Dark of The Moon - Epilogue

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    Hi all, first major fan fic ideastorm here :)  This has been posted in the Movie section of the boards but I feel people here may appreciate it more, C&C very welcome.....


    "In war, casualities are expected," Optimus began "yet here on Earth, we Autobots became family and any death was a personal death, even if I may not have expressed those emotions at the time." The battle-hardened leader looked embarressed yet swiftly continued. A large human crowd was present around seven large graves, all Earth-bound Autobots were also present. Media crews were in their hundreds.
    "Today, we bid a final farewell to seven of the most courageous Autobots I knew," Optimus announced "Jazz, lost buying time for all of us against Megatron in the Battle for Mission City, Elita-1, althought not a fully independent 'bot, still moured as she was murdered by Shockwave, for whom justice has now been served, Jolt, also killed by Shockwave, who without which I would not be here today." The crowds murmured to themselves as Optimus took a moment to name the final four.
    "Q, or Wheeljack to his older friends, who was mercilessly slaughtered in Chicago a great inventor and whose weapons helped turned the tide of battle for us many times, Skids and Mudflap, the handful as Ratchet liked to call them whose youth and inexperience in battle gave way to true courage as they died warriors attempting to stop the traitor..." Optimus paused, and Sam Witwicky standing in the front row could see a leak underneath Prime's right eye.
    "Is he crying?" he asked Carly. He turned to see Carly crying and comforted her, shaking off any impression that robots could cry, that was a stupid idea.
    "Finally, I'd like to pay tribute to my oldest and most faithful friend, Ironhide, without whom I would not be the leader I am today. He deserved more than a death by a chemical rust, yet I'm sure he would be happy with the number of 'Deceptichops' he dealt with in his time." Optimus chuckled to himself, then looked at his 'family',
    "Till all are one"
    "Till all are one" the crowd echoed, and all broke into applause. Optimus layed Ironhide's one remaining cannon on his grave and looked to the skys in hope that his friend was looking down on him in spirit.

    (Far away in the depths of space)

    Scattorshot looked at his station in disbelief. He quickly got up and raced to Paradron's command centre. Bursting in, many turned around to see what all the commotion was about.
    "Commander!" Scattorshot shouted in a vaguely Texan accent, "I just received a third outbound message from Prime!"
    The commander of Paradron turned in his chair and spoke in an accute English accent,
    "Prime survived? What does it say Scattorshot?"
    "In short, Earth is safe from the Decepticons,they did lose another four in battle, but they won sir. All Earth related Decepticons are terminated."
    "Is the space bridge ready?" The commander asked.
    "Yes sir, tested this morning with the 'Orion' sir, no hitches." Scattorshot replied. The chair turned and open comm to the hanger was established.
    "Autobots, prepare the 'Axion' for departure, it's time to pay Prime an inaugural state visit." Vector announced....

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    I like it, it has a very somber, reflective tone to it. It gives movieverse Optimus another dimesion instead of being obsessed with taking faces and ripping spines all the time.

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    very nice, well done

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