Delta Force

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    Chapter 1

    “Here I am, lying in a ditch while my Elita1 risks her life on the battlefield. I should be out there helping her, but my leg injury is too severe. Slaggit.”
    The young Autobot just laid there for what seemed like an eternity. Then suddenly a Decepticon burst out from seemingly nowhere and aimed his blaster directly at Delta’s face.
    “Go ahead, I dare you!” challenged the Autobot.
    The Decepticon fired his blaster…..and missed pointblank! With a look of disgust, Delta brought out his arm cannons and shot the ‘con right in the chest. He then got up and began to limp away.
    “Guess I should expect that kind of crap from a Decepticon named Misfire…” he thought to himself.

    As Delta was limping away, he ran into his partner, Elita1. She looked mad.
    “What the slag are you doing out of the safety zone?!” she demanded. “You could’ve been seriously hurt!”
    Suddenly, another Decepticon, Spinister, snuck up behind Elita1 and grabbed her. Delta merely smiled slightly and cocked his gun. With a loud blast, Spinister fell to the ground, and Elita1 was free.
    “Yeah, yeah, the irony isn’t lost on me, Delta. Now if you’re going to be stubborn and not stay put, you might as well help me find those hostages.”

    The pair made their way across the battleground in search of these five hostages, only to be constantly attacked and ambushed by random Decepticons. Finally they found what they thought was an abandoned fortress. They took shelter in it to rest and recover for a short time.
    “This is fraking insane Delta. How important are these hostages anyway? From what I gather, they were just ordinary working bots.”
    “Sigh. Elita, you seem to have lost sight of the fact that they’re fellow Cybertronians. And as the Commander says, ‘Freedom is the right of all sentient be—‘”
    “I know, I know. It all just seems so ridiculous though, doesn’t it? We’re out here risking our lives for some unknown hostages that—“

    Elita1 was cut off by the sound of the fortress they were in transforming! Giant robot bits were moving around, shifting, turning, until finally the fortress took on the monstrous shape of Trypticon!
    “Frak. Elita, we gotta get out of here!”
    The two transformed into their vehicle modes but were quickly grabbed up by the Decepticon giant. He swallowed them both whole. The two plunged into the depths of Trypticon, and then hit the ground hard. Both of them struggled a little to get back up. Then Delta heard a voice.
    “Who’s there?!”
    Then another.
    “Help us!”
    Could it be the hostages?

    Delta scrambled to his feet and, forgetting about Elita1, began searching around inside of Trypticon. He tried his beast to follow the sounds of the voices he heard, but it was fairly difficult.
    “Hello? Is anyone there?” he asked. He got a quite, barely audible response.
    “H-heeeeeeeeellllllllp usssssssss……”
    Delta transformed once again to his vehicle mode and raced to find where the voices were coming from. Then he saw them. Five Cybertronians, bound and with their limbs removed. They were in pain, and crying out to him.
    “Hold on guys, I’ll get you freed in no time!” promised Delta.
    He began reassembling them, untying them, and generally trying to calm the frantic group down!
    “Ohmygoodnessyou’remyherothankyouthankyouthankyou!” said a certain Fembot.
    “I wonder if she knows Blurr,” Delta thought to himself.
    “Delta! Where are you?!”
    Then Delta remembered that he had left Elita1 behind. Hopefully the fact that he found the hostages would make her a little less angry at him.
    “What the slag, Delta?!”
    She was definitely mad at him.
    “First you disobeyed my orders to stay put even though you knew you were injured, and now you just left me behind while you wandered off!”
    “Elita, I’m sorry, okay? At least I found the captives.”
    “And that justifies leaving me behind inside of Trypticon?!”
    The two continued to argue while the captives just sat there and watched. It was actually quite entertaining to them. Then one of the captives spoke up. It was a young Fembot named Chromia 2.
    “Guys? IreallyreallyreallythinkweshouldfindawayoutofthisplaceI’mgettingreallyreallynervous!”
    “She’s right, Elita. We have to find a way out of this monster. Thank goodness Trypticon isn’t an organic…..”
    Delta commanded everyone who had weapons to begin blasting at the walls of the giant Decepticon. It seemed to be working. Elita 1 then began trying to climb her way out. She fell almost instantly.
    “Ouch! Hey, I don’t suppose any of you captives can fly?”
    “Uhhhh, I can!” replied the Autobot known as Windstorm.
    Windstorm changed into a Cybertronian copter and then took off with most of the captives, and Elita 1.
    “Don’t worry about me guys! I’ll try to take care of Trypticon from the inside!” Delta yelled up to the group.
    Windstorm flew out of Trypticon’s mouth and set the other captives down. Elita 1, however, demanded that he bring her back to Delta. He wasn’t so sure about doing that though. Meanwhile, Delta searched for the spark of Trypticon.
    “I’ve been waiting to blow some crap up. It’s been a long day,” Delta thought to himself.
    He came upon a huge glowing crystal, and he instantly knew that this was Trypticon’s spark. He extended his arm cannons and held them both right up to the giant spark. And of course, Delta knew that there were risks involved in what he was about to do. Blowing up a spark this big could not only kill Trypticon, but the blast could kill him as well!
    “This is so gonna be worth it,” were Delta’s last words before his world went black.
    Trypticon exploded, sending Delta flying a great distance. Elita 1 watched in absolute horror as giant pieces of the Decepticon crashed to the ground and Delta fell quickly to the ground.
    “Delta, no! Someone, get a medic, fast!” Elita 1 shouted.
    The young Autobots scrambled to find help for Delta, and after what seemed like an eternity, a medic finally arrived.
    “Hello, my name’s Rachet. What’s the problem?”
    “It’s my friend, Delta. He’s been hurt. I don’t know if he’ll make it!” cried Elita.
    “He seems pretty banged up, but I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, I think you all should return to the Autobot HQ. Prime will sure be glad to know that the hostages have been saved.”
    The bots slowly traveled back to the Headquarters, injured and very frightened. Rachet kept scanning over Delta to find out how to fix him, but there was something strange about him.
    “Elita, if what you tell me is true, this young bot should be dust right now, and yet I still detect signs of spark activity!”
    “So what are you saying, Doctor?”
    “I’m saying this Delta guy is no ordinary bot. He’s, to borrow a quote from the Commander, made of sterner stuff. “
    Meanwhile, inside Delta’s subconscious, a voice speaks to him.
    “Who’s there?!” he demanded.
    Delta could feel a presence. It was so strange, yet so welcoming. Unnerving, yet calming.
    “Who are you?”
    “I am your creator, and you are my creation. I have a purpose for you. Do you ever wonder how you can take so many hits yet still function?”
    “W-wait, you’re—“
    “And you say I have a purpose? Oh, please don’t tell me you’re gonna be a cryptic and make me find out for myself. Just tell me!”
    “Delta, my child, where’s the fun in that? Now I promise you that all will be revealed in due time. And in the meantime, I shall be with you and watch over you.”
    “Thanks…I guess.”
    “Now, I believe it is time for you to wake up. You have work to do, starting with those Autobots you rescued.”
    “The captives? What do you want me to do with them? Primus?! Primus!”
    Delta then woke up, feeling slightly disoriented but with a sense of purpose. He stood up (with some effort) and began searching for Elita1. His whole life would change drastically in the next couple days, and he knew it.
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    Chapter 2
    Elita 1

