Cybertronian Civil War - Decepticon Chronicles.

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  1. Overlord Balder

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    So, my first transformers fanfic.

    It is set on The "Prime" reality, some time before the events in War for Cybertron [at least three decades before, if not thousands of years before].

    And just one thing: Masterspark appearance is quite similar to the Transformers Original looks [before they copycat earth vehicles] in the movies [something like that], though he is more "skinny" and is taller.


    CHAPTER 1 – Betrayal.

    A battle happened in the Cybertronian Space: Autobots tracked the dreaded leader Megatron on his way to a space station.

    “I hate this job.” Said Breakdown inside the Decepticon spaceship [which was being mercilessly attacked by the Autobots].

    “Silence Breakdown!” answered Megatron angrily.

    “75% of external damage, Sir! I don’t know haw much more the Ship can take!” answered Brawl, desperately pressing buttons on the control of the ship.

    “It will take as much damage as I say!” Megatron said angry.

    “Lord Megatron, We’ve located the sign from Sky commander Masterspark” Stated Soundwave with his mechanical tone.

    “Put it on the screen, Soundwave.” Megatron was increasingly angry in that situation.

    A hologram then appeared in the middle of the room, a grey-colored Decepticon appeared, lean and tall [almost two times Megatron’s size]; he looked like a giant Cybertronian skeleton with yellow eyes.

    “Sky Commander Masterspark, you’ve sent a message to me, stating that you captured the Autobot leader Zeta Prime on your headquarters…” Megatron said to the Sky Commander, seemingly angry.

    “That’s correct, Lord Megatron.” His voice was rough and imposing, rivaling Megatron’s own voice, but slightly smoother, “Should I execute him?”

    “No, keep him alive, I shall execute him with my own hands!” Masterspark hologram then disappeared.

    “Lord Megatron, Sir?” Brawl called Megatron.

    “What is it, Brawl?”

    “The Reinforcements have arrived.” Megatron looked to the space, where thousands of Decepticon spaceships arrived, opening fire against the Autobot’s troops.

    “Keep fighting Decepticon, for today, Zeta Prime will fall!” Megatron smiled in his insanity.

    The battle between the Decepticons and the Autobots raged trough the space.

    On Masterspark’s space station, the sky commander Masterspark watched as Megatron’s ship approached his Space Station…but one subtle detail caught his attention: the starship was on fire.

    “LOOK OUT!” Screamed Masterspark to his Decepticons soldiers while jumping away, and behind him, a chained Zeta Prime could be seen.

    Megatron’s ship fell right on the spot where Masterspark and his fellows were located, causing a massive explosion.

    “It seems that you Decepticons aren’t good with landings, ha-ha.” Zeta Prime joked, laughing a bit.

    “Skywound, silence him.” Masterspark tone was calm and nice, in contrast to Megatron’s psychotic voice.

    Another Decepticon [a black and bulky one, slightly smaller than Megatron] punched Zeta Prime’s face fiercely, almost ripping his head in two, “Keep your mouth shut, Autobot leader.”

    Masterspark returned to look to the explosion that Megatron’s ship caused: only smoke could be seen, and out of the smoke, a rough voice could be heard, “WHERE IS ZETA PRIME?” Everyone could recognize that voice: Megatron.

    Out of the black smoke he came, alongside a coughing Breakdown, Soundwave and a [rather upset] Brawl.

    “Here is Zeta Prime, Lord Megatron.” Masterspark grabbed Zeta in the air, launching him to the ground brutally.

    Megatron walked towards the fallen Zeta Prime, putting his foot on Zeta’s face.

    “Oh Prime, I’ve dreamed with this moment for so many years.” He smiled insanely.

    Zeta Prime crawled to Masterspark’s direction, “And something says me…” he smiled to Megatron: Zeta had something in mind, “…That you will keep dreaming.”

    Megatron saw Zeta’s face, and realized: it was a trap.

    Masterspark then suddenly pulled out a spear, pointing it to Megatron’s face while his minions surrounded Brawl, Soundwave and Breakdown

    “Lord Megatron, you were deceived.” He smiled subtly.

    Megatron was stroke by surprise: he never expected betrayal from is own kind, the Decepticons.

    “LET NO ONE BREATHING!” he screamed as he drawn his Fusion Cannon, shooting it at Masterspark’s direction, the Decepticon quickly dodged Megatron’s blast.

    Brawl, Soundwave and Breakdown opened fire against Masterspark’s minions mercilessly.

    “Bladewarp, Skywound, finish them!” Masterspark engaged in a fist-fight with Megatron as he ordered it to his fellows angrily.

    Megatron kicked Masterspark in the chest, launching him backwards against a wall.

    “I SHALL NOT BE DENIED!” Megatron became pure rage as Masterspark’s army fired against him at will [he was taking a lot of shots, but still refused to fall].

    Megatron jumped at a Decepticon soldier, killing him in berserker rage with his bare hands.

    “I SHALL NOT BE DENIED!” he repeated: Megatron was out of control.

    However, he was suddenly impaled trough his back by a spear: The Decepticon leader looked up, seeing a [now free] Zeta Prime wielding the spear that crossed his chest.

    “You are done, Megatron.” Zeta smiled, taking the spear out of Megatron’s chest.

    Megatron tried to attack Zeta Prime, but he couldn’t move, even the almighty Megatron wasn’t able to keep moving after having his spark severely damaged.

    “Oh but don’t worry Megatron, this wound is not fatal, you will live…” Zeta Prime’s smile was rather disturbing when you consider his appreciation for torture.

    Seeing Megatron on the ground, seemingly dead and completely defeated, Brawl was possessed by rage.

    “UNICRON DAMN YOU!” screamed Brawl running at Prime’s direction, it was clear that Brawl wasn’t pleased by Zeta’s actions with Megatron.

    However, before Brawl could rip Zeta’s spark off his chest, Masterspark grabbed his neck, lifting him in the air with one arm only.

    Masterspark then launched him against Breakdown, knocking both unconscious.

    Soundwave watched Megatron’s defeat as his fellows were easily cast aside by Masterspark, he seemed to be simply standing there watching his companions get massacred until a blast from Skywound knocked him unconscious.

    “Good job, Decepticon.” Zeta Prime smiled, looking to the Autobots carrying Megatron’s defenseless body and Masterspark’s soldiers carrying Breakdown and Brawl.

    “What you pretend to do with them?” Zeta Prime asked to Masterspark.

    “None of your business, I believe.” Masterspark angrily answered: he really hated Autobots, “Our deal was only related with Megatron’s capture, Zeta Prime.”

    “You’re right Masterspark; I thank you for your help.” Zeta said respectfully.

    “And my reward?”

    “Once the war is over my friend, we will grant your reward for yours years of good work for our side, now that we have Megatron, This war may end now.
    The Autobots salute you Masterspark!” Zeta Prime stated while entering into his spaceship.

    Masterspark, Skywound and Bladewarp watched as Zeta Prime flied to Cybertron, with a captured Megatron on his ship.

    “What’s now, Sir?” Skywound questioned to his leader.

    “Wait and see, my dear first lieutenant, wait and see...” Masterspark smiled: his plan was going just as he planned.

    One thing was certain: his betrayal would cause many changes in the War of Cybertron, and why not say, in history.
  2. Overlord Balder

    Overlord Balder Voices Slugslinger!

    Jan 1, 2011
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    Just a accent thing that I came up with.

    Rawbones = American.
    Bombkill = Heavy Russian accent.
    Doctor = German accent when he gets angry.

    CHAPTER 2 – Unknown Strike.

    “Good work, Gentlemen!” Said Zeta Prime smiling, greeting his soldiers while flying his way to Iacon on the Space, “With Megatron captured, we might, at last finish off the Decepticons.”

    Zeta Prime wondered how much he would be remembered, how much of a legend his might would become, he would be crowned as the one who did what no Prime before him could have done: Conquered Megatron, and conquered trough his own mind, not trough swords and blasters.

    However, his thoughts were quickly broken: the ship was hit furiously by enemy fire.

    “Soldier, report!” He screamed to the Soldier in command of the ship while grabbing on something with the impact.

    “Hostile ship approaching sir! Smaller than our ship but with great firepower I would say.”

    “Decepticons?” Zeta asked in awe.

    “The Ship appears to bear no insignia, Sir.”

    No insignia? But that wouldn’t make sense to Prime: How could a ship, in the middle of the bloodiest war in history, be neutral and still attack a ship that is clearly from Autobots? Something was not right there.

    “Oh Zeta Prime…” Megatron raised his head, smiling sadistically, “You made a great mistake, but don’t worry, this will be your last!” Megatron clearly had something in mind, but Zeta ignored him: Megatron was probably trying to play with his mind, he thought.

    “Blast them to death, Soldier, we must send Megatron to his execution at Iacon!” Zeta Prime was becoming increasingly angered by that situation: Were they confused Autobots or Decepticons? If they are Decepticons, were they sent by Masterspark or by another Decepticon leader? Doubts filled Zeta’s head [even more because Zeta had only a small team of 10 Autobots, not much for a big fight].

    “Look out! They are going to hit us!” Said the Soldier driving the ship.

    Zeta and his soldiers had no time to jump: The Unknown enemy ship crashed into Zeta’s starship, causing a massive explosion [and a cloud of smoke, by consequence].

    Prime and his soldiers raised their guns, pointing it to the smoke created by the explosion, no casualties on Zeta’s side.

    Suddenly, a small object came from the cloud of smoke, stopping at Soldier’s feet.

    “What is that?” he picked the object from the ground, trying to analyze it: immediately he realized what was: “GRENADE!” The Soldier screamed in despair.

    The Grenade exploded as he tried to throw it away, completely obliterating The Soldier and other three Autobots nearby.

    “OPEN FIRE!” Zeta screamed, completely clueless about the battle.

    Suddenly a figure came from the smoke: A giant black figure [bigger than a brute, a true colossus] with yellow eyes, but no mouth.

    Zeta’s soldiers fired with all their might on him, but the figure just kept advancing at their direction, pulling out a [absurdly] big hammer while running.

    Prime jumped away while the giant attacked with his hammer, destroying four of the Autobots with only one attack.

    “You won’t take my honor from me, Decepticon!” Zeta Prime prepared to fight with his axe, jumping into the giant’s face, engaging him on a [rather suicidal, analyzing by the Giant’s abilities with the hammer and his size] fist fight with the Giant.

    Meanwhile, others figures came from the [now vanishing] smoke: a black skinny and hunchbacked figure, with only one eye and a monocle over that eye.

    “Greetings, fellow Autobots!” His voice was somewhat disturbing, in an acute psychotic tone.

    The hunchbacked figure jumped while unleashing his claws [one for each of his fingers] and impaling the pilot of the ship through his back [impaling his spark] rather quickly.

    The other two to come from the smoke were: A tall and athletic figure, black as the others, unlike the others, he had big shoulder pads and a considerable chest, he also sported some kind of moustache on his face.

    “Doctor, drive the ship away from Iacon!” he ordered to the hunchbacked figure, his voice on the other hand seemed tougher than a nail and somewhat husky at the same time, also, the voice showed him to be much older than everyone there [he actually seemed older than Zeta Prime himself].

    “As you wish, Rawbones” The hunchbacked figure [named Doctor] answered to the robot with a moustache [named Rawbones], a slight tone of irony could be felt in the Doctor’s voice as he took the controls and started to change the ship’s course.

    The last one to come out was a round figure, whose chest and abdomen seemed to be the same [big] thing, he was also strangely dark orange [instead of black like the others], this figure had the particular trait of something that reminded of a unkempt beard covering his mouth.

    “Where are we?” He seemed to have absolutely no idea that he was the middle of a battlefield, actually, he looked drunk [his voice accompanied the same line: drunk, and possessing a strong voice, it would be actually an imposing voice if weren’t for his drunkenness].

    “Attacking, Bombkill, remember?” Said Rawbones, disappointment covering every single word he said as he fired with a Machine Gun on the remaining Autobots survivors.

    “Attacking…attacking....Oh, I forgot that, can’t we take some rest first, Sir?”

    “Shut up and fight, Bombkill.” Rawbones wonders sometimes why the hell this guy is on a battlefield.

    The Round robot [known as Bombkill] sighed for a second, disappointed, and then turned to the Autobots, saying “DIE YOUR WITTY RATS!” throwing grenades to all directions on a berserker mood [WAY more grenades than needed to strike down the Autobots].

    Meanwhile, the giant figure grabbed Zeta Prime, and launched brutally into the ground, almost shredding him into pieces.

    Zeta Prime looked around: His Soldiers were slaughtered, the ship was taken, he couldn’t win anymore, and Zeta blasted the wall, jumping into space, running away from the ship: it was useless to stay there and wait for his own demise, no, he had to warn the Autobots that he was attacked.

    Rawbones, Bombkill and the Giant figure watched Zeta disappear on the horizon.

    “Should we pursue him?” Said Bombkill.

    “No, this weren’t our orders, let him run.” Rawbones answered in a thoughtful tone.

