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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by CyrDraconis, May 11, 2011.

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    There've been more reviews of the new figures popping up down the board, and I realised I was coming to the same conclusions with every thread I was reading. Copied pasta from the Blackout review:

    I honestly think we may have a runaway success with the Commander-type Cyberverse figures like the ROTF Scouts did. There's like -one- CV Commander figure that I don't at least have some interest in, and it's the single-pack Megatron - but only thanks to the leaked Motormasterish repaint that's coming up.

    The rest of the line I -personally- find a little more hit or miss. The only base sets I'm locking in on so far are the OP/Megs with trailers, and the Legion/regular Legends figs seems to be a bit more iffy.

    At this point, I think most of my DOTM collection will be quite small-scale indeed....

    I know there's a bit of flak for the new toys being smaller for the price and such, but look how far the smallest main-release size classes have come since the AEC era and the first movie-aesthetic Legends.

    I thought the general PCC-talk thread was a good resource, so maybe we can get some good discussion going here. Thoughts on the subline so far?
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    Cyberverse is the neatest idea in the history of neat.

    Jury is still out on whether I'll concentrate more on this or on MechTech. I'll have to buy some of each, see how I like them. In general, I find the vehicle modes incredibly attractive, while the robot modes are impressive but a little compromised by the scale.

    Still damn impressive that I thought Legends were neat already. Now they are flat-out better, have accessories, vary in size, and are compatible with playsets. Win-tacular.

    That said, there are a few things that are a little too "cute" for me, like the Ark itself. The armor modes for Megs and Optimus look a little cheesy, but in a fun "zoom around your house" kind of way. (Again, their vehicle modes are superior.) But their base modes, along with BB's giant truck-thing, really pull off the sort of "street-fighting" aspect of the film. Scale is obviously frakked, but there is an appealing simplicity to "there are big characters and small characters."

    I think the best part is that you can really build up a big "universe" for a bargain price, when you think about it.
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    I'm loving the idea of the Cyberverse playsets and the larger Cyberverse size, and hoping that if this DotM stuff is a success, they'll really run with it with some G1-styled stuff - Micromaster homages, basebots like Fort Max, etc.
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    I honestly think that's what Hasbro may be gearing up towards. Cyberverse and the renaming of Legends as Legions could be their way of testing the water to see how a revisiting of Micromasters would go over.
    So far, so good.

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