Dairycon: The Continuing Saga (Post-Convention Updates)

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    Did you miss out on Dairycon?
    Did you not get to hang out with your new-found (or long-term) friends at the show? Wanna get together & hang out again? I've been informed that there are plans of doing another Dairyland Transfans Get-Together this summer! Once I've been made aware of a set date & time, I will spread the info!

    In the meantime, T Kruz has provided us with the second installment of the official Dairycon fan-fiction, the "Battle For Brew City" comic!

    For those of you who (somehow) missed out on Part One, now's your chance!
    Battle For Brew City Part 1

    And now... onto PART 2!
    Battle For Brew City Part 2

    Of course, if you aren't caught up on your Dairycon fan-fiction, check out the rest at the Dairycon Homepage!

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