    The Ship turned around, flying away from its original route to the mysterious void of the space, from where they came.

    Those robots would play a major figure in Masterspark’s plan, but they didn’t knew yet.
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    CHAPTER 3 – Files.

    After the brutal space battle, the unknown team crossed the cold space more and more, hoping to find their destination some day.

    “Rawbones!” Said The Doctor, “We are receiving a transmission.”

    Rawbones stood up, staring to his front, “Put it on the screen.”

    A hologram appeared in the middle of the room; a giant silver figure could be seen, Rawbones and his fellows knew him very well, too well to say actually: Masterspark.

    “Greetings, Mercenaries” A big smile could be seen in his face: the smile of victory reflecting his pride of their success, “I see that you have Megatron.”

    “Yeah, we have him.” Rawbones crossed his arms upon his chest while pointing with his head to a chained Megatron, behind them.

    “You are committing a terrible mistake, Sky Commander.” Megatron shouted in rage to Masterspark.

    “Good, good.” Masterspark mercilessly ignored Megatron, “Bring him to me, and you will have your reward.” The hologram then disappeared from the sight of the strike team.

    Rawbone’s spaceship kept flying on their trip.


    Meanwhile, on the Masterspark’s Space Station: Skywound, Bladewarp and Masterspark himself waited for Rawbones arrival: their plans were in motion.

    Along with them, there was a small purple Decepticon at Masterspark’s side, he barely reached Masterspark’s waist: a scout, Ironshell was his name.

    “Sir, I sincerely don’t understand why you hired this guys; they are a bunch of expendable mercenaries who think that they can be a true Decepticon.” He said to Masterspark.

    “You don’t know them, kid.” Bladewarp was a tall silver robot, leaner than the bulky Skywound; his most defining trait was a scar: that scar crossed his face from his forehead to his chin; his right eye [which was permanently closed] was crossed by the scar too.

    “Should I?” Ironshell smiled in mockery.

    “Yes, Ironshell, you should.” Skywound turned to him, facing him with eagle eyes, “Gunblast, get the team’s files.” He ordered it, in a rather menacing tone.

    Another Decepticon appeared: Gunblast, a high-ranking Decepticon scientist allied with Masterspark, his big feature was an iron “moustache” and his considerably large chest, and he turned around.

    “Downloading their files…” in a [surprisingly non-mechanical voice] he stated with his eyes closed.

    Gunblast then opened his eye, and showed a hologram of the bulky Rawbones while he talked, “Rawbones: also called “mercenary doom bringer”, an experienced and brutal soldier: he served the Autobot High Council since before the war of the Primes, his age unknown.” Gunblast took some breath to keep talking “He used to be one of the bests Wreckers the Autobots had ever seen, but for some unknown reason, he lost faith in the Autobots, and turned his back on them, becoming a mercenary.” He stopped briefly before addressing a few more things: “Rawbones is known for daring attacks, merciless nature and brutal attacks; he is also defined as an extremely dangerous enemy in his file.”

    “Not that impressive.” Ironshell said, clearly unimpressed.

    He then showed a hologram of Bombkill, returning to talk, “Bombkill, used to be a Sky Commander of the Autobots early in the War, a righteous and unshakeable commander, but then Megatron attacked his Space Station, and killed his crew entirely.”

    “That’s sad…” Ironshell said in a heavy sarcastic tone.

    “He was captured and sent to Kaon, where he spent a decade being tortured and used as pet for Shockwave.” Gunblast stopped briefly, looking to Ironshell “He was forgotten by the Autobots, no one seemed to care…” Gunblast tone gave the impression that he felt truly sad by Bombkill, “After a decade of torture, he escaped, heavily wounded and barely alive, he met Rawbones, who helped him. They became friends since that occasion.” He then continued, addressing the personality: “Bombkill lost his sanity Kaon, now he is a psychological unstable psychopath who is obsessed with bombing everything at his sight.”

    “Interesting.” Skywound said: something about that team sounded…useful, to him and Masterspark.

    Gunblast then showed a hologram of the colossal Barrier “Barrier: lacks a mouth due Shockwave’s work: you see, he used to be Decepticon Heavy soldier, Barrier was imprisoned n Kaon too for some unknown reason, he broke out with Bombkill.”

    “Until now, no one knows surely who he is, his file isn’t much revealing.” Gunblast finished.

    “This one.” Gunblast smiled as he showed an hologram of the Doctor “The Doctor, the Mad Doctor: Used to be an Autobot medic in the early days of the war, but he made…”experiences”…with some wounded Decepticons, and he was expelled from the Autobot forces, strangely at the same time of Rawbone’s disappearance, his true name is unknown, his file only calls him Doctor.”
    “The Doctor is widely known for his cruelty and cunning abilities, not the most terrible enemy in the battlefield, but certainly the most horrible enemy to kill.”

    “What kind of experiences?” Skywound asked.

    “All kinds.” Gunblast seemed to be partially shocked with the information he found, “He used their sparks as fuel to a weapon, just to mention one of the more light experiences.”

    “Cruel fellow, isn’t it, Skywound?” Ironshell commented, disgusted somehow.

    “I’ve met worse.” Bladewarp just shrugged: his experiences in the war left him a little…skeptical to cruelty.

    “Interesting.” Said Skywound [completely ignoring Ironshell].

    Masterspark listened to the whole conversation and just stood in silence: while he found Gunblast’s information pretty interesting for him, he had others matters to think about: his glorious plan, Masterspark was almost obsessed with it: Decades of planning and preparation, now the plan was finally being set in motion.

    “Hey, looks like the four horsemen of Unicron have arrived.” Masterspark’s thoughts were broken as Ironshell laughed in his joke [although his fellows mercilessly ignored him].

    As Ironshell said: Rawbone’s ship had arrived on the space station.

    “Let them in.” Gunblast communicated with the ones in the Space Station, ordering the Rawbones team to be received, NOT shot at.

    Rawbones spaceship landed in a bridge of the Space station, filled with armed guards protecting the way: the Rawbone’s mission continued.
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    Additional stuff:

    Rawbones - Cybertronian Motorcycle, a carbon copy of a Harley Davidson Chopper Model, through slightly bulkier and "Cybertronized"
    Barrier - Monster Truck Cybertronized.

    The Doctor - Something like that, trough, obviously bigger.

    Bombkill is Ratchet's alt mode trough entirely red.


    CHAPTER 4 – Circle of Betrayal.

    The team left the ship, stepping on the cold silver ground of the space station from Masterspark: a true piece of art, the ground was cleaner than Rawbones himself, everything shined more than Omega’s head.

    But just as the ship was shining, the soldiers were blank: Rawbones looked into their eyes, soulless shells all of them, and they were silver guards, instead of the common purple and black like all other Decepticons.

    The Silver soldiers, the shining floor, something do not seemed right in that place, Rawbones thought.

    “This doesn’t look good Sir.” Bombkill said, worried.

    “What? Afraid of the Silverware, Bombkill?” Rawbones replied a bit snarky, causing the Doctor to have a good laugh with it.

    “Sometimes I wonder why I keep fighting to save your spark, Rawbones.” Bombkill said to his old friend, they both seemed to be talking in a joke tone.

    Flying from somewhere, a black jet came from the skies [similar to Starscream]; the jet then transformed mid-air and landed right in front of the mercenaries: Skywound, and right behind him a small purple and black car [similar to Bumblebee] came, transforming while in movement and stopping at his right side: Ironshell.

    “Welcome to the Black Reign, Masterspark’s space station” Skywound said to the mercenaries in a respectful tone.

    Rawbones and the others did not answered, they only watched as the others Decepticons approached the place: a silver Cybertronian car [similar to Zeta Prime’s alt mode] came in high speed, transforming without braking, and stopping at Skywound’s side: Bladewarp.

    For last, another Jet flied, transforming mid-air and landing with his feet at Skywound’s side, thus finishing the team: Gunblast.

    “Where is your boss?” Rawbones asked: Masterspark’s wasn’t there, that wasn’t a good sign for him.

    “Masterspark? He has others matters do deal with.” Skywound was so polite that he sounded almost disgusting, “And Megatron?”

    “He’s fine, chained like a dog, but fine.” Rawbones pointed with his head to a chained Megatron behind him.

    Ironshell advanced into Megatron’s direction, but Rawbones stopped him.

    “Before we give you our dreaded Lord Megatron, we want to see our payment first.” Rawbones clearly wasn’t comfortable in that place; something was telling him that it was a trap.

    Ironshell stared angrily at Rawbones for a few second; Bladewarp seemed to discreetly charge his Neutron Assault rifle, things were getting tense.

    “As you wish.” Skywound broke the situation, making Ironshell take a few steps back, hand waving his hand [giving an order to his soldiers].

    A shuttle landed [not far from Rawbones and Skywound], a shuttle filled with Energon Cubes, dozens of them.

    “As the deal said, one hundred Energon cubes to set your payment.” Skywound stepped away from the cubes, “Now, to receive your payment, you must handle Megatron to us.”

    Rawbones looked around, Bombkill seemed more nervous, almost having a Spark attack: he certainly didn’t trusted these Decepticons.
    On the other side, The Doctor seemed completely fine with the idea [judging by his face], while his one-eyed face clearly suggested he also thought about how suspicious Skywound and his teammates were, he seemed to be fine with the idea.

    Barrier with his arms crossed upon his chest, that gesture only meant one thing to Rawbones: he was ready to rumble.

    Rawbones himself was quite suspicious about the situation: they just had captured the supreme Decepticon leader, why would anyone want to take Megatron’s Place [or in other words: who would have the courage to oppose the ruthless Megatron?], something big was going to happen for that betrayal, this Rawbones knew.

    “So?” Ironshell asked impatient to Rawbones.

    The Leader of the Mercenaries grabbed Megatron, handling him to Skywound: Rawbones REALLY needed that Energon; their Energon stocks were almost running out.

    “Thank you for your cooperation.” Skywound smiled [in a disturbingly harmless way] to Rawbones while Skywound’s soldiers took an enraged Megatron away from them.

    Rawbones and Skywound shared a stare at each other, both analyzing each other’s expressions and emotions: they would meet again, both knew that for sure.

    “Rawbones, I think we have a problem.” The Doctor said [breaking Rawbone’s thoughts].

    The Mercenary looked around; Skywound’s soldiers were pointing their spears to them, Skywound flied away from the scene [as Gunblast did], Bladewarp and Ironshell were ready to rumble.

    Rawbones gave them a brief laugh, looked to their sheer numbers thoughtful, “Bring it.”

    Those were the last words uttered before a massive close-quarter combat started.

    On the Weaponry, none was in disadvantage: Rawbones pulled out a Energon Bisento, Barrier pulled out his hammer, Bombkill had an axe in his hand, The Doctor had ten blades in each hand: one sticking out of each finger, Masterspark’s soldiers had spears, Bladewarp had a big Energon sword [a sword that was tall as him], Ironshell had two short swords coming from his wrists [replacing his fists].

    “DIE YOUR WITTY RATS!” Bombkill screamed, giving start to the battle [he loved that phrase].

    Bombkill himself jumped over Masterspark’s soldiers, evading their attacks, he rolled in the ground and fired with an EMP Shotgun, exploding three Decepticons.

    Other six Decepticons came at his direction, but Bombkill fired again on them, exploding other three and injuring other three [who were quickly killed by Barrier’s hammer]

    “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! HAHAHA” he screamed insanely while firing with his shotgun to all possible directions.

    Meanwhile, Barrier cleared the ground with his hammer: one attack only killed four Decepticons, instead of attacking him; Masterspark’s soldiers were running away from him [and those who ran away from Barrier met Bombkill’s grenades: The Decepticons were being slaughtered by two men].

    “Good job, big guy.” Bombkill said smiling to Barrier [Barrier only nodded with his head, implying a “yes” as he couldn’t talk]

    The Doctor, on the other hand, engaged in a fist fight with Ironshell. The Doctor was quick enough to dodge all of Ironshell’s attacks [as they would probably destroy him if they had hit], but his blades were too small to cause much damage to Ironshell.

    “Is that all that you’ve got?” Screamed The Doctor, slashing Ironshell’s face.

    “Stay still you little prick!” Ironshell said angry, trying to stab the Doctor [while the Doctor himself only evaded the attacks, occasionally slashing Ironshell, just making him angrier].

    But if Ironshell’s fight was pissing him off, Bladewarp’s was gratifying him: He and Rawbones fought on equal, both rarely dodging each other’s attack: Both took each other’s attacks in the face, but they were too resistant [and too proud of their abilities] to care with the wounds.

    “Not bad for a grandpa.” Bladewarp commented, punching [with all his strength] Rawbone’s face.

    “You’ll soon learn that I’m never too old for this!” Rawbones impaled Bladewarp’s chest, launching him backwards.

    The Mercenary leader looked around: Bladewarp himself was far from defeated, and while Barrier and Bombkill defeated the first wave of soldiers, he could hear more coming: it was time to run.

    “Mercenaries, RETREAT!” His order was clear as an Energon Crystal to his fellows: everyone listened to him immediately.

