihiro
    Alternators: Ravage (Jaguar), Ramble
    TFTM07: Landmine, Dropkick, Voyager Megatron, Bonecrusher, Leader Prime, Brawl, Zoom Out 25X, Power Up VT6, Spyshot 6
    Universe/Classics: Astrotrain, Jetfire, Onslaught, Silverbolt, Cyclonus
    Animated: Blitzwing, Starscream, Snarl, Ratchet

    Mr. Hiroyuki Nagasu
    Music Label: Frenzy and Ramble

    Mr. Mitsuhito Oono
    TFTM07: Bumper Battlers (Bumblebee, Prime, Barricade), Fast Action Battlers (Frenzy, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Starscream, Ironhide, Prime, Jazz), Protoform Prime and Starscream

    Mr. Hishashi Yuki
    Universe/Classics: Sunstreaker, Prowl, Sideswipe, Galvatron, Inferno, Dinobot
    ROTF: Sideways, The Fallen, Scalpel, Skids, Mudflap, Ice Cream Truck

    Some of the designers' older work are covered in the interviews.
    (I am a bit surprised that Mr. Starscream didn't develop TFA Starscream....)
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