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    how might it go over with the dc comics fanbase if over a period of years warner brothers and bruce timms crew were to actually work together in creating a shared animated universe adapted from the dc comics that thoroughly explores through a number of animated series the middle golden age to early late silver age dc comics era?

    one that would explore the earliest origins of those heroes and heroins that would go on to form the orignal justice society, its rise and the eventual disbandment as the heroes eventaully retire from active duty over time?

    how might it go over with the fanbases if it were to play out in such a way that it could for all intents and purposes serve as a kind of direct prequal universe to the dcau itself?

    considering the incredible job that the creators of batman the brave and the bold have done over time in exploring that portion of the dc comics uiverse while successfully finding a positive medium between batman the animated series and the camp adam west 60's series i actually think it would be a thoroughly suitable way to go about exploring this dcau prequal universe in a respectable manner

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