    Bombkill launched a stun grenade, rendering Bladewarp and Ironshell senseless for some seconds.

    “GO, go!” Bombkill shouted to his fellows.

    The Doctor turned himself on a small jet [clearly smaller than Skywound or Starscream], flying into space, while Barrier became a big car [bigger than anything else seen in the history of the alt modes], raging off into space with the Doctor.

    “Bombkill, go, I cover you!” Rawbones fired with his machine gun.

    Bombkill turned himself on a car, larger than most, but still a normal car [similar to Ratchet’s alt mode], the last one to go was Rawbones: his alt mode was shown right after, a Cybertronian Motorcycle, fast as a lighting as it escaped from the Dark Reign.

    “Oh Scrap, the mercenaries escaped.” Commented Ironshell, recovering from the EMP grenade.

    “I am perfectly aware of that.” Skywound said, landing behind Ironshell: his smile could tell one thing to everyone: he had something in mind, and Rawbone’s escape was clearly a part of it.
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    CHAPTER 5 – A change in the game.

    In an underground Cybertronian base, the top leaders of the Decepticons are reunited: their mighty leader Megatron had gone into missing, and none knew where he ended up.

    “Has anyone found Lord Megatron?” Shockwave asked worried, walking around in circles.

    “No one, Sir.” A random Decepticon soldier answered hopeless.

    “Well, keep searching!” clearly, Shockwave’s worry just increased as the time passed.

    “Megatron is dead.” Masterspark came from the darkness, wielding his silver staff as his always do.

    “WHO SAYS SO?” Shockwave was on the verge of going nuts.

    “I saw him die Shockwave, accept it.” Masterspark was surprisingly cold, letting Shockwave even angrier.

    “Prove me.”

    “Gunblast, show him.”

    Gunblast stepped out of the shadows, alongside Skywound, Bladewarp and Ironshell: the entire crew of Masterspark was there, menacing as always.

    “Footage number 6660 being shown.” Gunblast closed his eyes briefly [seemingly entering in a catatonic state in this few seconds he closed them], when he opened, a hologram came from his eyes: Footage of Megatron’s final stand.

    Everyone could see it: Megatron was in the ground, mercilessly defeated, and Zeta Prime stood over him, impaling his chest.

    “You are done, Megatron.” Zeta Prime smiled, taking the spear out of Megatron’s chest.

    Megatron fell helpless on the ground: No one in that room could see a single spark of life in his eyes, to all intent and purposes, he was dead.

    “It can’t be!” Shockwave shouted, having an emotional breakdown: Megatron was invincible, “How this happened, Sky Commander?”

    “I discovered a newfound mine of Energon in Cybertron, and Megatron was in our way, but Zeta Prime ambushed us.” Masterspark continued, faking sorrow perfectly, “Bladewarp barely escaped with his life, as you can see from his wounds.”

    Shockwave was left wordless: Masterspark’s story was believable [Bladewarp looked like someone who had just returned from dogfight with Omega Supreme], but it just couldn’t be, Megatron was the greatest soldier that ever lived, and how could that be? Shockwave couldn’t find the answer.

    “But in this dark hour, we must not fail to the memory of our great leader, Lord Megatron.” Masterspark walked further in the room, seeing himself at the center of the place, surrounded by Decepticons, “His death shall be avenged; we’re meant to regroup and return to our roots once again.” The last part of his speech seemed much more inspirational than everything he said before.

    “We must join the forces and strike back and Zeta Prime at full force, if we stop now, everything that Megatron fought for will be lost.” He screamed to the Decepticons [yet, he still was inspirational].

    The Decepticons were uncertain if that were treason or a brilliant new beginning [Shockwave was with the former, but the last of the crowd seemed to be with the latter].

    “By the glory of Unicron, by the glory of Megatron himself and The Fallen.” Masterspark spiked his spear in the ground, “Our Revenge shall be swift and merciless!”

    “All hail Masterspark!” A Decepticon in the crowd shouted, raising his arm.
    Seconds passed before all others Decepticons joined him: they were easily conquered by Masterspark and his logic.

    All joined Masterspark in his leadership: how it was wonderful to him see his plan work so perfectly well.

    “There is, however, an urgent matter that we must take care of.” His voice made the entire crow get serious and straight-faced, “Zeta Prime wasn’t the only one involved with Megatron’s death; he was followed by four Mercenaries of the most disgusting kind.” Masterspark waved his hand, giving Gunblast a sign.

    In return, Gunblast started to show holograms [that came out of his eyes] of four individuals: Rawbones, Bombkill, The Doctor, and Barrier.

    “Right now, our main priority is to find these soldiers and execute them in the honor of our Lord Megatron.” Masterspark eyes glowed bright yellow, indicating his wrath, “They are extremely dangerous individuals who had access to vital information to the Decepticon cause, and we must all find them.”

    “Yes sir.” The Soldiers said obediently.

    “This…” Shockwave voice returned, his one-eyed head was slowly breaking down “THIS IS TREASON!” he screamed, causing all to keep their mouth shut.

    “Megatron will know about this!” Shockwave transformed in his plane alt mode and flied away to the depths of space, as Masterspark foresaw: there’s always someone to oppose leadership, and there will always be, but he will deal with him later, oh he will.

    “What are you waiting for? GO FIND THEM!” his scream stroke fears in the spark of the Decepticons: they all flied away to find the mercenaries or ran away in ground alt mode…to find the mercenaries.

    He would love to stay and discuss the Autobots utter destruction, but he had others matters to take care.

    Later, in Masterspark’s personal room in the spaceship Black Reign, a hologram could be seen, a familiar one: Zeta Prime.

    “Masterspark! Masterspark! Are you there?” Zeta said worried.

    “Yes Prime, I am here, why do you contacted me?” Masterspark seemed at the same time worried about Prime and upset [of course, he was faking the former].

    “Have you acquired the control of the Decepticons?” Prime was absurdly nervous, in a way that Masterspark had never seen.

    “Yes, Prime, I am now the undisputed leader of the Decepticons; they are easily convinced with promises.” Masterspark laughed [this time, he laughed honestly]

    Zeta Prime was relieved: at least one part of his plan was working.

    “I assume you reported Megatron’s death, didn’t you?”

    “Yes, Prime, I did.” Despite his cold face, Masterspark was growing angrier from repeating “yes prime” once at every phrase.

    “Excellent.” Zeta Prime was much calmer now, but still somewhat nervous, “For all intent and purposes, Megatron is dead.” He then continued in a much more serious tone, “However, I’m afraid we have a menace to our plan: I lost Megatron.”

    “You…lost…him?” Masterspark seemed quite pissed off [again, he was faking: while he seemed a raging bull in his face, inside him, a psychotic laugh could be heard].

    “Yes, a group of unidentified soldiers stroke my ship on my way to Iacon, they captured Megatron.”

    “Well, this is unfortunate…” Masterspark said thoughtful, “I’ll make the Decepticons hunt them down, do not worry Zeta Prime, the War will end soon.”

    “I really do hope so.” His hologram then disappeared just as quick as appeared.

    Masterspark laughed: Zeta Prime was incredibly easy to manipulate, even the brain-lacking Ironshell could do that without much of a trouble, but Masterspark was just toying with the Prime.

    At this point, his plans were not only plans: it was the future already.
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    CHAPTER 6 – Another Side Of The Game.

    Outside the grip of the Autobots and the Decepticons, there’s a place, a place where none of them dares to touch it, a place where the society’s worse live in harmony among the ruins of ancient battles for Energon, the place is a giant graveyard with twisted and warped buildings that seems to have been created by a nightmare of a architect.

    “I hate this scrap.” Commented Rawbones in the operation table.

    Some call it “End of the Line”; others call it “Energon Graveyard”, but some others call it…

    “What’s wrong with Wreckage City Rawbones? I like this place!” The Doctor answered while he used his claws in Rawbones’ chest.

    …Wreckage City, the home of the mercenaries, renegade Autobots and failed Decepticons, if there’s a place where you’ll find trouble, its right there.
    Rawbones and his team lived there, in an abandoned Energon Mine [apparently, there was an Energon Mine there long before the Great War, The Decepticons took over, the Energon soon ran out and they abandoned the place].

    “Anyone hurt?” Even when HE was the one strapped to an operating table, he wished to know about the wounds of others.

    “Me? I’m a sleazy bastard.” The Doctor stated laughing, “Bombkill? Well, I don’t know, he seems terribly wounded, but then again, he is ugly.” He smiled into Bombkill direction.


    “Barrier? I once tried to fire a rocket at his chest, and he was barely scratched.” The Doctor worked on Rawbones' chest [despite the lack of light in the mine, he only had a small light, barely enough to see Rawbone’s chest], “You on the other hand, is quite wounded.”

    “You’ll fix me Doctor, you always do.” He smiled to the Doctor [who smiled back] before continuing in a more serious tone “But what you WON’T fix is our current lack of Energon.”

    “We will take other job.” Doctor answered calmly, “And this time, one that DOESN’T involve capturing the freaking leader of the Decepticons, did you hear me you bloody idiot?”

    “Doctor, we won’t take another job.” His voice seemed to transpire the rage in his soul, “We will take our Energon back from Masterspark.”

    “WE MUST BOMB EVERYTHING!” Bombkill screamed psychotic behind The Doctor.

    “That’s your answer for everything Bombkill.” The Doctor answered disappointed.

    “I would kill for a second round, Doctor.” Rawbones laughed [in a slightly scary manner].

    “I agree with him.” Bombkill said happily.

    “You’re finished.” The Doctor suddenly stated, taking a few steps away from the operation table where Rawbones was [allowing him to get out the table], “Do as you all want, if we get killed, don’t blame me.”

    “You’re exactly the one I’ll blame.” Rawbones said joking while stepping away from the table.

    “Don’t look at me; I’m only the Doctor/Pilot/Sniper/Handsome member of this team.” Similarly, the Doctor was clearly joking.

    “Yeah, handsome as a boulder with horns.” Bombkill countered.

    “Jokes apart, they have an entire freaking army Rawbones, how do you hope to counter that?” The Doctor has been known for his dislike of battles.

    “Guns.” Rawbones looked to their ammo packs in the ground; they had a really big amount of ammo in the place. Naturally, Rawbones gave a brief laugh, “Lots of guns.”

    “If you say so.” Doctor sighed: maybe MERCENARY wasn’t the best option to a non-violent career.

    “Maybe your revenge will come at you.” A mysterious voice broke the silence as a hammer; they turned around, staring at a one-eyed Decepticon: Shockwave.

    “Shockwave.” Rawbones smiled: he knew that Con from his old days as a wrecker, “What are you doing here?”

    “I’ve heard that you’ve captured Megatron.” Shockwave’s left arm transformed into a Neutron Assault Rifle: he was ready to blow Rawbone’s head off “Explain to me.”

    “First of all, Sentinel Prime captured Megatron, but then we attacked him and captured him “back”, per say.” Rawbones crossed his arms over his chest: he wasn’t afraid of Shockwave.

    “Then?” Shockwave continued to ask things, walking around the rocky mine of Energon.

    “We delivered him to Masterspark, but then, his evil minions betrayed us and due sheer number made us run away.” A slight tone of irony could be felt in the “minions” part

    “And Megatron?”

    “Are you deaf? I told you: we gave him to Masterspark.”

    Shockwave [despite his own lack of face] smiled mentally: there was no reason to Rawbones to lie about Megatron’s fate [he didn’t even mention Megatron’s supposed death, in fact, Rawbones seemed unaware of it], this meant that Shockwave himself was right: Masterspark was a traitor.

    “I see…” Shockwave said in a disturbingly comprehensive tone, “So, you don’t know about Megatron’s demise?”

    “Demise?” Rawbones stated confused.

    “Yes, according to Masterspark, Megatron was killed by Zeta Prime.”

    “Well, that’s impossible to say the least.” The Doctor entered in the conversation, “We attacked Zeta Prime’s ship, and wrecked entirely, he was the only to survive the attack and run away to Iacon.” The Doctor finished walking into Shockwave’s direction.

    “According to Masterspark, is not only possible, but happened and now Masterspark took Megatron’s place, he is now the ruler of the Decepticons.” Shockwave stopped, and pointed to Rawbones with his hand, “And YOU are with rewards for your heads, the entire Decepticon army is hunting you down, Other Mercenaries are also on the loose.”

    Rawbones thought on that for a second: he fell right into Masterspark’s trap, and now he and his team was a bunch of walking targets.

    “This is probably not good.” The Doctor stated [surprisingly calm].

    “Game over man, GAME OVER!” Said Bombkill desperate with his hands on his head.

    Barrier suddenly sat down on a nearby rock, due the fact that he is almost always standing up, he deciding to sit down only meant one thing: one hell of a bad new.

    “Any other bright news?” Rawbones was more upset than anything else [he actually only seemed to be superficially upset rather than worried or in a blind rage].

