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    Name - Deadend
    Japanese Name - デッドエンド (Deadend)
    Japanese Number - D-32/VS-32 (with Break)

    Tech Spec - Faction - Destron
    Tech Spec - Sub Group - N/A
    Tech Spec - Function - Subversion Operative
    Tech Spec - Motto - N/A
    Tech Spec - Official Bio -
    Deadend is a typical warrior who enjoys combat. He is unflappable and prefers solitude. Because of this nature he does not like teamwork. His right shoulder launches the shell, Spiral Bomb, which pins the enemy down. Then he is cold and composed enough to smile as he delivers the killing shot with his Dead Gun.

    Tech Spec - Strength - 5
    Tech Spec - Intelligence - 8
    Tech Spec - Speed - 9
    Tech Spec - Endurance - 8
    Tech Spec - Rank - 7
    Tech Spec - Courage - 8
    Tech Spec - Firepower - 5
    Tech Spec - Skill - 6

    Toy Info - Status (Released, Not Released, Cancelled, Delayed) - Released
    Toy Info - Release Date - Year -1999
    Toy Info - Release Date - Month

    Toy Info - Wave
    Toy Info - Original Price - 880yen(VS-32 - 1750yen)
    Toy Info - Size Class
    Toy Info - Suggested Age - 5+
    Toy Info - Assortment Number
    Toy Info - Product Number
    Toy Info - UPC/Barcode Number
    Toy Info - DPCI Numbers
    Toy Info - Per Case

    Toy Info - Reissues - None
    Toy Info - Recolors/Reuses - None

    Toy Info - Toy Variants
    Toy Info - Part Variants
    Toy Info - Package Variants

    Toy Info - Additional Info

    Cartoon / Movie - Overview -
    Deadend doesn't get many opportunities to show his characteristics as written in his bio in the cartoon. He doesn't really have anything to make him stand out in Destron crew. Instead he shines in Comic Bom Bom manga - while other Destrons hardly have any memorable lines he even gets to fight Big Convoy one on one and makes Big admit that he has enjoyed the combat. Then he exits the story with dignity.

    Cartoon / Movie - Voice Actor - Seiji Mizutani
    Cartoon / Movie - Appearances
    Cartoon / Movie - Sounds

    Episodes - Beast Wars Neo Appearances -
    01. Move Out, Big Convoy
    02. Get the Mysterious Capsule
    03. Burning Spirit Below Freezing
    04. Hang in there, Stampy
    05. Mirage in the Sand
    06. Dinosaur Combiner Magmatron
    07. Battle in the Midst of the Labyrinth
    08. Danger of the Black Hole
    09. Sub-Commander Longrack
    10. Whoa! We've Got Eaten
    11. Planet of Time
    12. Lonely Hydra
    13. Break is Destron?
    14. Voyager Journal
    15. Mach Kick Enlists!?
    16. Planet of the Ultimate Weapon
    17. Troubled DNAVI
    18. Headlong Randy
    19. Physicist Bump
    20. Hardhead is Hardheaded
    21. Duel in the Deep Sea!!
    22. The Stolen Gung-Ho
    23. Drill Sergent Survive
    24. New Warriors, Assemble!
    25. The Mysterious Beast Warrior!?
    26. Plundered Capsules
    27. Pursue the Blentrons!
    28. Furious Magmatron
    29. Illusion? Lio Convoy
    30. Unicron Returns!?
    31. Unicron's Ambition
    32. Fight! Cybertron
    33. The End of Cybertrons!?
    34. The Final Battle
    35. Graduation!!

    Comics - IDW Overview
    Comics - IDW Appearances
    Comics - Kodansha Comic Bom Bom (by Shoji Imaki)

    Review - Review
    Review - Authors Name
    Review - Overall Score

    Parts - Figure Type - Ammonite
    Parts - Primary Figure Color - White, Purple

    Parts - Body Armor -------(Yes/No) ---(If so, the primary color) 2 Shells (White)
    Parts - Gun -------(Yes/No) ---(If so, the primary color) - Dead Gun (Purple)
    Parts - Other -------(Yes/No) ---(If so, the primary color)

    Parts - Additional Info

    Other - (Any other info on the toy or character) -
    Spiral Bomb - A shoot to kill weapon, which is Deadend's shell shot as a missile. After launching, Spiral Bomb can be navigated in the air at his will. Deadend can ride on the flying shell, but balancing requires good skill.

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    Picked him up from Liokaiser at last year's Botcon. A bit fiddly trying to get all his robot parts into the shell, but otherwise not bad for a "Shellformer."
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    He was the last BW Neo original mould I acquired, and having had no problem with Mach Kick I thought this guy would be easy. I was so wrong, he made me cry.

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