Dairycon Pre-Registration ends TONIGHT (Mar. 1st)!

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    Excelsior Moo Believers!

    Methusalen here once again, with another fast-breaking news story!

    Pre-Registration for Dairycon 2012 ends TONIGHT (Mar. 1st) @ MIDNIGHT (EST)!

    Are you looking for a fun excuse to head out and hang out with your fellow Transfans, participate in TF-themed events & games, win yourself one of your very own Dairycon Exclusives, or score a sweet haul; all without breaking the bank?

    Then you should try our patented "Dairycon" brand fan convention! It's sure to cure your ills, give you thrills, & kosher dills (OK, so I don't know where I was going with that one :p  )...

    Held on April 27th & 28th at the historic Ramada Plaza's Crystal Ballroom in fabulous Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin! Attendance to the show is free, but Pre-Registration is required!!!! (In other words, if you don't fill out that Pre-Reg form, there's no getting into the show!)


    Want to know more, or get in on the discussions? Become a part of the group?

    Check out our video presentations on Youtube, Facebook, or petition us on the Facebook group to join the not-so-secret Message Board group!


    The Alcove of Honor!

    There's not much time left to go before voting ends for the first Dairycon Alcove of Honor! Just like the Pre-Reg, the Voting for the Alcove ends at Midnight!

    You don't have to vote for whoever's listed, but can write in your favorite candidate! ANYONE COULD WIN! :D 

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