Dead Island

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    What do you get when Fallout 3 meets Borderlands meets Left 4 Dead?

    Dead Island! Seriously I can't tell you enough how much I am looking forward to this game. I swear I've been dreaming of a true open world, non linear, zombie game with RPG elements and class based gameplay for so long.... And as much as I like Dead Rising it didn't really hit the spot for me.

    Cue Dead Island. It's an open world zombie FPS RPG, you are free to explore the entire island, undertake quests, help other survivors, level up with stats and skills, craft your own weapons and gear, 4 classes to choose from including Assassin, Tank, Ranged and Bodyguard, 4 player online co-op, and a heavy focus on melee combat (guns are very limited).

    Official reveal trailer
    YouTube - ‪Dead Island Official Announcement Trailer HD‬‏

    E3 trailer
    YouTube - ‪Dead Island E3 Trailer: "Part 2: Dead Island Begins" (Europe)‬‏

    20 minutes of gameplay at E3
    YouTube - ‪Dead Island: 20 Minutes of Gameplay Footage [HD]‬‏

    A look at online co-op
    Dead Island Live E3 Gameplay Demo in High Definition

    September hurry the hell up!!
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