    Elita 1 was concerned for Delta. She knew that he could take a lot of punishment, but she feared he suffered processor damage. He was babbling on about being called by Primus himself for some unknown mission, and that it was their responsibility to train the newbie Autbots. He may have lost it.
    “Delta, stop talking like that! You took a head on blast, and miraculously you suffered no physical damage. Still, I think that you—“
    “Elita, trust me. I felt him, I felt his presence. He told me that he has a......purpose for me. I can’t really explain it.”
    He insisted he was telling the truth, but Elita refused to believe him. She needed someone sane to talk too.
    It was the fast-talking fembot, Chromia 2. She seemed worn out. The poor girl had a rough day.
    “Chromia 2? What’s the matter?”
    “I’m just really scared. It was horrifying being inside that Decepticon’s stomach, and I just felt so helpless!”
    She was talking much more slowly than usual. She was obviously very upset. Elita decided to give her some comforting words, but she didn’t know what to say. When Delta was down, the only thing it took to cheer him up was to go out killing Decepticons. Maybe….
    “Chromia 2, how would you like to go on a mission with me?”
    “I don’t know. I’m pretty useless.”
    “I disagree. Just follow me, and we’ll see what you can do.

    Elita 1 led Chromia 2 outside and told her what they were planning on doing. There were Decepticons that had stolen the blueprints to some new technology, and it had to be recovered. This new technology was to make something called a “Headmaster.” A new concept in which an Autobot could remove his head and the head would become a whole new robot.
    “As you could probably guess, it’s vital that we get this technology back, Chromia 2. You think you’re up to the challenge?”

    She was talking fast again, which meant she was feeling better already. This made Elita feel better as well.
    “Don’t worry, Chromia 2. I promise you’ll be safe. I’ve been on tons of missions like this with Delta, and I’m still standing. Trust me.”
    Delta watched from inside the HQ as the two transformed and began tracking down the Decepticons who stole the Headmaster technology. He wanted to go with them badly, but Optimus wouldn’t allow it.
    “Sir, please! You know as well as I do that if the Decepticons manage to produce their own Headmasters, they’ll have the upper hand! Elita 1 and Chromia 2 will need all the help they can get on this assignment!” protested Delta.
    “Listen to me, Delta. Those two will be fine. Reinforcements are waiting for them down the road. They’re quite skilled warriors,” retorted Optimus.
    “Okay then, who are these skilled warriors,” was Delta’s reply.
    “I believe you know them as The Wreckers.”

    Delta was still surprised by Optimus’s response. The Wreckers? Helping out with an assignment like this? This Headmaster technology must be more important than he thought!
    “So, Prime, how many of the Wreckers are going on this mission anyways?” asked Delta.
    “Hopefully there will be enough. We may have to send you out there too, but I’m not sure your main processor is working correctly yet.”
    “Son of a glitch, Prime?! Are you telling me that even you don’t believe me?!”
    “Try to understand. You were in the middle of an explosion. By some miracle your body wasn’t destroyed, but……”
    Before Prime could finish his sentence, Delta had already transformed and left. He was furious that no one believed him, not even the holder of the Matrix himself!

    “Elita! Slow down!”
    Elita 1 and Chromia 2 stopped in their tracks and turned to see Delta chasing after them. Had he lost it?!
    “Delta, what do you think you’re doing?! You should be back at the HQ, recovering!”
    “Elita, we both know that I’m fine. I’m not malfunctioning or anything like that. Now let me come with you! I think that this Headmaster technology is more important than either of us realize. The fragging Wreckers are providing backup on this for Primus’s sake!”
    “I believe you.”
    “Well for your information—wait, what?”
    “I said I believe you. You seem pretty serious about all this, especially the bit about Primus. You haven’t been one to lie to me before, so I suppose you can come with us.”
    “Thank you.”

    Delta went with them silently, glad that someone finally believed him. They were coming up on the checkpoint where the Wreckers would meet them. Chromia 2 continued talking on and on about how excited she was that she was on an important mission, and that she was still a little nervous about messing up. Elita 1 kept calming her down and occasionally giving her input. Then it happened.
    Three jets swooped down from the sky and landed right in front of the trio of Autobots. The green one seemed to be the leader.
    “I am Acid Storm, and you are to come no further, or else you’ll all suffer the consequences.”
    “Elita1whatarewegonnadosaveme!” Chromia 2 cried out.
    “Delta, what do you suggest?” said Elita 1 as she transformed. “Any ideas?”
    “I say we kick their skid plates until the Wreckers show up and take’em away!” Delta yelled out as he aimed his blasters.