    “Oh, and Zeta Prime probably wants your heads too, as you attacked him, took Megatron for him and then proceeded to kill his entire crew.” Shockwave was almost laughing with the amount of enemies that Rawbones and his fellows acquired.

    “Great.” Rawbones said in irony.

    Shockwave however, walked into Rawbones’ direction.

    “Oh don’t worry you filthy Mercenary, I have a plan.” Rawbones could sear in Primus name that he saw a smile in Shockwave’s face as he said that.

    Oh yes, Masterspark was not alone in his plans: he had now a just as competent plotter in the opposite side of the game as an enemy.
    Shockwave or Masterspark: Which plan would succeed?
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    CHAPTER 7 – Shockwave’s plan.

    “Masterspark’s words spread among the Decepticons quickly, conquering many allies to his group: more and more Decepticons gave their loyalty to Masterspark, the new Decepticon in charge.” Said Shockwave to Rawbones and his fellows, “However, as his grip fell upon the Decepticons, others decided to stand up against Masterspark [the self-titled “Prophets of Megatron”], and take from Masterspark the command of the Decepticons.”

    “..And they will be our allies?” Asked The Doctor a bit confused with all that “Masterspark is the new leader” talk.

    “Precisely.” Shockwave was cold and emotionless on his words, scaring Bombkill, “Every Lord of the Decepticons has a flaw: his own minions, if we turn them against him, we might have a chance to stand up against Masterspark.”

    “There’s only one thing you missed, Shockwave.” Rawbones entered in the conversation angrily, “What will we gain with this?”

    “The fall of your greatest enemy.” Shockwave then thrown an Energon Cube to The Doctor, “And, if we work together, your own mine of Energon, and I will personally give you any amount of ammo and weapons that you desire.”

    “I’m on it!” Bombkill smiled; grabbing his bombs happily [It has violence? Check. It has death? Check, it has revenge? Check, in other words: Everything Bombkill’s could possible want].

    “Well…” The Doctor was thoughtful; Shockwave as one of his greatest influences as a Doctor, but this plan was insane to say the least, he needed Rawbones’ opinion.

    “I accept.” Rawbones thought: If we are going to get revenge upon Masterspark, ammo and Energon, why not? “What’s our first target?”

    “Well, if Rawbones accepts it, I accept as well.” The Doctor stated right on his opinion but unsure about his future: this vengeance could cost their lives.

    Barrier signed with his head, indicating that he also accepted.

    Upon seeing that good reception to his plan, Shockwave felt his plan working disturbingly well: minutes of talk and he had new minions to serve his purpose: the destruction of Masterspark

    “Excellent.” Shockwave stated, shortly before showing a hologram from his [only] eye: A Decepticon, a purple and silver colored one, he seemed to be bulky and tall, he had no mouth [like the infamous Optimus], also having horns.

    “Who is the guy with horns?” asked Bombkill.

    “His name is Redflight; he is the Guardian of the Ghost Iron City, a city under the control of the Decepticons.” His hologram then switched to an image of Ghost Iron City: short buildings all over the place [a pretty populated city, apparently] in a circular shape, with one big tower in the exact middle of the circle.

    “The City has one of the largest Energon Mines under the control of the Decepticons, Redflight has since announced that he hates Masterspark, and has since taken control of the Mines, rebelling himself against Masterspark.” Continued Shockwave.

    “However, Masterspark saw this as a threat to his authority as the Decepticon leader, and has since sent his second-in-command Skywound to negotiate with Redflight: if he surrenders the city to Masterspark, he lives, if he refuses to surrender, Skywound will wipe the city out of the face of the planet.” Again, the hologram switched, this time to Skywound.

    “We know this fellow.” Said Rawbones with his arms crossed over his chest, commenting on the hologram.

    “You must save Commander Redflight and start our own rebellion against Masterspark, spread distrust among the Decepticons.” Shockwave then turned his back on them, walking out of the Energon Mine.

    “Shockwave…” said Rawbones intrigued, “Why are you helping us?”

    “I am not helping you, I am being logical.” Answered Shockwave in his coldness before transform into a plane and fly away in the sky.

    “So, what will we do now, boss?” Bombkill asked.

    “We will rescue commander Redflight and give Skywound a second round like he will never forget!” Rawbones was vengeful on his words: he was coming for blood.

    “It’s payback time!” He screamed as he smiled, grabbing his Energon Bisento.

    “Oh yeah boss, Payback!” Bombkill smiled as he put his axe on his shoulder while his other hand carried a grenade launcher: heavy weapons to that kind of mission.

    “Look, if anyone gets wounded, I’ll pretend this person doesn’t exist.” The Doctor prepared his sniper gun.

    The Mercenary Team would face their first battle on the infamous “Reign of Masterspark”, a rebellion they would start: A new powerful enemy, Masterspark has made.
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    After a long time without chapters, I have another one.

    [Some comments would be nice, though]

    CHAPTER 8 – Strike at Ghost Iron City.

    “No sign of Skywound, Sir.” Said a seeker [reporting to Commander Redflight], right in the top of the main tower of Ghost Iron City [Redflight’s fortress]

    “I’ll recommend you to keep looking, Soldier, Skywound is known for his ability to blend with the sky, he might already be here.” There it was, Commander Redflight, a renowned Decepticon Commander, loyal to Megatron and Megatron only.
    He was right in the center of the tower, watching the skies: looking for Skywound.

    “As you wish sir.” The Soldier transformed and returned to patrol the skies.

    Redflight stood nervous, but trying to look calm: of Masterspark’s allies, he feared only one person: Skywound, a genius in the battlefield, a worthy opponent to even the mightier strategist, none has ever conquered Skywound in strategy until this day, and now, Redflight was more likely to fight against this very Decepticon.

    “Come on, where are you, Skywound?” Said Redflight, with increasing flutter.

    Suddenly, he saw something on the sky: a dark black Decepticon ship with a large silver Decepticon Insignia on its front, there it was, he could recognize that ship it anywhere on Cybertron: the dreaded ship of Skywound [called “Dark Spark”], approaching the city quickly, alongside many other Decepticon ships [Redflight alone could count ten on his eyesight, that meant that around thirty ships were invading the city, one hell of a big number].

    “Skywound, there you are.” Redflight was gaining courage to face Skywound face-to-face: Skywound was apparently trying to negotiate [as he wasn’t even trying to be subtle, he was flat-out invading the city by the front door].

    “Orders, Sir?” asked another Soldier, terrified by the sight of Skywound.

    “Let him pass, but be ready: he can attack us at any moment.” Redflight decided that it was better to negotiate first, and then fight.

    “Primus help us” Redflight thought: he always knew that there was a big chance that he would end dead on his conflict with Masterspark

    “Transmission from Skywound, sir!”

    “Put on the screen.” Redflight expression switched from worried to serious, with menacing eyes and a tough posture: he was trying to stand up Skywound without looking a coward.

    Then, the hologram came: Skywound, in all his glory on the middle of the room [or at least, Skywound’s hologram].

    “Greetings, Commander Redflight.” His voice was enough to tell: he had a master plan in mind, probably one that would obliterate Redflight.

    “Greetings, Skywound.” While he was nervous, he had enough bearings to stand up calm while talking to Skywound.

    “I will cut this conversation short, Commander.” One thing was certain: Skywound was not messing around, his merciless eyes could tell Redflight that, “Our almighty leader, Lord Masterspark, has required your peaceful surrender, for this is not a time to strike our own men down, but the time to obliterate the Autobot menace once and for all.”

    “I appreciate your offer, Sub-Commander Skywound, but I answer to Megatron, and Megatron only.” All fear disappeared from Redflight’s spark at that moment: he talked with the courage of an entire army.

    “Your doom shall be swift and merciless.” Redflight and Skywound looked at each other’s eyes for a short period of time: their mightiest showdown would then start.

    Suddenly, Redflight saw something horrifying: A massive computer blackout, every single computer in the city going down [including the defense tower that he was in], their communications were jammed and all kind of tactics related to hack could be forgotten now.

    “But…how?” Redflight barely had words to describe that moment.

    “He seems to have hacked our system sir.” The soldier had no confirmation to anything he said, but it was his best guess [and the best he could, after all, his computer had just blacked out].

    Redflight could barely keep himself standing: without the control of the computers, there was no hope of winning [as they would lack any sky weapons, alarms, natural defenses, control of Energon or even call for help: their entire communication and means of technology were jammed and rendered useless now], he was doomed to destruction by the hands of Skywound: the battle hadn’t even started yet, but he already started with one hell of a disadvantage.

    “What we do now, Sir?”

    “Send all our sky troops to strike that ship down now, a frontal attack to cause the greater amount of damage possible, follow with a massive bombarding on the ship, the ground troops must stand in the tower and use hand machinery to strike any seeker down.” He was completely trying to stand with hope on his words: after this battle, he would end up dead or worse, his men slaughtered in some nearby rock and this city given to the hands of the schemer Masterspark…things didn’t look good for Redflight.

    Meanwhile, outside the city: Rawbones and his fellows crossed the rocky outside of Ghost Iron City [after all, the city was surrounded by Energon Mines].

    “Are you sure this is the correct location, Doctor?” Rawbones asked while evading the big rocks in his alt mode: He never liked unstable ground.

    “Don’t look at me, I just followed Shockwave’s tip.” The Doctor, on the other hand, was flying comfortably in his small plane alt-mode over Rawbones, Bombkill and Barrier.

    “He might have fooled us.” Bombkill said angry, Shockwave was too much “logic” for his taste.

    “I find it unlikely.” The Doctor stated, “If he just wanted to kill us, he would have blown up the Mine, but he didn’t.”

    Rawbones prepared to counter-argue [despite his difficulty to evade the big rocks], but before he could talk, he saw a red plane among the stars: Gunblast, flying over them.

    “Gunblast!” Screamed him in surprise, “Take Cover!”

    Surprised by such appearance, the four mercenaries transformed to their robot modes quickly, braking the speed they had with their feet.

    However, Gunblast didn’t seem to notice them at all: he only flied away, in the direction of the city [speaking of which, they could see clearly now: The Defense Tower in the Middle and many other lesser buildings around it, and of course, Skywound’s ship surrounding it.

    “We are late, it seems.” Bombkill said.

    “You think?” The Doctor remarked in a sarcastic tone, seeing how a war was going to be settled in that place right now.

    “Alright, alright, maybe we are a bit late.” Said Rawbones.

    “A bit!? We arrived in the exact start of a massive battle that will probably wipe out the city and you think we are A BIT late?” The Doctor screamed into rage to Rawbones.

    “Oh, Shut up and listen.” Rawbones patience was short sometimes, “This massive battle will spread chaos on this city, and we will take vantage of this chaos and cross the streets, arrive in the tower and rescue Redflight.”

    “Can you please tell me HOW will we do that last part?” The Doctor once again, used his irony.

    “Blast our way out of it.” Rawbones’ most common answer for everything.

    “Why do I even ask?”

    The conversation ended there, with everyone assuming their alt modes and going in the direction of the city, praying to Primus spare their lives amidst that bloody battle [where, we must remember, they had no side to fight for, they were going to literally step in the middle of a battlefield with the chance of being considered enemies of both sides].

    Just a normal day in the life of a Cybertronian Mercenary.
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    Chapter 9 out.

    Enjoy and comment.

    CHAPTER 9 – Battle at Ghost Iron City.

    Inside the Defense Tower, Redflight watched the battle raging on the sky: thousands of aerial Decepticons exploding themselves midair, the battle seemed like a bunch of impossible-to-catch-with-the-eye-flies flying in random directions and exploding even more randomly while a rain of bullets and bombs crossed every direction possible in the sky destroying buildings and anything in their path: the battle was complete in chaos as usual.

    “Status?” Redflight asked calmly; the tower was almost empty [as all the soldiers were flying on the outside in the major battle against Skywound’s forces], there was only him and a small bunch of soldiers.

    “Our soldiers are giving Skywound’s army a big battle, sir, we might win this time.” The soldier was even calmer: he didn’t know who Skywound was.

    “Good Soldier, stay here and analyze the battle, I shall contact you via comlink.” Redflight walked towards a door to outside the tower: a door to the massive sky battle.

    “Where are you going, Commander?”

    Redflight looked to the soldiers with fierce eyes: eyes of courage, “Skywound won’t leave this place before we have a little conversation.”

    The City Commander turned into his alt mode [a big red jet, a giant jet in fact] and flied away, crossing the battlefield: Skywound was his target.

    Meanwhile, In Skywound watched the battle calmly [while The Dark Spark, his starship, crossed the skies slowly in the direction of the Defense Tower: one clear shot of The Dark Spark could destroy this place] as the war raged on the outside.

    While he focused on his strategies, Gunblast’s alt mode entered in his spaceship and transformed mid-air, landing with his feet at Skywound’s side.

    “I have located the life signals of some…undesirable mercenaries.” Said Gunblast.

    “Rawbones?” Skywound was surprised.


    “Intriguing…” Skywound stated, thoughtful: why would they be here? Ghost Iron City has this name for a reason [it’s particularly hard to find] and if they got there on purpose, it’s the place where they enemies are, it would be suicide.

