decent, cheao camera

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    decent, cheap camera

    Hi all,

    Well im a regular reader of the 'cool stuff' thread and would like to take some cool pics of my own, i have a craooy lil digital camera i bought a few years ago, but it is crap at taking the sort of close ups you need to take pics of figures, now ive been looking at some stuff and found this camera, it comes with a printer for about £130 (about $250)

    as i know zilch about cameras, here are the specs, is it any good for close up TF snapping:

    Kodak C613 6MP Digital Camera and G610 Photo Printer

    Design/style: Compact, Slim.

    6m pixels.

    3 x optical zoom.

    5 x digital zoom.

    2.4in colour LCD screen.

    Digital anti-blur.

    SD memory card compatible.

    16MB internal memory / 10MB available for picture taking.

    Movie capture with sound.

    Maximum ISO range: 800

    18 scene modes.

    Pictbridge compatible

    LCD view finder.

    Accessories included in box - wrist strap, EasyShare Welcome/Getting Started Kit, Custom Camera Insert for Optional Kodak EasyShare Camera and Printer Docks.

    2 x AA batteries supplied.

    Weight 137g.

    Size (H)9.1, (W)6.6, (D)3.7cm.

    PRINTER DETAILS: G610 Printer Dock.

    Prints in 60 seconds.

    Print size - up to 4x6' sheet.

    Comes with - Getting started guide, 24 volt DC adapter / power cord, 5 load starter photo paper and cartridge kit, PDG610 accessories/burn marketing insert, EasyShare Software, version 6 x with printer drivers and creative photo cards feature.


    if you have any other recommendations, four about £100 - £150 (doesnt need a printer) please post them
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    Kodak cameras are crap. Get a Nikon or a Canon or an Olympus. Good closeups = good camera and lens.
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    Kodak compacts are good for people that know ZILCH about computers and just want simplicity. Like the gran who only takes pics of her cats and flowers and stuff.

    Canon is your friend if you want quality, but they are more expensive.

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