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    I was thinking about the listing for Cyberverse that said that there will be larger playset items being made (well one at least) and it's supposed to be a Space ship - probably the Ark.

    But I was also thinking backwards to all the basebots of the past or characters from the movie Universe who might suit such a play Pattern.

    And the conclusion i've reached is that Cyberverse playsets might be the only chance we'd ever have of getting a Revenge of the Fallen Hightower toy that Transformed properly.

    Such a toy could Transform from a working Truss Crane, to a Scorpion like giant Robot but be pretty big so it's designed to interact with Legends or Cyberverse toys.

    And could even have a bonus stationary base mode. His big ol' crane arm is a feature that would be fun in it's own right but I can see his hugeness being a bonus that actually makes for a decent playset item.

    I suppose another alternative might be a Nemesis Playset. but since we seem to be perpetually lacking in Constructicons perhaps this is a way to get one that would other wise be very unlikely to ever be made (Aside from the fragment of Devastator and Legends Hightower we already have seen).

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