Daily Letter to Your Parents (sorta game)

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    In this thread, you are to pretend you are one of the chosen humans that get to hang out with the Transformers. Each day you write a letter to your parents telling them of thats days adventure.

    -You may post 1 letter per day.
    -You can not kill your self or others.
    -Try to keep it brief!
    -Be respectful to other posters.
    -Must start with "Dear _____," and end with your Signature, (forum names or use a pen name, just not real names unless your perfectly okay with that, but would prefer that we stay anonymous.) "Signed, _____". Or any variation there of.

    Letter #1

    Dear Parental Units,
    We landed on Cybertron today! It wasn't at all what I had expected! Everything is steel and metal, the air smells of rust and damaged metal. I'm even surprized there is air to be honest. The Autobots have instructed me to wear my space suit though as they aren't 100% about the atmosphere. The Autobot base here isn't as comfortable as the one on earth, there's no human friendly areas! (Yet!)
    I'm so used to seeing Transformers transform into earth vehicles, that the locals are hard to point out. I actually struck up a conversation with a vaccuum clearer and didn't realise it. There's no sun, which means days will be hard to keep track of. The planet gets light from a sun thats light years away, so while it's lit it's kinda dim. Cybertron moves through space without being in orbit of a sun.
    1 more thing before I go. Do you remember when we went to the naval base to see that naval ship get christened? Well if you do, imagine it 100 times bigger and that's where we landed!


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