CybPH at TAGCOM: The Gathering by Hobbyworx

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    Cybertron Philippines and its subsidiary, Toku Heroes Philippines, participated in the first ever event organized by Hobbiworx, Inc. It was held last May 12, 2007, Saturday at the Araneta Expo Center, Manila, Philippines. This event is a large-scale convention of hobbies; gathering together both friends and enthusiasts, with a variety of entertainment activities guaranteed to attract both the young and the young-at-heart!

    TAGCOM is a amalgam term of today’s most popular hobbies enriching the lives of everyday Filipinos and the world at large - Toys, Anime, Airsoft, Gaming, Comics, Cosplay, Modeling (Scale), Music and Movies.

    Here are some pictures:

    CybPH won best booth, with the TF toy exhibit and the poster sessions for the interview with Chris Ryall of IDW and Don Figueroa:


    Bumblebee won best costume player

    You can view more pictures and the coverage HERE.

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