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    Or DSSMSS for short. :p  I know I already have a couple fanfic threads on here, so sue me. I have alot of ideas I have to get down. :D 

    Now, what my plans are for this thread is that every Friday I'll update it with a new mini story. They're from no particular Transformers universe, but I am open to taking story requests. Here's the first one:

    "Just try to escape"

    The crowd cheered wildly as the two teams faced off against each other. It was an intense match- Sophmores vs. Seniors, and so far, the Seniors were winning. Among those in the crowd stood a teenage boy. At first glance, you really wouldn't think that this guy wasn't any different from anyone else. Obviously, you'd be wrong.

    "Go Sophmores!" the boy yelled, along with the rest of his class.

    Then all of a sudden, the ceiling to the gymnasium collapsed, and a giant metallic being crashed through. He stood up and glared at the crowd of students. Some of them were frozen with fear, others were in a paniced frenzy, running all over the place.

    "You can't hide from me forever," the mech growled.

    The boy instantly knew that this monster wanted him. Sure, he could try to take him on, but the risk of casualties was just to great. Instead, the boy slowly walked down towards the mechanical titan and calmy yet coldly asked, "What do you want?"

    "I have orders to take you in to Lord Megatron, preferably alive."


    "If I kill you, I'm sure he'd understand."

    The boy considered his options, then at last, he went with the monstrous being. The being transformed into a heavily armed assault vehicle and smashed his way through the wall.

    About an hour after the boy's kidnapping, he finally decided to speak.

    "What does Megatron want, exactly?"

    No response.

    "Hello? Slaghead, I'm talking to you!"

    No response still. At this point, the boy started to slam his fists against the wall of the monster's vehicle mode. The monster could take it no longer.


    Slagmaker gave himself a second to calm down, then he said, "I am too bring you to him, preferbly alive. I am not to answer any other questions. Now keep quiet, and don't even think about escaping."

    "Oh, so you think I can't escape, eh?"

    The boy then activated his Headmaster suit and blasted his way out of Slagmaker via his windshield.

    "If Megatron wants me, he'll come and get me himself. As for you, well, you'll be dead."

    Two enormous cannons came out of the boys arms and he used them to shot Slagmaker in the chest. Slagmaker wouldn't take that standing down, so he used his bomb launcher on the boy. The boy dodged all three blasts.

    "Is that all you've got?!" mocked the boy.

    And the fight was on.
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    Love it!! Slagmaker is getting more than he bargained for.
    You never know when The Decticreeps will show up.
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    Glad you liked it. I figured I might as well post the other two stories I wrote up on here too, just to get this thread caught up.

    "Nerves of Iron"

    Ironhide gazed at the corpse of the Decepticon he and NEST had just taken down. He was a pretty heavily armed con, and he put up quite a fight. Ultimately though, he was killed just like the rest.

    "Pathetic. Utterly pathetic," he thought to himself.

    "Hey, Ironhide?"

    Ironhide turned to see his old friend, Ratchet. In his arms seemed to be a gun of some sort.

    "We've removed all the weapons from the Decepticon specimen. Care to take a look?"

    The pair transformed and went back to the NEST base and scanned over the weapons. They seemed pretty impressive.

    "Can you imagine what would happen if Prime got his hands on these?" joked Rachet.

    "You treat our leader with respect, Rachet. I mean it."

    "Take it easy, I was merely joking."

    "Well, I'd watch what I'd say if I were you. Optimus is a great leader and--"

    Before he could finish, Captain Lennox came into the room and asked for Ironhide. It was pretty important.

    "Ironhide, what do you know about these new....recruits?"

    "New recruits? Ah, yes, I know who you're talking about. They should be here shortly."

    "Okay, and one more thing. Are you okay? You seem to be a bit edgier than usual."

    "Well, Lennox, you humans may call it a gut feeling. We've been getting ALOT more Decepticon attacks lately, and one of them told me something that made my spark run cold."

    "What did it say?"

    "The Fallen shall rise again."

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