dcau dvd sets question how would you set it up by individual series ,season and vol?

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    basicly what i am asking is this

    would it be possible to set up the entire dcau dvd collection like that

    1990 productions
    Pre-production begins on BTAS.
    1991 productions
    1992 productions
    BTAS premieres on the Fox network.
    BTAS Season 1 airs into 1993.
    1993 productions
    BTAS Season 2 airs into 1994.
    Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is released in US theaters.
    1994 productions
    BTAS becomes TABR.
    TABR Season 1 airs.
    1995 productions
    TABR Season 2 airs.
    TABR ends.
    Pre-production begins on STAS.
    1996 productions
    STAS premieres on Kids WB!.
    STAS Season 1 airs into 1997.
    1997 productions
    STAS becomes TNSA.
    TNSA Season 1 airs into 1998.
    TNBA premieres on Kids WB!.
    TNBA airs into 1998.
    1998 productions
    Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero is released direct-to-video.
    TNSA Season 2 airs into 1999.
    TNBA Season 2 airs into 1999.
    1999 productions
    TNBA ends.
    BB premieres on Kids WB!.
    BB Season 1 airs.
    TNSA Season 3 airs into 2000.
    BB Season 2 airs into 2000.
    edit 2000s2000 productions
    TNSA ends.
    LWS web series premieres and airs.
    GG web series premieres on the Warner Bros. website.
    GG Season 1 airs.
    BB Season 3 airs into 2001.
    SS Season 1 airs into 2001.
    LWS mysteriously stops airing.
    Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is released direct-to-video.
    2001 productions
    TZP premieres on Kids WB!.
    TZP Season 1 airs.
    BB ends.
    GG Season 2 airs.
    JL premieres on Cartoon Network.
    JL Season 1 airs into 2002.
    2002 productions
    SS Season 2 airs.
    TZP Season 2 airs.
    TZP is cancelled.
    GG Season 3 airs.
    GG ends.
    2003 productions
    SS Season 3 airs.
    JL Season 2 airs into 2004.
    Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman is released direct-to-video.
    2004 productions
    SS Season 4 airs.
    SS ends.
    JLU premieres on Cartoon Network.
    JLU Season 1 airs into 2005.
    2005 productions
    JLU Season 2 airs.
    JLU Season 3 airs into 2006.
    2006 productions
    JLU ends.

    by individual series season and vol

    just exactly how close could one get in setting the dvd sets up like that individual dvd wise?
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    This seems like to much work. Set them up by titles
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    Lucked out at Sam's Club a few times. I've got everything they've released so far except the pre Batman The Animated Series stuff. Only got a few of those since I haven't been keeping up with them.
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    You can't complicate this stuff or else the shelves will get clogged.

    I doubt their could be a DCAU boxed set.
    But if they spread out editions like the BTAS boxed set that was just released every 2 years, you could have a library worthy of respect.

    Me, I am just trying to complete my BTAS collection before i hop on to the Superman/JLU headaches.

    from memory:
    BTAS (the four individual volumes i got on sale)
    Sub Zero*
    Batman Superman Movie*
    Mystery of the Batwoman
    Batman Beyond
    Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

    *on both VHS and DVD

    i actually abhor the new style of animation that the DCAU took when BTAS went to WB, but still enjoy the DCAU.

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    Mar 17, 2007
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    so far i got everything dcauwise short of the zeta project season 2 legion of superheroes serasons 1 and 2 and the lobo and gotham girls web series

    i even got all 5 seasons of teen titans plus trouble in tokyo with all 4 seasons of static shock and brainiac attacks

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