Dairycon 2012 Pre-Registration is LIVE!

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    "Dairycon 2012: The Moo-Vie!"


    Friday & Saturday, April 27-28th, 2012!
    The historic Ramada Plaza's Crystal Ballroom in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin!

    For Immediate Release

    You read that right, folks! Registration for Dairycon 2012 is Now OPEN! As stated in the previous announcement, Dairycon 2012 is going to be hosted in the largest space in the city! The Historic Ramada Plaza's Crystal Ballroom!

    Larger Dealer Space, the ever-popular Dairycon Convention Exclusives, Prizes, Drawings, Events, & A Large Screen TV showing your favorite episodes!

    It's beyond Gouda. Beyond Evil. Beyond your Wildest Expectations!

    Mark your calendars! PreRegistration is Now Open!
    Reserve your space for the Event of the Year!

    Dairycon! A Convention of Our Own!

    Bonus: Dairycon Promotional Video #4: Hoof it All the Way! (ok, that's a bad title... Family Fun?)

    Assuming the coding doesn't work up above, here's the link to the video!


    For Immediate Release

    Excelsior, Moo Believers!

    - Announcing Dairycon on Youtube and Facebook! As part of our ongoing mission to offer you exciting and hilarious content, Dairycon can now be accessed via your favorite social media! Download exclusive Dairycon content, including commercials, parody adverts, and more! Be sure to subscribe and 'like' us! Really, really 'like' us!

    Dairycon's Youtube channel!

    Dairycon on Facebook!

    More videos in the upcoming weeks! And Stay Tuned for Exciting Reveals!


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