    “Orders, Sir?” Gunblast asked, a bit nervous: He never liked unplanned factors.

    “You’re allowed to use lethal firepower against them.” Skywound returned to look at the battle, analyzing every little moment of it.

    “Yes Sir.” Gunblast prepared to fly away and eliminate the Mercenaries.

    “But Gunblast…” Said Skywound, “Don’t underestimate them.”

    “Understood, Sub-Commander” he then switched to his plane mode, and flied away: looking for the mercenaries.

    Meanwhile, below the big sky battle, Rawbones and his fellows crossed the streets on the direction of the defense tower, to rescue City Commander Redflight.

    “So, are you sure we are going to step in the middle of this battle according to the orders of the one-eyed scheming backstabber?” The Doctor asked in his witty ways.

    “Doctor, why you can’t just keep yourself in silence and do your damn job?”

    “What would be the fun in that?”

    However, before The Doctor could make another witty remark, something opened fire in the direction of the mercenaries from up above: Gunblast, in his plane form.
    The Mercenaries dodged the shots with difficulty, almost hitting on nearby buildings.

    “IT’S GUNBLAST!” Screamed Bombkill.

    “Oh for Primus’ sake!” Complained The Doctor.

    While they tried to dodge the vicious attacks from Gunblast, Rawbones saw something ahead: The Door to the defense tower, guarded by Redflight’s men: Brutes, three of them to be precise.
    They would have to stop Gunblast before they meet those brutes, or else they would be caught in the crossfire of three big robots and one deadly robot flying upon them.

    “Barrier, hold him off while we enter in the Defense Tower!” Said Rawbones, meters away from the Defense Tower.

    Barrier couldn’t answer [after all, he couldn’t talk] with words, but he answered with actions: within seconds, Barrier slowed his own speed, transforming to robot mode and pulling out a Gatling Gun, firing into Gunblast’s direction.

    “Oh Scrap!” Said Gunblast, completely caught off guard by that: he always hated Gatling Guns, and this time, he had no time to dodge it.

    The wave of shots hit Gunblast brutally, damaging in such a manner that he fell from the skies to the ground severely wounded, barely being able to stand up.

    “Skywound, Sir, I need back up, repeat, I need back up.” Said Gunblast to Skywound via comlink.

    Gunblast tried to stand on his own foot, staring at Barrier and his big machine gun: for the more he hated close quarter combat, it was time to use it against Barrier.

    “BLOW THAT WITTY RAT AWAY, BIG GUY!” Said Bombkill, proud of Barrier’s ways [weird reason to be proud of, but Bombkill has always been a weird person].

    “Yeah, you can talk about witty rats later Bombkill, now we have a mission to execute.” The Doctor remarked, staring at the three brutes.

    “Doctor…” Rawbones used this single word as warn to The Doctor to take the three brutes out.

    Once they reached the brutes, The Doctor transformed mid-air over them, landing behind the three Brutes.
    While they tried to turn around, The Doctor blasted one of them trough the back with a hand-cannon, killing it instantly.

    “Don’t worry, I am a Doctor.” He smiled as the Brute fell to his knees, dead.

    The Other two turned around, staring at The Doctor: when they did that, however, they turned their backs to Rawbones and Bombkill.

    “DIE YOU BRUTE RAT!” Bombkill fired [still in his car alt mode] in his back, wounding it severely, then transformed to robot mode and used his axe to impale him trough the back, finishing the job.

    Rawbones on the other hand, simply transformed to robot mode and punched him trough the back and smashed his spark with his own hand, his punch was so devastating that his hand could be seen coming it out from the Brute’s chest, “I’m never too old for this.” Said Rawbones in joy while the Brute fell dead.

    “Let’s get moving, shall we? We have job to do.” Rawbones returned to state while entering on the Defense Tower.

    “Why do we always have a job to do? I suggest some vacation to chill out the ideas, you know.” The Doctor stated in irony.

    “Doctor, you’re great at your job, but please, spare me of your witty remarks” Answered Rawbones.

    “Well then, but still is a good idea.”

    Without further conversation, they entered in the Defense Tower once and for all, while Barrier fought against Gunblast on the outside.
    The Battle at Ghost Iron City was just starting, this was fore sure.
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    CHAPTER 10 - The Downfall Of Ghost Iron City.

    In the skies of Ghost Iron City, Skywound watched the massive battle reach it end; his troops were slowly overwhelming Redflight’s, the fall of every single Drone under Redflight’s command was a sight to behold, as while they were giving a good battle to Skywound’s troops, they ultimately fell to his mighty grip, now, the only thing between Skywound and the Defense Tower were the last remnants of Redflight’s troops, hopelessly trying to hold Skywound’s troops.

    Behind Skywound, a door opened while something stepped in Skywound’s precious room.

    “Skywound…” A voice stated from behind Skywound, and he could recognize it pretty easily: Redflight.

    “City Commander Redflight.” He said into a strange friendly tone, “I must say I’m relieved to see you alive.” Skywound rose from his chair [for the first time in the whole battle], turning around to face Redflight on the eye: Redflight was battle damaged, and many dead Decepticons from Skywound’s troops could be seen behind The City Commander: he had one hell of a tough fight, it seems.

    “Retreat from this city now, Skywound, I beg you.” Redflight was completely breathless [probably due the battle with a good chunk of the troops inside The Dark Spark] as he made his left hand turn into a hand-cannon and an Energon axe being wielded by his right hand.

    “I have nothing against you, City Commander, but this city isn’t yours to rule, this city belongs to Masterspark and Masterspark only.” His left arm turned in a machine gun while an Energon shield was wielded by his right hand.

    “Then so be it.” Redflight stated fiercely.

    Both ran at each other’s direction, both using a unique combination of melee attacks [Redflight’s axe VS Skywound’s shield] and weapon fire in a close quarter combat [Redflight’s hand cannon VS Skywound’s machine gun], melee weapons clashing and guns firing at each other’s heads [and missing] in a chaotic showdown: A battle of masterminds.

    Meanwhile, on The Defense Tower, one single soldier watched the whole battle happening on the skies; all others of Redflight’s troops were fighting against Skywound’s army while his master fought Skywound personally: he felt a bit lonely in that Tower.

    “Why do they have THREE stairs that lead to a melting pit? Are they trying to KILL US?” The Voice of the Doctor came from behind The Soldier.
    “That’s the point, you idiot.” Rawbones answered to The Doctor while also coming out of the door.

    The Soldier turned around: Bombkill, Rawbones and The Doctor were walking into the room.

    “Intruders!” He thought worried; he never fought against a Decepticon one-to-one.

    “Ah, calm down fellow, we are here to help—“The Soldier attacked Rawbones with an Energon sword before he could finish the phrase.

    Rawbones, however, quickly grabbed the soldier by his neck, “I am serious, kid; we are here to help!” suspending him from the ground.

    The Soldier tried to fight against Rawbones helplessly, but it was of no use.

    “Now, kid, Can you please tell me where on the all spark City Commander Redflight is?” Rawbones asked the soldier calmly [though a bit upset with his refusal to accept defeat AND the fact they were here to help, but then again, Rawbones looks like someone who got into a bad fight with Omega Supreme, so it’s to be expected].

    “You will never know, you traitor!” The Soldier stated fiercely, obviously failing to realize that none of the mercenaries had the Decepticon Insignia on their bodies.

    “Oh Dear Primus…” Rawbones sighed; if the Soldier kept fighting back, he would have to back up in violence, and though Rawbones loves violence, he never enjoyed killing people who stood bravely against him even in the face of Death.

    “INCOMING!” Screamed Bombkill, breaking Rawbones’ thoughts.

    The Mercenary Leader saw then five Decepticon Drones breaking the glass of the Defense Tower and invading the place, destroying the computers and the walls with gunfire.

    “Surrender your power to the glory of Masterspark!” They screamed while blowing up things in the Defense Tower.

    Rawbones then released The Soldier from his grip [the Soldier almost broke his neck with Rawbones’ grip], and without blink, he turned his right hand on a machine gun and opened fire against the Drones: his shots tore the five apart within seconds, causing their shells [or what was left of it] fall to the ground lifeless.

    “Redflight’s army has fallen once and for all; Skywound’s army will soon be here.” Said Rawbones worried; if Redflight’s forces were defeated, their time to rescue Commander Redflight had run out, and their lives were in danger.

    “The Dark Spark.” The Soldier said, standing up again.

    “What did you say?”

    “The Dark Spark, Skywound’s flagship, Redflight is in there.” The Soldier was much more respectful towards Rawbones now: he seemed to have realized that Rawbones was on his side.

    The Mercenary leader took a good look to the horizon: he could see The Dark Spark approaching The Defense Tower, drawing nearer and nearer at every second: soon it would be close enough to blast the Tower into oblivion.

    “What do we do now, Sir?” Bombkill asked, confused and worried with such sight.

    Rawbone’s brains were good to improvise, but he often had to refuge in audacity to succeed in his missions [after all, he was a Wrecker, a damn good one], and in this situation, such thinking could kill them all.

    “Boss?” The Doctor remarked, trying to make Rawbones hurry on his plot.

    But yeah, a suicidal plan is better than none plan, after all, “Doctor, Bombkill, you both stay here and protect The Defense Tower alongside this soldier.” He said thoughtful.

    “I’m afraid to ask, but what are you going to do?” Asked The Doctor a bit worried over Rawbones’ madness: it could work fairly well or fail catastrophically.

    “I’ll deal with Skywound…personally!” Without saying much else he became his alt mode, the Cybertronian bike, raising a few eyebrows among his fellow mercenaries.

    The Bike accelerated, gaining the speed of a lightning within seconds: in his alt-mode, Rawbones had simply jumped from the Tower in the direction of The Dark Spark, the only problem being the insane distance between the Tower and The Dark Spark.

    “Primus helps us all.” Said The Doctor mildly worried with that entire situation.

    The jump Rawbones had in his alt mode was preposterous to a normal bike [and any conceivable car] but somehow, Rawbones did it: Transforming midair, he landed above The Dark Spark, almost falling from the ship [but he was able to not fall by opening holes in the ship with his bare fists]: with the hard part done, there was only the easy part left: Destroy Skywound’s army inside The Dark Spark and then save Redflight, easy.

    Maybe Ghost Iron City was on its dawn, but Rawbones’ plot to save Skywound was going on well….


    Meanwhile, in Skywound’s room.
    Redflight fell to his knees, wounded, tired, and barely able to keep his spark functioning after the beating he took from Skywound [that was far more experienced than him, it seems].

    “You won’t win!” He pointed his hand-cannon to Skywound and fired it, but Skywound immediately kicked his hand, causing him to miss the shot [that instead hit a nearby wall].

    “I already have.” Skywound [surprisingly unscathed] watched as he fell unconscious on the ground and his soldiers approached from the door.

    “Take him to a cell; he will only get released when we return to Kaon.” Skywound had plans in mind [he always has], Redflight could be useful to him if he changed sides, perhaps a good “persuasion” on Kaon might make Redflight switch sides, he would see, certainly he would.

    With Redflight captured and his army almost obliterated, Skywound had only to claim The Defense Tower to himself, an easy feat as Redflight’s army had been obliterated by his soldiers, and anyone remaining on the Defense Tower will probably run away without its leader and most of its army.

    His victory was assured, as always.
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    CHAPTER 11 – Rescuing Redflight.

    Rawbones wandered above The Dark Spark, searching a point to enter in the ship, but unfortunately, The Ship had no entrances: no airlocks, no windows, absolutely nothing; much to Rawbones’ annoyance.

    “Oh screw it; I’ll make my own entrance!” Using these classic words, he rose his arm and closed his fist; preparing one hell of a punch.

    Inside Skywound’s ship, some drones walked on the corridors: two of the few drones that survived Redflight’s strike [the fellow a good chunk of The Dark Spark’s crew] in that area.

    When suddenly, a sound of metal crashing with metal echoed through their audio receptors, coming from above them.

    “I don’t like how that sounds…” One of the Drones said.

    “Me neither.” The Second Drone commented, stepping away from the direction where the sound was coming.

    Within seconds, the part of the ceiling fell apart [opening a hole in the roof of the ship] and a bulky Transformer came from said hole [Rawbones], but before they could see how he was, a rapid sequence of bullets tore one of them apart and wounded the other: Rawbones was showing why he is called “Mercenary Doom-Bringer”.

    Rawbones grabbed the second Drone and lifted him in the air with his right arm, “I am in need of the location of Redflight.”

    The Drone [terrified, must be said] stood in silence.

    Rawbones then closed his left fist and prepared to smash the Drones’ head.

    “WAIT, WAIT!” he said in fear, “He went to face Skywound, but he was captured!”

    “Where is he?” He asked furiously.

    “Locked in one of the cells, just under this floor!” he said terrified of the Mercenary Doom Bringer.

    Rawbones then released the poor [and terrified] Drone, “Feel free to call your allies, but you must know that if you do so, I’ll come back, and you will end up a steaming pile of metal.” He, of course, finished with a little bit of psychological torture [one tip: it worked].

