Dairycon '09 Pre-Registration ends March 1st!

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    Pre-registration for this year's Dairycon is set to end March 1st at Midnight!

    While it is free to attend, registration is required, No walk-ins allowed! If you're interested in attending the Dairycon event this year, now is the time to act! Follow this link to the Pre-registration form and get it sent out before midnight! Don't sweat it though, there's no reason take off those comfy Optimus Prime slippers to rush to Kinkos, as Dairycon accepts their Pre-Reg forms via email!

    Dairycon will be held on Friday April 24th and Saturday the 25th at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. For more information about Dairycon, check out their website at: DTF, The Dairyland Transfan Association

    To learn more about the convention's past & present exclusive figures, check out the "Dairycon Universe" page to read the Dairycon Fan-fic, as well as the bios to previous exclusives, as well as one of this year's exclusive figures Ass-09!

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