Deception of the processor

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    This is a G1 fanverse oneshot that I submitted to DeviantArt and a few months back. Enjoy!


    He'd been called crazy before.
    Lots of times, actually.

    But for some odd reason, it never bothered him.
    Never, that is; until Optimus Prime himself had said it.

    It had been just like any other day: Pour chemical A into beaker B, pour chemical C from test tube D into beaker B, wait for reaction E, result instead with explosion number 21,110.

    It was the last part, however, that had gone awry. Grimlock had unexpectedly decided to enter Wheeljack's lab at the exact moment that the unstable chemicals exploded.

    On hindsight; it probably would have been very wise of him to send out an all-points-bulletin to the rest of the Autobots requesting that they keep their optics on Grimlock and the other Dinobots. Then again; that would've meant that Sunny and Sides would do their worst to see to it that the engineer never got his experiments done that day.

    Right now though; Wheeljack was starting to realise just how appealing that little scenario seemed.

    "I'm very disappointed, Wheeljack. Why did you not take the necessary precautions again before performing your experiment?"

    Prime's voice still carried the air of concern that it always did, but there was also a hint of complete and utter exasperation mixed in. Even Wheeljack knew that this was a bad sign; Prime never got like this unless he'd had enough.

    "I honestly don't know how this could've happened, Prime! One cycle I'm waiting for the inevitable kaboom, the next cycle Grimlock's poking his nose into my lab when he knows that he shouldn't be anywhere near it!"

    At this point, it seemed like things would start to turn in Wheeljack's favor, but what Prime said next made his energon run cold.

    "Wheeljack, is you processor malfunctioning? Grimlock's been offline for three stellar-cycles now. I think you should see Ratchet about getting your optic sensors and datatrax examined."


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