Dammit MSN...HELP!?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dinobot Nuva, Nov 2, 2007.

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    Aight, so I've been using MSN messenger (now Windows Live Messenger, wtfever I spose) for about, I dunno four years.
    Earlier this summer it just STOPPED working, like I'd double click the icon, go to the start menu, w/e, try to open the program and the little timer cursor would show up for a split second and nothing would happen. A quick look at my processes according to CtrlAltDel says that I am indeed running the program. But y'know, it never opens. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling, restarting, different versions of the program, ETCETERA. NOTHING WOULD WORK. So after a quick googlin' some people said all you need to do is reset your router...so I did.
    THEN, I had to call D-Link customer service WAY the hell over in India and spend like 3 hours on the phone with their customer service reps adjusting my router's IP address (onacounta it tries to use the same address as our DSL modem, which means no internet connection) like we did when I first set up our home network.
    Now, that worked and was fine and dandy and all, so I decide to go play Team Fortress 2 a couple nights ago and I exited out of MSN messenger. Post game I try to open it back up and BLAM its late summer all over again. I also tried getting on my hotmail account, I can get into my inbox but when I open an email from like my IGN subscriptions or w/e it loads the page then freezes it. You can't click anything on the tool bar, buttons, etc. you can't scroll on the page, click on the links, all that jazz either. So I call Microsoft and get Hotmail's number. They apparently don't let you talk to live people and neither their website nor their little recordings answer this problem. Now I -really- don't wanna call D-Link again just b/c that's another chunk of my weekend wasted to customer service that I can barely understand, there has to be a way to fix this without resetting my router again...right?
    Anybody got any ideas, I'll hold off on paying D-Link another visit until later tomorow, but hopefully there's something easier.
    K Thnx-

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