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    Alright, I'm in the process of cleaning up my mess of a room, so this is what I've got for sale or trade.

    I bought a bunch of stuff from MacrossFA19 on the TFW boards and found that some items had some smell to it (I think it was cuz his collection is the same room as his workshop). They'll be indicated with an Asterisk (*). To MacrossFA19, I hope you're not offended, I have a small room and I can smell it though, so I have to let them go. Shouldn't be a problem if you've got a big room to display your stuff.

    I'm still more leaning towards selling though, but trades can't hurt. I'm in Canada, and can do shipping.

    All prices are in Canadian dollars.

    I just want to get rid of the BM stuff, they're just a space-killer, so make any offer.

    BM Thrust C9 Complete - Make offer
    BM Jetstorm C9 - Make offer
    BM Obsidian C9 Complete - Make offer
    BM Optimus Primal Deluxe C8 Complete - Make offer
    BM Long Horn C9 Complete - Make offer
    BW Dinobot Loose C8 - Make offer
    G2 Seaspray Loose - Make offer

    Vector Prime C9 Complete $15
    BM Cheetor Deluxe Loose - Make offer
    Cybertron Nemesis Breaker Complete $15 ON HOLD
    Machine Wars Starscream (Some stickers applied, no missiles, good condition) - Make offer
    PVC Armada Sideways $1
    PVC KT Devastator $1

    Classics Voyager Ultra Magnus Loose & Complete $10
    Movie Deluxe G1 Jazz (with Card backing and instructions, no bubble inserts though) $15

    MOSC Classics Minicons Predator Attack Team $5
    MOSC Classics Minicons Demolition Team
    MISB Binaltech Red Jazz $90
    RID W.A.R.S. & Crosswise Spychangers $2 for both - no gun though

    MISB Masterpiece Ultra Magnus MP-2 - has white striations on some sides though $210 - Or make a decent trade proposal (Check want list).
    MISB Cybertron Soundwave $20
    MISB Takara Movie Deluxe Bumblebee (Clear Window Version) $30
    G1 Blaster Loose -Worn stickers, some paint chipping, don't know if the deck works (Figure Only)- Make an offer

    Not Pictured
    MISB '08 Bumblebee with Character Profile Card Backing (looking to trade him though)

    MISB Kiss Convoy $130

    Keychain Cliffjumper (no keychains though)
    Keychain Bumblebee
    08 Concept Camaro Bumblebee, stripes chipped off, loose groin ball joints, w/ gun but no instructions (easy to transform anyways), great for kitbashing! $5 *
    RID Ultra Magnus, complete w/ box & instructions $20 *

    MISB Tomy Bit Char-G Subaru Impreza WRX (Blue) $15
    MISB McFarlane Deluxe Sentinel $70
    Skyscraper Lamp (Made out of puzzle-like pieces with skyscaper window holes you assemble) $5

    Bubble gum machine, MIB, only taken out to look at $20

    Not Pictured
    40 CD Container case $5

    Looking for:
    G1 Diaclone Reissue Ultra Magnus
    G1 Shining Ultra Magnus
    G1 Jafcon Black Convoy
    TFC Insecticons
    Binaltech Weapons Pack (Silver Sword)
    MP G1 Starscream
    Binaltech Smokescreen #8 Variant
    Energon Scorponok
    Classics Minicon Dinobots
    Classics Minicon Night Rescue Team

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