Dairycon 2009 Confirmation Packets now arriving!

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    If you registered for Wisconsin's own Dairycon 2009, make sure to check your e-mail now! The Dairycon Committee is e-mailing the confirmations to all people whose registrations have successfully been processed. Each confirmation includes a registration number, schedule of events, and rules/regulations regarding the convention. So check those spamfilters!

    And Please be sure to review those rules!

    It has also been revealed that pre-registrants that opted to donate to the room fund will DEFINITELY be receiving an Ass-09 figure (as well as a yet-to-be-revealed tidbit).

    The Dairycon Committee has also announced that there will be a few extras of Ass-09 available during the raffle and auction, in addition to the other raffle prizes (Pretender MotorMaster and Toiletbot)

    So if your registration did not go through, do not lose hope! You still have a chance of getting Ass-09 through either event. However, you do need to contact the Dairycon Committee via e-mail to let them know you still want to attend. The Dairycon Committee sincerely apologies to anyone whose registration did not go through, and suggests that you make contact a friend who has a PreReg, and see if he'll add you as a guest (ie, the 'Bring a Friend' option) to his or her pre-reg.

    As always, information about Dairycon can be found on their site:

    DTF, The Dairyland Transfan Association

    Or their mirror site here:

    DTF, The Dairyland Transfan Association

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