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    A while back, DC put up the below 2 posters in relation to Countdown. I Wiki'd them and got the info on the hero one. Can anyone to that one and explain the villian one?


    Didio described the picture's symbolism: Anyone standing on barren ground is doomed. In this case, it spells the Death of the New Gods...The yellow ring corrupts Kyle (Rayner) in The Sinestro Corps War...Jason Todd becomes Red Robin, driving a wedge in the Challengers from Beyond...Green Arrow struggles to win the love of Black Canary...Batman, in symbolic garb, wields the sword that hearkens the return of a deadly foe (Ra's al Ghul)...Dressed in Barry's costume, Bart (Allen, the Flash) showed that he had one foot in the grave...A Legionnaire is lost and marked for death in Countdown...The Atom, lost, struggles to survive...The shield marked Hippolyta's return...Superman and Wonder Woman discuss parent issues...Is that a Boom Tube I see, and can that be the path to salvation?...The shadow of evil falls over Mary Marvel...and the statue head, reminiscent of and tied to Kamandi #1, also reflects Sinestro's upcoming visit to the Big Apple.


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    The torn and tattered cowl of Batman represents his ultimate demise in Final Crisis. The nearby sword of Wonder Woman and torn cape of Superman indicates more generally how the big three would not stand together much longer.
    Trickster holding the Pied Piper's flute indicates how only one of them would survive.
    Granny Goodness standing before Hippolyta's shield indicates that she is the mastermind behind the Amazons Attack.
    Black Mary Marvel surrounded by Eclipso and Granny Goodness portrays how Mary Marvel would be influenced and drawn into darkness. More specifically, Eclipso tutored Mary and trained her to use her dark powers and Granny Goodness' soul would pass into Mary after Goodness herself perished.
    The broken skis indicate that even the New God of Death, the Black Racer, would fall.
    Luthor on his knees with blood on his hands is a reference to Salvation Run, which I never read. I think it was to do with the desperate measures he took to survive.
    The broken arrow refers to the (staged) death of Green Arrow at his wedding.
    Kingdom Come Superman bears the mark of the original Atom, Ray Palmer, indicating he has been immunized against the sentient bacteria Morticocus and would survive a coming disaster.
    The Superman in black with his back to us is Superboy Prime, now Superman Prime, who will turn his back on all that he once believed in.
    The toppled statue of Darkseid indicates that even the mightiest of the New Gods would fall, and that all these disasters would follow him.
    Lastly, the stormy sky recalls the "red sky" of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, which is how the general population of the DC Universe remember the Crisis.

    I'm not sure if this is 100% accurate, I'm working from memory of events in comics at the time. I'm not sure what the deal with Martian Manhunter, Joker, Catwoman, the Cyborg Superman, Penguin, Desaad or the remaining artefacts around Luthor are. One of them looks like a Mother Box, and another like the Book of Destiny. The knife in Martian Manhunter's hand might be suggestive of the darker tone he took before Final Crisis.
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    IIRC, Granny Goodness passed into the Alpha Lantern Kraken and Desaad went into Mary Marvel (I didn't read FC, so just going off spoilers). I might be reading too much into it, but note that Desaad and Mary Marvel are in roughly the same spot on opposite sides of the poster.

    I think the Cyborg Superman is just there because of his involvement in Sinestro Corps War, which was published around the same time as Countdown, and Superman Prime is talking to him because Prime was also in the Sinestro Corps.
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    The stuff on the lower right (Trickster/Piper) didn't turn out in the comic the way the poster intended. I recall reading an interview on Newsarama regarding the fact that not everything in these posters came to pass as plans changed after they came out.

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