    One floor above, Redflight was locked in his cell, an energy wall separating him and a couple of Drones.
    Redflight has foreseen this situation; he always thought he would end up like this, chained on a train bound to nowhere, his doom was near, and he knew that.

    But something else called Redflight’s attention: a noise, a noise of a slaughter coming from outside the door of the room he was in, unnerving the Drones nearby.

    An explosion happened, and much to Redflight’s surprise, the door brutally flied in the Drones direction, smashing them all against a nearby wall.

    The bulky Rawbones came from where the door was seconds ago: apparently, he had launched the door against the Drones.

    “Who are you?” Asked him surprised and scared at the same time.

    “I, Commander; am an ally.” Rawbones pressed some buttons on the cell control, opening it [it was a cheap trick he learned with a certain engineer in Kaon: a code that could open any cell, though there are many blocked against such code], “Now, Sir, we must get moving before--”

    An alarm sound interrupts Rawbones’ phrase: the lights of the place starts to shine red and a buzzing sound comes.

    “…the Alarm goes off.” He sighed: why he never manages to break in a place and goes unnoticed? “Now let’s go, the Guards will soon be here.”

    “Okay.” Said Redflight, puzzled with his rescuer.

    The [puzzled] Redflight and Rawbones ran through the corridors of The Dark Spark [with the annoying buzzing sound at the background], unfortunately, said corridors were now infested with Drones.

    “Stop right there!” The Drones raised their guns, pointing to Redflight and Rawbones.

    Rawbones cracked his fists and stared at the Drones: more Drones would soon get massacred.
    Now they only had to smash through the Drone army and get out of the ship, easy task.

    Meanwhile, Bombkill and the Doctor waited in the Tower as Skywound’s troops stormed The Defense Tower; his air troops coming from the windows and his ground troops simply climbing the Tower.

    “Why can’t they use stairs?” There was Bombkill, launching grenades at the ground troops, blasting them out of the tower.

    “Good question, Go ask them!” The Doctor, on the other hand, was firing with his hand-cannon on all flying Skywound’s troops while dodging from their blasts, “Soldier, couldn’t YOU be helping us?” he asked to the Redflight soldier behind him [the one that told Rawbones about Redflight’s location].

    “I am trying!” he answered nervous, trying to make the computers work straight, “And my name is Sergeant Wheels!”

    “Good Primus, that’s the most uncreative name I’ve ever heard.” Remarked the Doctor while shooting flying soldiers down: he had one hell of a good aim; every shot hit something [and killed whatever it hit].

    “Says the one called “Doctor”” Wheels commented.

    “Uh, that’s got to hurt.” Laughed Bombkill.

    “Oh shut up.”

    Despite their [long-lasting] rivalry, Bombkill and The Doctor were able to hold off the entire army of Skywound; Bombkill blasting everything trying to climb the Tower and The Doctor shooting down everything with wings; and that’s why you never mess with a Mercenary.

    The Battle of Ghost Iron City raged on.
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    CHAPTER 12 – Escape from Ghost Iron City.


    Inside The Dark Spark, in a certain corridor.
    Dozens of corpses from Skywound’s Drones stood lifeless and brutally mutilated on said corridor: a true massacre, almost none was left alive.

    “Worthless piece of tin.” Rawbones commented while throwing away the head from an unfortunate Drone he killed seconds before.

    Redflight was honestly impressed with Rawbones’ doing: he slaughtered the whole Drone army with his bare fists only, and had little damage done to him.

    “Impressive.” He commented.

    “That’s nothing; you should see what I did at The Skirmish of Darkmount Pass, they needed two years to restore the Melting Pit completely.” Rawbones laughed in his nostalgia from his old times as a Wrecker.

    Rawbones and Redflight walked towards the hole Rawbones used to enter in the ship, using it to enter in the floor of The Dark Spark.

    “Who are you?” Redflight commented, almost annoyed with Rawbones’ lack of answers.

    “Can you please stop making questions? It’s hard to concentrate when you’re doing that.” The City Commander then noted one thing: Rawbones was looking around, seeming to trying to find a signal with his wrist-communicator, “Doctor, Doctor? Are you there?”

    Redflight was left confused with all that situation: first he was going to command a city, then die in a blaze of glory against Skywound, then be tortured, now he was going to be rescued by a considerable sanity-lacking Transformer…His life was getting weirder.

    Meanwhile, in The Defense Tower, The Doctor and Bombkill kept shooting down any nearby soldier of Skywound.

    “I am out of ammo here, Doc.” Commented a worried Bombkill, noting more Drones climbing the Tower and drawing nearer to him.

    “My hand cannon as over-exhausted, it will take some time to reload.” The [even more worried] Doctor remarked, seeing more of Skywound’s air troops approaching from the sky, “Wheels?” The Doctor looked at his direction.

    Before Wheels could answer anything, they saw an endless sequence of blasts coming from atop the tower, taking down every single air soldier that could be seen in sight, and before the Doctor could ask what the allspark was that, Wheels commented:

    “Sky weapons back online, Doc!”

    “Oh, thank Primus—“Before he could breath relieved, Rawbones’ contacted him.

    “Doc, I need an exit.” He commented.

    “Wheels? We need an exit.” The Doctor commented amidst the falling corpses of the flying Skywound’s troops.

    “Well...” he said thoughtful, “Your better chance is through the Energon Mine outside the city, the place isn’t registered in our archives, but be careful, it’s easy to get lost there.”

    “There you go Rawbones, a dangerous and horrible way to escape, just like always!” Said The Doctor in sarcasm.

    The flying army of Skywound was entirely shot down at this time; none could even get nearby to the Tower without being shot down.
    However, the ground troops were drawing nearer in their climbing.

    “Thank you, Doc.” Said Rawbones, turning off his communicator, “You heard him Redflight, TO THE MINE!” he transformed himself into his alt-mode [as always] and Redflight did the same, flying away from The Dark Spark as Rawbones jumped of said ship.

    Meanwhile, on the ground.
    Gunblast was terribly wounded, barely being able to stand up as he battled against Barrier; the giant was unscathed even after that fight.
    Barrier, seeing his situation, charged for the last time against Gunblast, wielding his [insanely big] hammer: one last strike to finish the fight.

    “Scrap, this is my last shot.” Commented Gunblast to himself, loading his hand cannon and aiming at Barrier’s head.

    One clear shot wouldn’t wound Barrier much, but it was all he got.
    Quickly, he fired it right into Barrier’s face, but the giant didn’t even blink.

    “Oh Scra—“and Gunblast was hit by the giant hammer, being launched [unconscious] against a nearby wall.

    Barrier’s right eye was leaking Energon as hell, but he didn’t seem to care much, he was only looking at the defeated Gunblast, lying in the ground: Barrier was deciding if he would give him a finish strike with the hammer or not [after all, kill an unconscious man is against Barrier’s moral code].

    However, before he could decide, Rawbones fell from the skies and transforming mid-air, landed at his side [surprisingly, he was unscathed after the fall, though he caused the ground to crack].

    “Barrier, good to see your ugly face again.” He smiled, turning into the bike again and riding in the city.

    Barrier, of course, turned in his alt mode [that was now leaking Energon due his wound] and followed him across the city in high-speed, almost losing his wheels on the curves.

    Meanwhile, atop the Defense Tower, Bombkill started to slaughter Skywound’s soldiers with his bare fists: anyone able to reach the top of the tower was thrown out by Bombkill’s fists.

    “Keep punching them, ugly one.” The Doctor said, trying to locate Rawbones and Barrier with his goggle eyes.

    “I am not ugly!” Stated Bombkill while beheading a drone with one fist only.

    The Doctor then saw Rawbones’ bike running across the street: at last they were getting out of that damn city.
    The Doctor looked around, staring at Wheels and said: “Time flies, bye!”

    Wheels was initially confuse, but soon understood when The Doctor and Bombkill jumped from the Tower in the direction of the ground in a free-fall.
    The Doctor transformed mid-air, flying above Rawbones, Bombkill transformed upon hitting the ground and ran alongside Rawbones.

    “Mission accomplished, good work boys.” Said Rawbones in pride.

    “Of course, it was all thanks to my great intellect.” Remarked The Doctor.

    The team ignored him: no one had enough patience to tell him to shut up, they had gone through too much annoying things this day to counter argue against him.

    Meanwhile, on The Defense Tower, Wheels watched Skywound’s ships drawing nearer and nearer, but he hoped that his sky guns would protect the Tower, though he was already happy that Redflight had escaped.

    “Oh bring it!” Wheels pulled out a machine gun, preparing to defend The Defense Tower with his life.

    But amidst the sky, one figure flied in an insane speed: Skywound, avoiding all the blasts, dodging everything on his way, things no other soldier could dodge, but Skywound could [and without much difficulty], Wheels looked at him fiercely, uninpresed.

    Skywound then opened fire in his alt-mode: a merciless wave of fire approaching he Tower, tearing apart Sergeant Wheels, who fell to his knees in tears.

    “Is that all that you’ve got?” he stated, in a rather suicidal tone.

    The final wave of shots finished him off and destroyed the computer behind him, causing the Sky Gun to stop firing it.
    Skywound transformed mid-air, landing his feet on the Tower.

    “Victory acquired, Ghost Iron City is under my control.” Said Skywound to himself, looking at Wheels’ corpse.

    He had now knowledge of the Mercenaries abilities, and would take care with them.
    This was only their first battle of many yet to come.
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    CHAPTER 13 - Plans of Rebellion.

    Wreckage City, abandoned Energon Mine.
    The Mercenary Team breathed relieved: they had finally escaped from the battlefield, and with them, Commander Redflight was.
    While Redflight tried to understand things, Rawbones and Bombkill finished bringing Energon Cubes and ammo from the outside [There were now Cubes and ammo filling the whole place, an insane amount of Cubes and ammo], The Doctor fixed Barrier’s optics in a corner.

    “Can anyone explain me what’s happening here?” Asked Redflight, confused.

    “Allow me to be crystal clear….” A plane then entered in the Mine, transforming mid-air and landing with his feet: Shockwave.

    “Behold the eternal glory of the one-eyed backstabber!” Commented The Doctor in a snarky way.

    “Shockwave?” Redflight’s confusion only increased with the appearance of Megatron’s right-hand there.

    “Yes, Redflight, why are you so surprised?”

    “Well, you are one of the leaders of the Decepticon Uprising, why have you tried to save me? You were supposed to be helping Masterspark.” Redflight never met personally with Shockwave, he didn’t know him much.

    “I serve to logic, and logic only, and now, logic dictates that Masterspark is not worthy of his rank.” Shockwave was disgusted of Masterspark when he mentioned his name: he always saw him as such a pitiful Decepticon, it caused nauseas to Shockwave to imagine him leading the Decepticons.

    “So you are rebelling against him?” Redflight was in deep surprise that anyone besides him was trying to stand against Masterspark.

    “Yes, and you will help me.”

    “I see…” Redflight finally had his answers, and better yet: allies to destroy Masterspark “How can I help you?”

    “Well, first I need to know: is Ghost Iron City safe?”

    “Skywound took over, but the Energon Mines are to complex to be watched entirely, only I have access to the map of the Mines, we can organize a full scale attack by said mines if you want to.”

    “Ah, THAT’S how you knew about the exit of the Mine, now it makes perfect sense.” Rawbones stepped in the conversation, laughing.

    “Redflight, allow me to present The Mercenary team…” Shockwave pointed his purple single eye to Rawbones, “Your great savior, former Wrecker, Rawbones.”

    “I’ll take any job, for the right price.” He smiled as he greeted Redflight.
    The [former] City Commander was unsure whether Rawbones was completely insane or a valuable ally. Or both.

    “His second-in-command, former Autobot, and the medic of the team: The Doctor.” He pointed then to the Doctor [that was too busy fixing Barrier’s wounded eye in a corner of the Mine].

    “Greetings, fellow Decepticon.” He said without taking his optics from Barrier’s optics: fix this thing was one hell of a tough job, “I was the one that defended your tower, alongside the ugly mercenary and Sgt. Wheels.”

    “Is Wheels alive?” Redflight stated a bit worried.

    “I doubt it; he decided to stay in the Tower that was attacked by Skywound right after.” Said Bombkill.

    “Poor Wheels, he was a good soldier.” The [former] City Commander looked downwards for a minute in lament for Sgt. Wheels [though this was purely to honor his name, as they didn’t know each other much], “What’s your name, Son?” he asked to Bombkill.

    “I’m Bombkill, bomb specialist, I’m also awesome.” He laughed.

    “And ugly as a boulder.” The Doctor once again offended Bombkill in their rivalry.

    “Proceeding.” Shockwave cut short the conversation between The Doctor and Bombkill “This individual is called Barrier, former Decepticon, current frontline soldier and heavy weapons handler.”

    “I’m Redflight.” He greeted Barrier [who was strapped into a table of operations], waiting for an answer.

    “Ah, he can’t talk, buddy.” Said the Doctor, “The reason is right behind you.”