    Bull-headed as ever, Delta charged into battle and took on all three Decepticons at once. He began shooting rapidly at Acid Storm, who merely pushed him aside and blasted at Elita 1, to Delta’s horror. Chromia 2 then jumped up on the blue ‘con (named Hailstorm) and held on for dear life.
    “Get off of me you pathetic vermin!” cried Hailstorm.
    Chromia 2, clearly terrified, had this to say in reply: “Make me you bucket off bolts! And please don’t hurt me!”
    The yellow Decepticon, Sunstorm, fired his flamethrower towards Delta, encircling him in a wall of flames. Hailstorm through Chromia 2 on the ground and blasted her with an ice ray. And finally, Acid Storm shot Elita 1 with, well, acid. Her armor plating began melting, and she began feeling week.
    “So, Delta, do you really think you could take all three of them on by yourself?!” demanded Elita 1.
    He looked at her and quickly said, “Of course,” as he leapt out of the ring of fire around him and toward Acid Storm. In response, Acid Storm shot his gun toward Delta, but he missed. The acid fell on the fire and combusted. Delta then grabbed hold of Acid Storms back and ripped into his back, revealing several wires and circuits.
    “W-what are you doing?” cried the Decepticon in horror.
    “Killing you,” replied Delta has he began cutting up several circuits and blasting at them with his arm cannons. Acid Storm began shaking violently before he fell right into the giant ring off fire. Delta jumped off of him and faced Hailstorm.
    “Look , don’t try anything funny you little--“
    Hailstorm barely had time to finish what he was saying before Delta charged toward him. Hailstorm stepped back cautiously and looked at Sunstorm. Sunstorm was less than amused at Hailstorm’s cowardice.
    “Stop being such a fembot, Hailstorm! Shoot that—“
    Before Sunstorm could finish yelling at his fearful friend, Delta shot him right in the chest with one of his arm cannons. He Decepticon fell to the ground, roaring in pain. Hailstorm took off quickly after that. Acid Storm and Sunstorm both seemed to be down for the count.
    “Alright, ladies, I believe we have some business to take care of yet- the Headmaster technology,” said Delta.
    Chromia 2 simply stared at Delta in awe. She couldn’t believe what she just saw!
    “Yeah yeah, let’s go, Delta. I can’t believe the Wreckers didn’t show up yet like you said though,” replied Elita 1.

    Once again the trio, now slightly injured, rode in silence. Elita 1 kept thinking to herself how it was possible that Delta has survived for so long. He’s always very hot headed and doesn’t always think about his actions before he carries them out. He’s probably taken more hits than she has, yet he’s still going strong!
    “Elita 1?”
    Chromia 2 was getting more and more nervous as they moved on. She was wondering if there were going to be anymore Decepticon attacks, and if Elita 1 would protect her if there were.
    “The poor girl, she’s so afraid,” Elita 1 thought to herself. “Maybe she wasn’t ready for this mission. Of course, it didn’t help that those Decepticons had to ambush us back there.”
    More silence followed for a couple minutes until Elita 1 spotted something in the distance-The Wreckers.
    “There you idiots are! About time we saw you!” yelled Delta. You could tell he wasn’t too happy with them.
    “What’s with the attitude, kid?” demanded Springer, the Wrecker leader.
    “My attitude?! Well for you information, we were attacked by a trio of Decepticons not too far from here, and you morons didn’t even come to help!

    Elita 1 had seen this side of Delta many times before. When he gets mad about something, he doesn’t calm down very easily. Springer wasn’t helping the situation either. The two bickered for a very extensive amount of time, until finally someone spoke up.
    “Heybothofyouknockitoffwe’reonamissionandthelastthingweneedisyoutwofightingsobothofyoujustshutupshutupshutup!” cried Chromia. You could barely understand her she was talking so fast!
    “Yeah, and besides, we’ve got bigger problems. Look!” exclaimed Elita 1. The Decepticon trio was back!
    “What the---didn’t I already slag these guys?!” demanded Delta.
    “Guess you didn’t,” replied Springer.
    “Guess you slagtards should’ve helped us kill them earlier,” retorted Delta.
    The three jets (which were strangely colored differently) dove down and blasted at the Autobot crew. Elita 1 glanced at Chromia 2 quickly, only to see that Chromia 2 was already climbing on top off one of the jets!
    “Go away you Decepticreep!” she cried, only not as quickly as usual.
    No one could’ve expected what happened next. Suddenly an entire fleet of Seeker jets flew out of nowhere and began firing upon the Autobots!
    “They’re everywhere!” shouted Delta.
    Elita 1 looked in horror as the Decepticons swarmed all around them.
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    Chapter 3
    Chromia Two

    Poor Chromia 2 was mortified. She was already having a really bad day, and now she was probably going to die. She just wanted to go home and forget about the Decepticons.
    “Chromia, come on, we need your help!” shouted Elita 1 as she charged into battle, despite being damaged.
    “My help?! What can I do?”
    “You can get out the way and let us do our fragging jobs, you stupid fembot!” snarled the Wrecker known as Topspin. He was quite rude.
    Delta glared at the Wrecker disapprovingly, and then headed off after Elita 1 to fight off the gigantic crew of Seekers.
    Chromia 2 never felt more useless than she did at that moment. Everyone else was doing a heck of a job fighting off the Seeker swarm, but she did nothing. What could she do?

