2D Artwork: Cydentity Theft

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    Ambulon was a field medic during the early days of the Great War, utilizing his crane alternate mode to extract injured bots and take them to safety. During the siege of Polyhex, Ambulon was critically wounded in a strike that put his entire squad offline, and resulted in the capture of the brain-unit responsible for maintaining all military records of the squad. This would lead to Ambulon being effectively wiped from Autobot history, making the data obtained on him the perfect base for Shockwave's infiltration of the Autobot command structure.

    A bit of an odd one here, since the whole concept is based on me finding a knockoff of TFA Shockwave in Ratchet's colors in a dream. Of course once I woke up I had to know if those colors would even look good on that body, and this is the result. While I was arbitrarily making Shockwave's body into an Autobot, I figured I may as well use the Longarm Prime mode, and make this the Autobot whose identity Shockwave modeled Longarm after.

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    i really like this, the identity theft bit is very clever i think. Nice!

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