    Redflight turned around, seeing only Shockwave standing behind him, much to his surprise.

    “You did this to him?” Redflight said in shock: he heard that Shockwave was cruel, but not to that degree.

    Shockwave took a few steps back, in a defensive stance “I was in need of vocal systems, and he had good ones, in return, I gave him a much more powerful body, fair trade.”

    Redflight was shocked by the cold way Shockwave states he stole Barrier’s vocal systems; such a cruel act stated in such an uncaring manner, The Decepticon ranks were shown to be worse than he thought.

    “With the mercenary team presented, may I show your next mission?” Shockwave proceeded without saying anything about Barrier.

    “Show us already.” Said Rawbones, sitting down on a rock.

    “OH, COME ON!” Said Bombkill, “Seven hours ago we were on a battlefield! Can’t you give us some rest?”

    “No, stick to the mission” Remarked Rawbones.

    “As you wish.” Once more, a hologram came from his only optic, this time showing a spaceship, “Long before Masterspark’s betrayal, Megatron sent one of his most renowned soldiers, to search for Energon on other planets, the mission was unsuccessful.” The hologram switched to a hologram of a green, bulky Decepticon with horns, “SkyQuake was the one to command the mission, upon returning and realizing that Megatron wasn’t leading, he single-handedly obliterated Masterspark’s sky troops, much to Masterspark’s annoyance.”

    Now, the hologram shows dozens of Decepticons warships lying destroyed on the space.

    Once again, the hologram switched, this time to a silver, bulky robot with a scar across his face: Bladewarp, “Colonel Bladewarp has been sent to destroy SkyQuake alongside Scout Ironshell, and I want him safe.”

    “Why?” For the first time, Rawbones questioned something about Shockwave’s plot, much to his surprise.

    “City Commander Redflight has valuable information about the geography of Cybertron and Decepticon Technology, this will later come handy.” He walked towards Rawbones, “SkyQuake on the other hand, has access to his own small army of high-ranking Decepticon soldiers, his own flagship and is a brutally efficient warrior, maybe not the sharpest mind of the Decepticon ranks, but certainly deadly efficient.” Shockwave then turned his back to Rawbones, “Have I been clear enough?”

    “Crystal clear.” Rawbones answered as Shockwave flied away from the Energon Mine, “Doctor, stay with an eye open for this guy, I fear he might be trying to send us into oblivion.” Rawbones stated, clearly with his own assumptions about Shockwave and his plots.

    Meanwhile, at Ghost Iron City.
    Skywound’s troops could be seen everywhere in the city, taking prisoners and repairing the systems of it.

    “Systems at full force, Sir.” Said Gunblast to Skywound, limping due his battle with Barrier.

    “I recommend to you to get some hours of rest, Gunblast.” Skywound answered, resting on his throne of power In the Defense Tower.

    “Thank you, Sir.” He [slowly] walked away.

    Once Gunblast left the room, a hologram of Masterspark appeared in the room, facing Skywound menacingly.

    “Skywound, report.” He ordered, a bit impatient.

    “Ghost Iron City has been conquered, my Lord.” Skywound answered calmly, “However, I’m afraid that a certain well-known squad of mercenaries has interfered with my attack against Ghost Iron City.”

    “Rawbones?” Asked Masterspark surprised.

    “Yes, my Lord, and they have succeeded into rescuing Redflight from here.” Skywound’s tone was humble and respectful, picking each word with caution.

    For Masterspark, only one thought could be heard on his head: Rebellion, that was Rawbones’ plot, that was what he feared; a rebellion against him, and Rawbones was leading one, he needed to stop that immediately: a rebellion is like a disease, it spreads and causes damages to the society.

    “Contact the Mercenary Guild immediately; we need their assistance, now.” Said Masterspark sinking into worry.

    “Yes, Lord Masterspark.” The transmission ended, leaving Skywound alone at his Tower.

    He was slowly realizing that Masterspark’s plan was falling apart, but he wouldn't allow such thing: his life was to make Masterspark's plan work, and he would make it work, even if he died on the process.
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    New chapter, with some delay.
    You guys have no idea of how hard was to create a decent way to introduce the Mercenary Guild.

    CHAPTER 14 – The Guild.

    Wreckage City.
    Within the great lengths of Wreckage City, there is one particular place that makes that city famous: The Mercenary Guild Headquarters, tall building filled with spikes, the only structure in the entire city that didn’t look like a nightmare from an architect, a golden and menacing building.
    The Mercenary Guild is the government of the mercenaries, the organization that keeps all Mercenaries from stabbing each other’s back [and what keeps the Decepticons and Autobots from wiping the Mercenaries out of the face of the planet].

    Inside the glorious structure of the Mercenary Guild there was one individual that was bound to that place: Blackwing, the leader of the Mercenary Guild, as always he could be seen in a nearly-lightless room, playing his pipe organ as he thinks on the fate of the mercenaries.

    As Blackwing played a dark tune on his organ, something bright and shining appeared behind him.

    “Greetings, General Blackwing.” A hologram: Skywound,

    “Skywound…” Blackwing stopped playing and rose, turning around to face the hologram, showing Skywound his scarred face: scars all over his face, deep scars, and he was clearly blind on his right eye: the face of a veteran in this war, “May I ask why have you contacted me?” asked Blackwing with his gruff tone.

    “Oh, General, have you ever heard of a certain mercenary called…Rawbones?” Said Skywound.

    “Rawbones?” Blackwing’s only functioning eye blinked in surprise, “Why do you ask?” his voice became louder; it became obvious that Blackwing knew very well who was Rawbones.

    “I am afraid that this particular mercenary has caused…troubles…for our great leader Lord Masterspark, and he is worried.” Despite his respectful tone, Skywound was menacing like a tiger ready to kill its prey.

    “Worried about what, Skywound?” Blackwing was increasingly angry with Skywound’s fancy way of talking.

    “Worried about the mercenaries, General Blackwing.” Skywound then stared Blackwing fiercely: he was clearly making a menace, “He is worried that you and your Guild are giving support to the terrorist Rawbones.”

    “Such a pitiful idiot, that Masterspark.” Blackwing stated fearless [as it’s suicide to insult the Decepticon leader right in the face of his second-in-command], “He should know that the Guild is neutral on this war, and a simple mercenary rogue is a common problem for us, we solve things like this every day.” He said casually, “Now tell me, what this, Rawbones fellow did?”

    “Terrorist acts against the rule of Lord Masterspark, rallying betrayers from his cause, and directly trying to wound Masterspark’s goals, such crimes are punishable with death or a life-time imprisonment.” His tone was stone-cold like always.

    “I see…” Blackwing became thoughtful: that was a delicate situation, “Okay, first I’ll go through the easy way: Would you like to negotiate his life?”

    “Unacceptable, he must be either captured, or killed.”

    “Skywound…Have you ever heard of the Mercenary Guild’s Council?”

    “I fail to see the importance of this matter to our conversation.” Politely put Skywound.

    “Just answer the damn question.” Blackwing said angry.

    “Yes, General Blackwing, The Mercenary Council, formed by the most prolific mercenaries on Cybertron, why do you ask?” Now SKYWOUND was getting irritated with Blackwing’s roundabout way of talking.

    “Why do I ask? Well, Rawbones is a member of said Council.”

    Skywound was caught in surprise: Rawbones was far more dangerous than he looked, “A member of the Council!?” he asked in surprise.

    “Yes, Why do you think he is called Mercenary Doom-Bringer, you idiot?” Blackwing sat on his chair once again, laughing at Skywound’s surprise.

    “General Blackwing.” Skywound’s tone abruptly changed from his polite normal one to a more angry, menacing dark tone, “You will hunt this mercenary down for me.”

    “And If I simply DON’T?” Blackwing laughed.

    “I will see this as a direct act of war against the Decepticon Uprising, and soon declare war against your Guild; do you understand that, General Blackwing?”

    “I will call a meeting to decide what’s better to the Guild.” Blackwing was unimpressed with Skywound’s attempt at menacing him, “Oh, and remember one thing, Skywound: We have more guns than you.”

    Skywound stared Blackwing angrily once more before disappearing.

    Blackwing grabbed a bottle of Energon: Once again, trouble followed Rawbones wherever he go.

    “By Primus, that Skywound must learn how to shut up.” A gruff voice came from a dark corner of the room, and within seconds a tall, sleek figure appeared: a green transformer with a hook for his right hand, bright red eyes, a grey smiling face.
    “Lockdown, how many times do I have to tell you to KNOCK ON THE DAMN DOOR?” Stated Blackwing upset.

    “What would be the fun in that?” Lockdown smiled wickedly, “It seems that you caught yourself one big trouble.”

    “Lockdown, shut up.” Blackwing’s mood only worsened “Now do something useful in your life and call a meeting, we need to discuss this change in the game.”

    “A meeting? Of the Council members?” Lockdown asked intrigued: it’s been a while since a meeting of all the members of the Council.

    “No, a Meeting of Slugs, of course it’s A MEETING OF COUNCIL MEMBERS!” Blackwing: not in good mood.

    “As you wish, General Blackwing.” Lockdown said in irony, disappearing in the shadows just as quick as he appeared.

    Blackwing returned to his pipe organ, even more thoughtful than before: The Newly-elected leader Masterspark had taken over the Decepticon Uprising and his rule was growing stronger and stronger as the days passed by.
    Now, The Guild was clashing with the Decepticons, Blackwing had a tough choice on his hand: Embracing Masterspark’s rule and condemning Rawbones or fighting against it and risking the existence of the Guild.

    Thoughts filled Blackwing’s head.
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    New chapter, after [again] quite some delay.
    Damn, will I finish this story without receiveing ONE comment?

    CHAPTER 15 – Megatron’s fate.

    Masterspark was there, on the Kaon prison, right on the control room of the place alongside his fellow Decepticons [Skywound and Gunblast, Bladewarp and Ironshell were sent in a mission] and the new chief warden of the place [now that Soundwave…”disappeared”…and Shockwave ran away, a new man to chief the Prison was needed], Doctor Scalpel, a Minicon who acquired free-will after his Master died.

    “I see you have the Autobots pretty well captured here, Doctor Scalpel” Said Skywound to the former Doctor and current Chief Warden of the Prison: Doctor Scalpel, who was flying [with some kind of little jetpack] alongside Skywound.

    “Yes, yes, ze Autobots are easily controlled!” Answered Scalpel in a psychotic tone.

    “I see…” Skywound was thoughtful as always: planning something, for sure.

    “So, what’s the reason of this visit, Almighty Leader Masterspark?” Scalpel continued.

    “Doctor Scalpel…” Masterspark avoided answering the question as he walked around the room slowly, “You have been very useful to me since the cruel demise of your master.”

    “Of course Lord Masterspark, you are my new master now!” The diminutive Scalpel said in a very over-the-top way [as usual].

    “Am I?” It looked like a rhetorical question of Masterspark’s part, but Scalpel wasn’t sure.

    “Of course!” Scalpel was a bit confused with Masterspark’s roundabout dialogue.

    “If I am your new Master, your loyalty to me must be complete, and you shall respond to me only and no one else, including my second-in-command Skywound, understood?” Scalpel was starting to get scared with Masterspark’s way of talking.

    “Yes, Lord Masterspark.” He said in fear.

    “Good.” The Decepticon Leader smiled wickedly to Scalpel, “Bring our guest in.” he ordered to Skywound and Bladewarp.

    A door opened at Scalpel’s side, and from the door, two Decepticon Brutes carried a wounded Robot by his arms, his head staring the ground as Energon leaked from his mouth.

    “I bring you a new prisoner.” Masterspark stated respectfully [yet, wickedly].

    “Hmm!” Scalpel said excited: a new individual to exercise of his scientific “curiosity”

    Scalpel flied with his jetpack in the direction of the prisoner, and using his eyes only, gave a brief analyze over his physical state:

    “Energon leaking indicates critical damage inflicted to some internal structure of his body, he moved few times [and even in such times, he moved slowly] since he entered the room, and adding the damage done to his chest and back, I would say this individual is about to enter in stasis lock, I’m surprised he hasn’t, actually.” Scalpel sounded almost sane while he did this analysis, “Who would this individual be, My Lord?” he sounded puzzled.

    “Megatron.” Masterspark had no ceremonies over stating such a shocking fact.

    “Me-Megatron?” Scalpel could barely talk: The mighty Lord Megatron? He never met Lord Megatron, but his previous master told him about his might.
    He could barely believe, there it was, standing in front of his, the dreaded Lord Megatron.

    “This is the true test to your loyalty, Doctor Scalpel, prove me that you are worthy of being my follower, prove me that you are worthy of being the leader of this prison.” Masterspark pulled out his staff, becoming increasingly menacing as the seconds passed by.

    “What am I supposed to do to him?” Said Scalpel desperate, trembling with fear of both Lord Megatron and Lord Masterspark.

    “You will hold him prisoner on the underground of Kaon; he must never awake again.
    None must know of this, only me, Colonel Bladewarp, Scout Ironshell, And my second-in-command Skywound have authorization to know of your progress.” Stated calmly the cold Decepticon leader.