    “Why don’t you let the professionals handle this, Delta?!” yelled Springer from above (he was in helicopter mode.)
    “Because when we needed the ‘professionals’ before, they didn’t come to help us!” shouted Delta back.
    Shots and explosions were everywhere, and Chromia 2 was right in the middle of it all. She was absolutely miserable.
    “I hate this!” she screamed.
    Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Elita 1, trying to comfort her. It was no wonder Chromia 2 looked up to her.
    “It’ll be alright, we’ll get through this. I promise.”
    “Lookoutbehindyou!” Chromia 2 shouted suddenly.
    Two seeker clones swooped down and grabbed Elita 1. She tried to struggle her way out of their grip, but it was to no avail.
    “Heeheehee. You’re coming with us, girlie!” snarled the light blue seeker.
    “Shut up and let me down!” she retorted.
    “Not a chance. We’re bringing you straight to him!” replied the other seeker.
    Chromia 2 just stood there, in total shock. Elita 1 had promised everything would be alright. Now what would she do?! The fembot knelt down and began to do the Cybertronian equivalent of crying. It was just too much for her to take.
    “What do you think you’re doing? Get up.”
    Chromia 2 looked up to see a familiar face. This was another one of the Autobots whom she had been taken prisoner with. His name was Subterra, and he was a jerk.
    “Seriously, stop acting like a baby and fight. Now.”
    The poor girl looked up at Subterra and gave him a look of hopelessness. Slowly she stood up and gazed at the sky. It was full of Seeker drones, which was quite a horrible sight.
    “There’s so many of them!” she screamed, trying to hide behind Sub Terra.
    “Relax, you protoform. They’re retreating.”
    Chromia 2 looked again. Sub Terra was right, they were retreating! What could be the reason for this? Clearly the Seekers outnumbered them, so why didn’t they stay to finish the job?
    After all the chaos had died down a bit, Delta and Springer stood, looking at all the wreckage. It was a very appalling sight.
    “Delta, you incompetent moron, where the slag did Elita 1 go?” asked Springer very rudely.
    “Springer, you idiotic, pompous windbag, why couldn’t you and your elite Wreckers team prevent this?” replied Delta.
    The two continued to exchange insults and harsh words, when finally Windstorm decided to do the sensible thing and separate them.
    “Listen, you two. Elita 1 just got taken hostage by two of those Seekers, and both of you are acting like a couple of protoforms! Get your acts together here!” he demanded.
    One of the Wreckers, Sandstorm, was impressed by this Autobot. It took guts to confront two hotheads like Springer and Delta.
    “Fine. We’ll try to get along for Elita 1’s sake. Happy now, Windstorm?” asked Delta sharply.
    “As a matter of fact, I am.”
    “Both of you fembots be quiet now. We have to get back to base for repairs,” interrupted Springer.
    And that’s exactly what they did.
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    Chapter 4
    Windstorm and Roughrider

    The crew was greeted by Ironhide, an old Autobot war veteran, and a friend of Delta’s. He looked furious, probably because he was. He gave Springer a look that could kill. Why was he so angry? The crew didn’t even tell him how the mission went yet.
    “Hey, uh, Ironhide. How’s it going?” asked Delta very sheepishly.
    “Them slaggin’ Decepticons have really been gettin’ on mah nerves! Apparently there’s this new guy, thinks he’s a big shot, not sure what they call him.”
    “What’s he been doing?” asked Windstorm.
    “What hasn’t he been doin is a better question! He’s sent troops of Decepticlones all over the places, stealin all sorts of stuff.”
    “Stuff like what?”
    “Generators, sparkplugs, wires n’ circuits. You name it, he stole it.”
    Delta analyzed this new information for awhile and was about to say something, but Springer decided to interrupt him.
    “So what you’re saying is, there’s some unknown enemy out there, and this guy has a devoted group of followers. Not only that, but he’s building something. Something big.”
    “Yes, Springer, thank you for clarifying,” said Ironhide with a scowl. “Oh yeah, Prime wanted to talk to you, Delta,” he added with a fake smile.

    “Where am I? What’s going on?” asked Elita 1.
    Fear was almost a stranger to her, but right now she was terrified, and she didn’t even know why. She’d been in situations like this before, being captured and put in life-threatening situations. There was something different about this time though. Wherever she was, it had a much more ominous feel to it than the places she was used to. Suddenly she saw movement.
    “Hello? Is someone there?”
    No response, just more random movements.
    “Answer me! Is someone there?” she asked, even more nervously than before. This time, however, she got an answer.
    “Hello, little fembot. We’ve been watching you and your team……..”

    Back at Autobot HQ, Delta approached Optimus Prime slowly. He wasn’t really sure what Prime wanted, but it was most likely something urgent.
    “Sir? You wanted to see me?”
    “Ah yes, Delta. Come with me. I have something to show you.”
    Delta walked with Optimus into an incredibly large room. What met him there struck him with absolute awe. It resembled Omega Supreme, the Autobots’ ultimate protector, but he was somehow......bigger. In fact, this guy was absolutely MASSIVE.
    “Delta, I’d like you to say hello to Operation O2. It’s our most ambitious project to date, and it’s not even done yet. What do you think?” he asked.
    The young Autobot was speechless. This was by far the most impressive thing he’d ever seen.

    “So let me get this straight, you promise to give me your cloning technology, and the only thing I have to do is prevent Operation O2 from being completed?”
    “I’m in.”

    Optimus showed the troop of Autobots the massive robot project, and went on and on about how this could finally bring an end to the Great War. He was very excited, and rightfully so. For the first time in a great while, the Autobots had hope.
    “So this guy has some super-powerful third mode then?” asked Roughrider, who was thoroughly impressed with the giant’s weaponry.
    “Ah yes, but using it requires a lot of Energon. His third mode is only to be used…”
    “In our darkest hour?” said Delta, cutting Optimus off.
    “Err-yes. That’s exactly right, Delta. Now if you’ll all follow Wheeljack here, he’ll take you to the armory.”
    “The armory?” asked Sub Terra almost excitedly.
    “Of course!” said Wheeljack. “You’ll need them for your mission.”
    “Mission?!” exclaimed Chromia 2 frightfully.
    “Yes, little lady. You guys are gonna stop this mystery ‘con who’s been stealing all my supplies!”

