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    Shipping is not included in these prices. all prices are negotiable, within reason anyway.

    Animated deluxe- $12
    cybertron optimus, cybertron ratchet, lockdown, blurr, arcee, rodimus(bow has been turned into 2 hand guns), swindle, oil slick, freeway jazz,samurai prowl

    Animated voyager- $25
    Purple Shockwave, Lugnut, Megatron, blitzwing(one of the wings was damaged out of box, the little black peg just needs to be glued on), skywarp, wreck-gar(forks on truck are gone)

    Animated leader- $40
    Bulkhead, Megatron

    ROTF deluxe- $12
    Chromia, armorhide, blazemaster, deep deset brawl, dirge, gears, interrogator barricade, jolt, rampage, sideswipe, smokescreen(legs modded so doors can turn to give better articulation), stalker scorponock

    ROTF Voyager- $25
    Demolishor, desert tracker ratchet, ironhide, longhaul, meagatron(3 pack version, movie 1 repaint), mixmaster(g1 color), optimus prime, sky warp, recon ironhide(missing all but the 2 main weapons), starscream, the fallen, burning fallen(face spines removed head crest shortened, got it from a friend who wanted it to look like a "younger fallen"), Whirl(2 pack, missing boat gun, and cage is glued shut)

    HFTD deluxe- $12
    Sea attack ravage

    DOTM deluxe- $12
    Crankcase(fingers snipped), jolt, sideswipe
    DOTM Voyager- $25

    Armada deluxe- $12

    PCC 2 packs- $10
    Huffer, icepick, leadfoot, sledge, smolder

    PCC 5 packs- $15
    combaticons, aerialbots

    Universe classics 2.0 deluxe- $12
    dinobot, roadbuster, rodimus(rts), cyclonus(rts)

    Universe classics 2.0 voyager- $25
    blaster, dirge, heavy load

    Marvel crossovers- $13
    captain american, wolverine, human torch, spider-man(dark blue and red), spider man(iron/spider pack), iron man, iron man(iron/spider pack),carnage

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