Darkness Rising DVD Synopsis.

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    If this has been discussed before, please close thread.

    This is in Australia where (as far as I know) the show hasn't even aired on TV yet.

    I just bought the DVD of Darkness Rising. I decided to read the synopsis on the back it completely spoils the death of Cliffjumper. I know it isn't really that big since he was only in it for a few minutes but I'm still very surprised they spoiled a character's death.

    What's worse is it says that the Decepticons are led by Starscream with Megatron being strangely absent. It's obvious he would return because he's the main villain yet they're more willing to spoil a characters death than Megatrons return.

    My best guess at an explanation is it was written by Starscream considering it says he's in command and talks about Cliff's death just like Scream always does.
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    Yeah, I find that DVD synopses can be pretty bad. Moreso with television series' than with theatrical movies though.

    It's almost like these synopses are written by someone who was just told in 15 seconds what the series/episodes are about and then had to scramble to write down notes before they forgot about them. Or they watched the first episode and decided to write a summary of that episode only.

    The episodes of Godzilla: The Series on DVD were really bad for that. They mismatched episode thumbnails with episode descriptions, put the wrong characters/actors in the summaries too. Just awful.

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