    Windstorm could tell right away that his buddy Roughrider was ecstatic from the thought of going into the weapons room. Both of them were brilliant when it came to handling weapons, and now they were about to be in a whole room full of them!
    “Pretty cool, eh Windstorm?”
    Roughrider had a huge grin on his face. Windstorm knew that look, he’d seen it before. It was the look he got when he knew he was getting the chance to blow something up. It was comparable to a young, very sadistic child on Christmas.
    “Just try not to break anything,” joked Windstorm.
    The crew then entered a very large room filled with shelves and boxes of heavy weapons and machinery. It was almost as incredible as Operation O2. On one wall, there was a whole collection of ion rays and flamethrowers. On another, there were bazookas, machine guns, and sniper rifles. Then of course there was the weapon right in the middle of it all--the one in a heavily guarded case.
    “Woah, what’s that?” asked Roughrider.
    “It’s called an accelerator gauntlet. It can temporarily stop time, as long as the user is at a certain constant speed,” explained Wheeljack. “Would any of you like to try it out?”
    “Chromia 2 would!” said Silvershark, the friend of Subterra, with an evil grin.
    “I don’t know. I’ve been pretty tired lately, I haven’t been able to speak at my regular speed since that fight with the Seeker jets.”
    “Oh come on, Chromia 2, don’t be such a protoform!” taunted Silvershark. Once again, Windstorm had to intervene.
    “Silvershark, back the slag off. Wheeljack, I’d like to try that out if you don’t mind.”
    Wheeljack took out the gauntlet and attached it to Windstorm’s arm. Red, yellow, and blue lights started flashing on it, which was the signal that it was warming up.
    “Okay, so how fast do I need to go, Wheeljack? Eighty-eight miles a groon?” asked Windstorm.
    “No, why would you think that? Actually, you need to go about two hundred MPG,” replied Wheeljack.
    Windstorm transformed into his copter mode and started flying around the base. Eventually everything turned black and white, and then it all just stopped. Windstorm had successfully manipulated time.
    “Wow, I guess this thing really works!” he said to himself as he turned to look at Springer. “Hmmm….I should use this opportunity to—no—I shouldn’t,”
    Windstorm then stopped debating the matter with himself and decided it was time to resume time. He activated the gauntlet and with a flash of light, everything was back to normal.

    “So? What was it like?!”
    Roughrider was constantly asking Windstorm questions about what it was like stopping time, until Ironhide cut him off.
    “Now listen, you two. Prime says we’re running low on supplies for Operation O2, so I’m gonna send the both of you out to retrieve some more.”
    “Us?!” said Windstorm, rather surprised by this new responsibility.
    “Yes you. The two of you seem to be the most competent of your group anyways. Think you can handle going to Tyger Pax and pick up the cargo from Ultra Magnus?”
    “Absolutely!” said an over-eager Roughrider.

    Windstorm was a bit nervous on his way to Tyger Pax. He knew his way around Cybertron fairly well, but so did most Decepticons. He just couldn’t shake the feeling that an ambush was inevitable. Roughrider, on the other hand, was ecstatic, and for good reason. All his life, he dreamed of being some big hero. He wanted to make a difference in the Cybertronian conflict, and this was his chance, as he saw it.
    Finally, the bots reached the Headquarters in Tyger Pax. There was a large Autobot by the name of Bulkhead that was waiting for them at the gate.
    “You two here for the parts?” the big green mech asked with a grunt.
    “Uh, yeah. Could you take us to Ultra Magnus, please?” asked Windstorm in a sheepish manner.
    “I’m afraid he can’t deal with you two right now. He’s taking care of business with a couple of Wolvianites.”
    Roughrider was rapidly growing impatient, and decided to completely ignore Bulkhead and barge his way in.
    “Out of my way, wide load! We came for the parts for Operation O2, and by Primus we’re gonna get them!”
    “Alright, alright! Go on in. A bot by the name of Red Alert should be waiting for you on the inside. He’ll give you the parts!”
    Bulkhead then lead them inside and introduced them to the red and white bot. Red Alert, however, instantly assumed that Windstorm and Roughrider were Decepticon spies and screamed,”Don’t touch me!”
    “What’s his problem?” said Roughrider, growing frustrated by the minute.
    “Red Alert here is pretty paranoid, I’m afraid. Tell you what, I’ll help you with the parts,” offered Bulkhead.

    Within minutes, the three were on their way back to Autobot HQ in Iacon. Things were going quite smoothly, until the trio was ambushed. Without warning, a large seeker-type Decepticon and three Insecticons started attacking the poor Autobots.
    “Slaggin Cons just won’t quit, will they?!” yelled Bulkhead as he braced himself for an incoming bullet.
    The leader of the Decepticon squadron, Jhiaxus, taunted Bulkhead nonstop, which caused the oversized bot to charge toward him in a fit of rage.
    “I’ll squash you like an….an….Insecticon!” shouted Bulkhead. Ironically enough, all three Insecticons piled on the poor Autobot and began ripping him to shreads. Windstorm and Roughrider couldn’t do much, because they were struggling with not only the O2 supplies, but with Jhiaxus as well!
    “This day just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?” said Windstorm in the best sarcastic tone he could muster.
    “Just shut up and shoot! Shoot!”
    Windstorm didn’t have much in the way of artillery but he sure knew his way around a sword. He began slashing his sword haphazardly to ward of Jhiaxus, and then he brandished it towards the Insecticons. Sadly, Bulkhead was already dead.
    “You….you killed him. How dare you, you filthy slagging ‘Cons!” screamed Windstorm.

    At this point, Roughrider was left dealing with the Insections, while Windstorm tried to take on Jhiaxus. Frankly, neither Autobot knew which of them was in the worse position. Roughrider’s circuits were being snapped, bitten at, and fried, and he couldn’t do much about it. His tiny attackers were fast, vicious little freaks. If only he could smash them all. Sadly though, it wasn’t that easy.
    Windstorm, on the other hand, was swiftly cutting away at Jhiaxus’s armor. Eventually, however, Jhiaxus turned the tables and tackled Windstorm to the ground, threatening to cut him up with his own sword. The Autobots’ situations both looked very dim.
    “You murderous wretch, I’ll tear you to shreds!” screamed Windstorm.
    Suddenly two cannons popped out of his shoulders and blasted Jhiaxus right in the face. While he was attempting to recover, Windstorm picked up his sword and held it to the Decepticon’s throat.
    “Hold still, you monster. I’m tired constantly having to watch my back whenever I travel Cybertron’s surface. I’m tired of being afraid of ambushes and kidnappings! The fewer Decepticons on that are on this planet, the better!”

    As if on cue, Windstorm’s communicator went off. It was Delta, wondering what was taking him to long to return with the supplies.
    “Look Delta, I’m really sorry about the hold up and all, but we were just ambushed by a group of Decepticons. Our escort is dead, but I have the leader of the group of Cons here with me.”
    “You defeated him?”
    “Of course. What would you like me to do with him?”
    “You probably want nothing more than to kill him right now I’m guessing.”
    “Of course, but that’s not the Autobot way.”
    “Good answer. Bring him in for questioning.”
    Windstorm shut off his communicator and looked at the barely-functioning Decepticon he had just laid waste too. Roughrider seemed to be handling the Insecticons quite well now, pinning one and smashing the other two into each other.
    “Ow, that hurt hurt!” screamed one of them in agony. And then he was dead.
    Windstorm and Roughrider didn’t even exchange glances then. They simply picked up Jhiaxus and the shipment of parts, and quietly continued on their way back to HQ.
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    Chapter 5
    Silvershark and Subterra

    When the damaged duo finally returned to base, they were exhausted and needed a CR (Cryogenic Restoration) Chamber. Ratchet quickly took them too one, and Ironhide and Wheeljack helped haul the parts into the O2 room. Jhiaxus was in stasis cuffs and muttering profanities to himself.
    “You’re coming with me for questioning,” Silvershark said to him with an evil smirk. This was going to be good.

    “So why did you attack those two, you Decepticon scum?” said Silvershark with a snarl..
    “Tell you what. YOU tell me what Operation O2 is first, and then I might be willing to give you some info. So?”
    “How in the pit did you even know that there’s an Operation O2 in the first place?!”
    “Pfft, I have my sources, Autobot.”
    “You must not know me very well. You’re getting on my nerves, and when ‘Cons like you get on my nerves, I kill them in very messy ways.”
    “Bring it.”

    At this point, Silvershark lost it and grabbed Jhiaxus by the neck and started to slam his head against the table repeatedly. He would’ve done much worse things, but Subterra intervened.
    “Silvershark, we need him for information! Don’t kill him!”
    “You don’t be a fool. This piece of slag isn’t giving us any information, and I doubt he ever will.”
    “Silvershark, you can’t just---hey, what’s that on your neck?”
    Both Autobots looked in horror to find a diminutive bomb placed on Silvershark’s neck. Jhiaxus must’ve slipped it on him when his back was turned, and now it was about to explode!
    “Get it off of me! Get it off of—“

    Just that easily, Jhiaxus was freed from the interrogation room. He began blasting his ways through walls and the occasional Autobot in an attempt to escape the Headquarters. Silvershark was badly damaged, but Subterra was only slightly stunned due to his thick armor plating.
    “Out of the way, Autobrats!” screamed the Decepticon as he made his getaway.
    The Autobots were scattering all over the place trying to save fellow soldiers, put out fires, and capture the escaped Decepticon. Unfortunately for them, Jhiaxus managed to escape. Delta looked disgusted.
    “That….that son of a glitch just escaped! I need to punch someone. Subterra, get your skid plate over here.”

    Windstorm slowly fluttered back to life, and immediately wished he hadn’t. The Autobot HQ was a wreck, and he was having an internal crisis. If he would’ve just killed Jhiaxus, none of this chaos would’ve occurred. Then again, killing was against his moral code. Back on the battlefield, he let something loose, something deep inside of him. He felt like a monster and a failure at the same time.
    “Windstorm, you okay?”
    Roughrider was up and functioning too now. He felt like garbage still however. Both bots were greeted by a very frustrated Chromia 2. They could tell she was very upset.
    “Oh, hi Chromia 2. Yes Roughrider, I’m fine.”
    “Ugh, Chromia 2, would you slow down? I’ve got a raging headache,” replied Roughrider.
    At that moment, Subterra walked by. He took Chromia 2 by the arm and urged her to come with him. She was being very uncooperative.
    “Elita 1 isn’t here, so please stop talking. Come.”
    Chromia2 fell silent and reluctantly followed the hulking Autobot. He took her to another CR room where Silvershark was recovering. The back of his head was blown to bits, and he looked like he was in rough shape.
    “WellatleastIwon’thavetoworryabouthimmockingmeanymore!” said Chromia2 in the angriest voice she could muster. The trust was, though, that she felt sorry for him.
    “Chromia 2, let me tell you a little story.”
    “About what?”
    “About how Silvershark and I met. I was a loner back then, drifting from place to place. Silvershark was a bounty hunter partnered with a guy named Devcon.”

    “Silvershark, I need you to meet that contact of yours at Maccaddam’s and start brawling with him. It will help me to identify him and view what he’s capable of.”
    “Alright, I’m on it.”
    Silvershark entered the old Cybertronian bar and sat on his favorite stool. After surveying the area, he noticed that his old friend and contact, Repugnus, was already there. Silvershark casually stood up, walked over to the red and yellow bot, and finally he gave him an uppercut he’d never forget.
    “HEY! What did you do that for, you little---Silvershark?!”
    “Fight me. Now.”
    “Listen, you know they don’t allow fighting in here. Why don’t you just—“
    Another uppercut to the jaw was enough to shut him up and start attacking Silvershark. The fight started getting intense, until a hulking Autobot, Subterra, decided to join in on the fun.
    Two massive drills came out of his hands as he started thrashing and flailing his arms about. Silvershark knew that this wasn’t according to plan, but Devcon didn’t. He walked into Maccaddams with a calm air about him, took out his Beam Burst gun, and blasted it towards Silvershark and Subterra. Within seconds, glowing strands of energy entangled the two, and Devcon quietly dragged them out of the bar.

    “Slag slag slag! This isn’t according to plan! I don’t even know you!”
    The two bots were being transported to the Underground Gladiator Arena, where Clench, the bot Silvershark was after, was running the show.
    “Hey, I don’t get what your problem is. We’re going to the arena, where we’ll get paid to fight!”
    “Oh shut up.”
    The two were presented before Clench, and he looked on them with great eagerness. These two were going to make him a lot of money, for sure.
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    When Silvershark and Subterra were escorted to the dungeon, they were greeted by a blue and purple fembot named Slipstream. She seemed particularly interested in Subterra, and the two seemed to hit it off quite well. Silvershark, however, managed to get himself into a fight with a group of thugs.
    “Well well well. What do we have here?!” said Hun-gurr, the leader of the group.
    “Slag, what’s that smell?!” said Silvershark rather coldly.
    A little blue Decepticon- Blot- shyly stepped forward. He was definitely the source of the smell.
    “We’re the Terrorcons, new guy. We’ll rip you to pieces,” said Hun-gurr with a smirk.

    Just then, one of Clench’s henchmen, Chop Shop, came down to the dungeon level with a couple of stasis cuffs in his hands. He started looking around the joint, and finally he took Slipstream by the arm and put her in the cuffs. He led the fembot up to the upper level, to the arena. A silence fell over the other gladiators.
    “Ladies and gentlebots, you’re all in for a special treat this evening! We’ve recently acquired to brand-spankin’-new warriors, and tonight we’re going to test the limits of their strength. Now then, who’s ready for some smashy smashy?!” bellowed Clench.
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    Been awhile since I updated this, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

    Slipstream tightened her fists and prepared for battle. This was nothing new to her really, but she was hoping to impress her adversary. Subterra, however, was just happy that he got to fight someone and get paid for it.
    “Ready, set, go!”
    Subterra rushed at Slipstream with his drills, but she evaded her attack with a back flip into the air. Her two shoulder blasters shoot the brute right in the face, and she followed this up with a kick to his spark chamber.
    “You’re pretty good,” said Slipstream casually.
    Now the no-so-gentle giant was getting frustrated, yet oddly attracted to this vicious fembot. His chest was throbbing and he had a pounding headache. For such a small mech, this girl could pack a punch!
    “Alright, I’ve had enough of this crap. This ends now!” shouted Subterra as his drills opened up to reveal two large cannons.
    He was just about to fire when Clench came in and stopped the fight. He informed the two that their time was up, and that Slipstream had won by default.
    “You’ve gotta be kidding me! I almost slagged the scrap outta her!”
    “Sorry buddy, but Slipstream here landed more hits on you in the given time. Ransack, get over here with that Silvershark guy.”

    The scrappy little Insecticon followed his master’s orders. He cautiously brought out the angry Autobot, and he almost got his arm bitten off in the process. Silvershark was furious about his situation, and his mood only got worse when he saw his opponents. He was facing off against the Terrorcon gang in a five-against-one match up.
    “So, which one of you do I slaughter first?” asked Silvershark sharply.
    Blot was about to say something rude in reply, but he was cut off by Clench announcing the start of a new battle. The Terrorcons and their single opponent went to their respective corners and braced themselves for the fight ahead.
    “Who here is ready for another awesome matchup? I know I am! Gladiators, ready, set, go!”
    Silvershark leapt into battle and was immediately kicked in the mouth by Rippersnapper. Hun-gurr followed this kick with a body slam, crushing Silvershark. The fight had barely begun, and Silvershark was already losing. Subterra, however, was relaxing in the lower dungeons with Slipstream. They were watching the whole battle on a TV monitor that had been placed in their cell. Suddenly, the monitor’s screen exploded.
    “So, you’re Silvershark’s contact? Funny, you look nothing like him.”
    Subterra spun around readied his drills. Carefully, he moved forward towards the shadowy figure. Slipstream was right behind him, with her guns set to fire.
    “Who are you?”
    “Why are you taking so long to bust Clench?”
    “You answer my question first, dangit! Now who are you?!”
    Subterra was getting nervous. This guy not only managed to sneak his way into the lower levels of the coliseum, to the dungeon, but he didn’t seem the slightest bit phased by Subterra’s weaponry. Both sides were waiting for the other to make a move, standing in silence for what seemed like an eternity.
    “Fine, you can be stubborn then. Oh, and you can call me Devcon. You and your pal Silvershark are—
    “Woah woah woah. Silvershark?! He is not my ‘pal’.”
    “I thought you were his contact.”
    “Well, as I was saying, Silvershark’s taking too long with this assignment, so I’m assassinating Clench myself.”

    Chapter 6
    The Smelting Pool

    “Subterra? Why’d you stop?”
    Chromia 2 waited for the big bot to respond to her, but his mind seemed to have drifted off into space. She tried to be patient, but she really wanted to know what happened next. She tapped Subterra on his shoulder, but she still got no response. Suddenly, she noticed that he seemed very downcast. He broke down then and tried to motion to Chromia 2 to leave. She wouldn’t.
    “Please, just…..go!” he shouted. Whatever the rest of his story was, she obviously wasn’t going to hear it.
    “Are you going to be alright?” asked Chromia 2.
    Before Subterra could answer, Windstorm walked into the room. He seemed to have something important to say too. Subterra barely acknowledged Windstorm, until he mentioned the name of a certain Decepticon that is.
    “Subterra, didn’t you hear me? Some Decepticon named Clench asked specifically for you. I’m not sure why, but he said he had some information you might find valuable.”
    “What the slag? First Jhiaxus, now him?!”
    Chromia 2 knew this meant she wouldn’t get to hear the rest of the story, but she figured this was more important. She desperately wanted to go with Subterra to meet this Clench character, but Windstorm insisted that she stay behind and help clean up after Jhiaxus’s breakout.
    “Listen to me for a click, alright? Elita 1’s been kidnapped, Roughrider and I have taken quite the beating, and Silvershark’s spark is severely damaged. I don’t want you getting hurt too, alright?”
    The room went dead silent after that. Chromia 2 refused to speak to both Windstorm and Subterra. She was too upset. Finally Subterra decided to break the silence.
    “Where exactly did Clench say he wanted to meet me, Windstorm?”
    “I’m not even sure if I want you going, to be honest. Maybe you should just stay here with the rest of us and help sort out all of this chaos.”
    “You speak as though you have authority over me. Let me make this perfectly clear: you don’t. If Clench has info for me, I intend on getting it. I was hoping to see him again anyways. Tell me where he wanted to meet. Now!”
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    Cool, you're giving some backstory on Subterra and Silvershark. This is intense! :thumb  I wonder what info Clench has?
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    Well, this has definately been a project that I haven't worked on in a long time. I got all focused on the DBA fanfic and my continuation of Transformers Animated, and I forgot all about this! Anyways, I'll continue the story now.

    “You…you aint’ thinkin of going alone, are you?”
    All three bots turned around to the CR chamber Silvershark was being held in. He was finally awake!
    “Subterra, you wouldn’t dare take on Clench without me, would you?” he said while trying to ignore all the pain in his head.
    Chromia 2 was simply in awe at this point. The entire back part of Silvershark’s head had exploded, yet here he is, trying to get Subterra to bring him with. This bot just doesn’t know when to quit! Subterra was debating with himself whether or not he’d take Silvershark with him. He’d been through a lot today. They all had.
    “Uh, Silvershark, maybe it’s best if you just took a break. I can handle Clench,” Subterra said as we walked out the door.
    “Oh, like the way you handled him last time?!”
    Subterra stopped dead in his tracks.
    “Silvershark, don’t go there.”
    “It’s your fault he’s dead, you know. You owe me!”
    Silvershark wouldn’t shut up! Windstorm desperately wanted to say something, anything, to make the two Autobots stop their bickering, but he could say nothing. All he could do was hand Silvershark the coordinates as the two bots exited the room. Now it was just him and Chromia 2. The room seemed quiet.
    “So, where exactly are they going?” said Chromia 2, in an attempt to break the silence.
    “The smelting pool, Chromia 2. This was a bad, bad idea. I shouldn’t have given them the coordinates,” said Windstorm. He suddenly seemed to lose his composure all together. He was having a panic attack.
    “Windstormpleasedon’tdothis!” Chromia 2 said, feeling a bit panicky herself.
    “Don’t try to tell me to calm down! Everything is falling apart! Elita 1? Gone. Silvershark and Subterra? About to be smelted. Roughrider? Still recovering from Jhiaxus’s escape. Chromia 2, what are we gonna do?!”
    “Well fer starters, how bout you stop all yer mopin’ and cryin’?” replied a familiar voice. It was Ironhide! “Hey, you’re Chromia 2, right?”
    “Yeah, why?” she answered with a tremble in her voice yet.
    “You wanna save yer friends’ lives so badly, so I figure you’d need the right equipment.”
    Chromia 2 followed silently after Ironhide, and Windstorm, in turn, followed her. The old mech lead them into the weaponry room once again. He brought the two young Autobots to the very center of the weaponry room, to the container that held the accelerator gauntlet. Carefully, Ironhide removed the gauntlet and gave it not to Windstorm, but to Chromia 2. She stared at the gauntlet in awe. This was without a doubt the most powerful weapon she’d ever held, and now she was going to use it to save two bots that had been mocking her since the moment they first met! She started to feel a little bit weak and nervous from all these thoughts rushing to her head, but Ironhide managed to settle her nerves a bit.
    “I’m sure you’ll do fine. Just don’t go n’ break the gauntlet, kid,” he said with a smile.
    “Woah woah, easy now. Just go. Go and make sure yer friends don’t git into any kind of trouble!”
    Subterra entered the old, decrepit building first. This was the location of the Smelting Pool, and was also the place where he would exact his revenge on Clench. Silvershark followed closely behind, prepared to strike if need be.
    “Clench? Clench, where are you?” Subterra shouted. His drills were out and all warmed up, just waiting for some impaling.
    “Keep it quiet, you idiot! Do you want to be ambushed?!” snapped Silvershark.
    “Why would he ambush u—“
    And just like that, Subterra fell into a trap door. Silvershark barely had time to react. He knew something like this would happen too. Why else would Clench randomly offer to give them info?
    “Well? Are you gonna take me too?!” he yelled.
    About half a click went by, but Silvershark got no response. Tired of waiting, he decided to proceed into the old building. He was more than likely entering the place where he would die, but he didn’t care.
    “Hailstorm? Where are you? And how is progress coming on our new friend?” The shadowy figure searched around the room for the seeker. He finally found Hailstorm installing weapons into his test subject’s arm.
    “She’s completely brainwashed, Lord Slaughterhouse. She is now totally loyal to the Decepticon cause and,” said Hailstorm as he pressed a button, “I’ve made a few upgrades!” Slaughterhouse watched in awe as his newest project revealed a large arsenal of weapons and started blasting at random targets.
    “As you can see, Elita 1 is no more. Your servant, Ghost is now totally loyal to you, Lord Slaughterhouse.”
    It didn’t take Silvershark long to find Clench, or Subterra for that matter. Clench was waiting for him right in front of the Smelting Pool. Overhead, Subterra was hanging in chains, dangling dangerously close to the acid inside the pool. The sight of it all was appalling to Silvershark, who desperately wanted to rip Clench’s head off.
    “I suppose you want me to let your friend go. You’re most likely also interested in the information I have for—“
    “I don’t give a slag about your false information you piece of scrap! Let Subterra go!” Silvershark screamed back at him. He took an angry step towards Clench, inadvertently triggering a door to open. Suddenly, hordes of Sharkticons swarms around the Autobot, surrounding him on all sides.
    “Just like old times, eh Silvershark?!” bellowed Clench.

    “All right, so you’ve freed all the prisoners now, right?”
    Devcon and Subterra were working as fast as they could to mount their attack on Clench. It was tough getting everyone to shut up though. All the gladiators were quickly growing restless, and they had all ready taken out the Insecticon guards.
    “This is quite a daring plan you’ve got here, Subterra,” said Slipstream flirtatiously.
    Subterra was about to respond, but Devcon hurried him along. Carefully, the duo led the rest of the gladiators up to the surface. When they got up there, they saw something that stopped them dead in their tracks.
    “Oh, now what do we have here?” said Clench evilly.
    “Clench, are you aware of the size of the bounty on your head?” asked Devcon.
    “Must be pretty steep, I suppose. Subterra, don’t tell me you’ve sided with this bounty hunter. If you stay with me, I can make you rich. I can make you famous. I can give you power beyond your wildest dreams for Primus’s sake! It’s your choice. Die with him or thrive, serving me.”
    Subterra didn’t know what to say. Frankly, he hated both choices. Devcon was a jerk, and he didn’t really want to serve Clench. Ultimately though, he knew that either choice would be life altering. He’d be a somebody finally. He was lost in thought when a scream brought him back to reality.
    “Oh wow, it looks like Silvershark won. Well, Subterra, you’re next. Come with me,” Clench said while grabbing the giant mech by the hand.
    “Get your filthy servo off of me. Devcon, I’ll deal with this slagger. You just get everyone outta here!”
    Clench didn’t like the sound of that one bit. He pulled a device out of a compartment in his arm. It seemed to be a remote of some sort. Almost as soon as he pressed the button on it, the center of the gladiatorial arena opened up, and hoardes of Sharkticons emerged.

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