    “You want me to do experiments on him?” Scalpel sounded even more desperate.

    “Yes, Scalpel, you must concentrate your efforts on erasing his memories. Permanently” Said Masterspark in a cold tone.

    “But what for?” The diminutive minicon’s fear was apparent.

    “Are you questioning my orders?” Masterspark’s voice was calm, only a subtle alteration indicating his inner anger, but his staff could be seen turning into a spear, indicating his true thoughts.

    “No, of course not Lord Masterspark! I live only to serve you!” Scalpel was almost screaming to Masterspark, showing his obvious fear.

    “This is the beginning of a bright future for you, Doctor; your loyalty will soon be rewarded.” The Decepticon Leader turned his back on Scalpel, walking away alongside Skywound and Gunblast, leaving Scalpel alone in the room with Megatron [and the two guards carrying him].

    “Well, what are you waiting for? TAKE HIM TO ZE UNDERGROUND!” He screamed to the Brutes, who immediately followed his orders.

    “Oh, Primus.” He stated hopelessly while following the brutes with his jetpack.

    At every day that passes, Megatron’s rules shatters as Masterspark’s grows stronger.
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    CHAPTER 16 – A Quake among the Stars.

    Cybertronian Space, amidst the stars of the sky, two massive Decepticon warships battle endlessly, the ships standing close to each other, using maximum firepower as the flying armies clashed on each other: a massive whirl of Soldiers, blasts and scattered metal formed in the distance separating the two massive warships.

    “Oh, for Unicron’s sake.” Commented The Doctor upon seeing the aforementioned vision: He [alongside the rest of Rawbones’ crew] was in one of their ships, approaching the massive battle, “Why are we here, again?” he asked.

    “Shockwave, Doc, we are here under Shockwave’s orders.” Rawbones answered upset with the Doctor’s cowardice.

    “Yes, yes, I remember, but why are we here?” he insisted.

    “Skyquake, Doc, a former high-ranking Decepticon Soldier of Megatron’s Rule, when Masterspark became the new Emperor of Destruction, Skyquake refused to acknowledge him as his master, “Megatron is my only master”, he said.” Rawbones stated in a thoughtful tone, “Such loyalty might be useful to us when taking down Masterspark.”

    “Rawbones, are you sure that you want to continue on his route?” The Doctor asked with a tone of worry on his voice: some thought was hammering on his head.

    “Yes, why?” Said the mercenary doom bringer, unshakeable.

    “We are rogues, the whole Decepticon Army is after us, and if rumors are true, the Autobots are as well, we have better chances of survival hiding than rallying a rebellion.” The Doctor’s cowardice seemed, by the first time in a while, warranted.

    “We are mercenaries, we always were rogues, we were always enemies and allies of both sides, Doc; I’m just trying to save our lives.” His tone was more compassionate than in his earlier phrases, and much to the Doctor’s surprise, even the rough Rawbones looked a bit worried with his crew,

    “NOW RAM THIS STARSHIP RIGHT IN THE HEART OF THE BATTLE!” …Even if only for a split second…

    “Alright, alright Rawbones, I’m right at your side, there is no need for screaming.” The Doctor commented bored as he drove the starship in the directions of the massive battlefield in the stars.

    While Rawbone’s crew entered on the battle, chaos was set on the control room of Skyquake’s warship: the battle was being serious costly for Skyquake [although he already predicted so].

    “REPORT!” The gruff Decepticon screamed to his fellows soldiers [that were all on computers, checking the data about the battle].

    “67% of external damage Sir, our shield has fallen!” screamed one of them typing desperately on a computer of the room.

    “We can’t escape now Soldier, this ship will need to hold on!” Skyquake commented in response to the damage data.

    “We lost levels six and seven, level five has been serious damages by enemy fire!” Another soldier reported.

    “Concentrate all troops on the lower levels; we can’t afford losing any more levels!” Skyquake ordered.

    “Enemy Troops have entered Level four Sir, they are moving forward to our position!” In other words: The Enemy’s Army was drawing closer to the control room [located in Level one], “Our troops are in smaller number, I’m not sure we can handle their advance!”

    “Fire everything! It’s too late to retreat!”

    “We are losing level four quickly; other enemy troops have taken a shortcut to Level one! They are going to slaughter us!” another soldier commented in desperation: troops were somehow invading many levels all at once, and the not invaded ones were being conquered fast.

    “LET THEM TRY!” Skyquake pulled out his trademark Gatling gun, exiting the room: he was going to face the whole army by himself, that’s how suicidal he is.

    Meanwhile, on level five: Bladewarp’s army battled Skyquake’s, this battle was costly, most of the troops accompanying Bladewarp fell on the bloody battle through the levels, only Ironshell and Bladewarp himself were left on Level five.

    “This is almost too easy.” Bladewarp took out his immense blade from the chest of one of Skyquake’s soldier as all the others soldiers lied dead: level three fell.

    “This is a waste of my talents, I must say, Lord Masterspark needs send to me a tougher challenge than this.” The cocky Ironshell remarked while cleaning Energon off his blades.

    Sadly, the conversation was interrupted: reinforcements arrived [following Skyquake’s orders].

    “Freeze!” The Drones said.

    “Ironshell, move forward, I’ll handle them.” Bladewarp calmly said, with his sword standing on his shoulder as the Drones raised their guns to him, “So, you want a piece of Bladewarp here, huh? Well, come get it.”

    The Drones fired at will in his direction as he used his sword to slaugther them all [without much difficulty] while Ironshell ran to Level Two, the Battle raged on.
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    CHAPTER 17 – Explode Into Space.

    Inside Skyquake’s ship.
    Skyquake himself pulled out his Gatling gun, firing at will on Bladewarp’s incoming Drones: A perfect slaughter, dozens of Drones being torn off by the fire of such gun as their corpses fall destroyed in the ground, one by one being massacred in a matter of seconds: Skyquake was standing his own against Bladewarp’s own army.

    “Is that all that you’ve got?” Skyquake said while shooting down Bladewarp’s forces.

    “Fall back!” One of the Drones screamed, running away from Skyquake, “FALL BA--!” a massive wave of bullets destroyed him before he could escape.

    “ATTACK!” One of the incoming Drones screamed [alongside his Troops], showing the irony of the situation: The ones attacking were screaming for retreat in a vicious circle of extinction.

    Skyquake smiled and reloaded his gun: “Attack? As you wish then.” And the massacre continued.

    Meanwhile, on Bladewarp’s ship.

    “I told you to go left, not in throw the freaking ship on this warship.” Commented Rawbones, coming out from a vaguely ship-like thing burning into flames.

    “It’s not my fault if you sounds like an audio transmission filled with static, Rawbones, next time try not sounding gruff as a damn brick.” The Doctor stated pretty angry while clearing the dust on his shoulders.

    “He does have a point here, man.” Bombkill said.

    “Shut up, my voice is perfectly fine.” Rawbones sounded even gruffer than before, “Now stop complaining about my vocal abilities and find where in the AllSpark we are.”

    “Hmm, Dare I say weapon’s room?” Said the Doctor, looking around: the whole place was a shining piece of silver, a really big pavilion with walls filled with the more varied types of guns, but no guard at sight.

    “I’ve never seen something so beautiful like this in my entire life…alright, now give me the bomb.” Rawbones said with heavy irony.

    “Oh, my baby?” Bombkill smiled in great joy, pulling out cube-like equipment, with an appearance of hand-made iron, something very rustic, “BEHOLD! THE BOMB! I MADE IT MYSELF! The most powerful hand-made bombing equipment ever created!”

    “Couldn’t you find a more creative name?” Rawbones commented dryly.

    “I tried, but Omega Supreme was already taken.” Said Bombkill in sadness.

    “Alright, time to start the countdown.” Ordered the mercenary leader.

    Bombkill then pressed a red button of the Cube and thrown said Cube on a corner of the room.

    “We have four minutes to get out of this scrap.” Stated Bombkill.

    “More than enough.” Rawbones said without worry on his voice: That was routine for him.

    “Uh…Rawbones? I think we might need more than four minutes.” The Doctor’s cowardice could be felt as he stated his point.
    But, this time, he was somewhat right: An Army of Drones could be seen standing in front of them at that moment.

    “Ha-ha, I’ll never be too old for this!” laughed Rawbones in joy; appreciating how he [and his long-time partners] always ends up in such troublesome situations, always having to outwit everyone and everything, and Rawbones likes challenges.

    The mindless troops of Bladewarp then open fire in the direction of the mighty Mercenary team, outnumbered and with a bomb about to go off, they draw their guns.

    “Look, I’ve said it once, and I’ll repeat it: We need some vacations!” And the shoot-out begins for once and for all.

    Mercenary team: giant magnet of trouble.

    Minutes after, in Skyquake’s ship: Bladewarp stood victorious over the bodies of dozens of Drones in Skyquake’s ships, he was doing his best: Murder.

    “Good work sir!” One of his men commented upon seeing the mountain of bodies that Bladewarp was standing in.

    “Chopping time is over, I guess.” He said in a rather sad tone [you see, he is addicted to battle, it happens].

    But out of the nowhere, a sudden wave of strength hits the ship massively, shaking its very foundations.
    The Surprised Bladewarp then looked to a nearby window, seeing a massive storm of fire and shattered metal drifting into space [said metal being launched into Skyquake’s ship], he then realized: His ship had been blown up to pieces.

    “But how…?” Bladewarp couldn’t even finish his phrase due his surprise, and Bladewarp is not easily surprised.

    Meanwhile, in other part of Skyquake’s ship: Ironshell crossed the corridors of Skyquake’s ship using his arm blades to destroy everything on his path.

    “This is almost too easy.” he says as he chops off the head of one of Skyquake’s soldiers.

    Ironshell unleashed hell upon Skyquake’s troops only by himself, cocky and arrogant as he moves his blades in a deadly speed: No Drone was able to stand against the mighty apprentice of Bladewarp.

    “Someone else?” He smiled in his arrogance.

    “Think quickly, little ‘Con.” A deep voice said coming from behind Ironshell.

    But before he could turn around, a massive wave of blasts came towards him.

    “Oh, Primus.” He said dryly before the wave sends him flying backwards and hitting a wall with an insane amount of strength.

    As the extremely damaged Ironshell tries to stand up, he sees Skyquake standing in front of him with his trademark Gatling gun.

    “You think you can come here, invade my ship, attack my troops and leave without a scratch, Little ‘Con? You think that?” Skyquake reloaded his gun, staring mercilessly in Ironshell’s eyes.

    Ironshell was barely able to stand up: Even the cocky Ironshell could see he had no chance of winning against Skyquake.

    However, before the fight could continue, a sudden impact hit the ship massively, shaking it entirely and making Skyquake fall to his knees.

    “Of course I think!” Ironshell ran up to Skyquake, unleashing his blades once again, and with a swift jump he stabbed Skyquake’s face, destroying his right eye [and a good chunk of the right side of his face], “I already did!” he then kicks Skyquake’s chest in a act of humiliation: a sudden burst of energy came to Ironshell in the battle.

    “Bring it, little ‘Con!” Skyquake stood up: a close quarter combat started; Ironshell’s swords against Skyquake’s fists.

    Once again, The Mercenary Team changed the course of history.
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    Shorter chapter than usual, but boy, this was [for some reason] really fun to write.

    CHAPTER 18 – Cloudy with a chance of Mercenaries.

    In the space, four figures started to fall, all four in burning into flames amidst the shattered pieces of Bladewarp’s ship.

    “What on the Allspark is that?” A Soldier of Bladewarp’s troops commented while looking through a window, puzzled.

    “What is it, Soldier?”

    “Four meteors, and there is two of them coming right towards us!” Said the Soldier in despair.

    “Take cover.” Bladewarp was strangely calm.

    The meteors stroke the ship, engulfing Bladewarp and his soldiers into hellish flames and destroying a good chunk of that level.

    “Alright, now what on Unicron’s name was that?” Bladewarp stood among the flames, with his armor damaged by the fire [but seemingly fine].

    “I don’t know sir.” Said his soldier rising as well, “Perhaps—“he was then hit by a giant hammer coming out from the smoke.

    Out of the smoke, a giant being came wielding a hammer: Barrier, burning in flames.

    “I’M ON FIRE, I’M ON FIIIIRE!” Another figure was seen [also burning, obviously] at the distance: The Doctor, running in circles in desperation.

    “You’re pretty big.” Bladewarp commented interested while pulling out his sword again [apparently ignoring the screaming robot].

    Barrier only stared at him and prepared to strike with his hammer once more.

    “Let’s see in how many pieces I can chop you!” Bladewarp blocked Barrier’s strike with his giant sword; both were matched in terms of strength.

    Barrier kicked Bladewarp in the chest, sending him flying backwards, “Oh, Bugger.”
    Bladewarp crashed through three walls before finally stopping

    Barrier just ran on his direction, preparing to strike him with the hammer once again.

    “Oh, this is going to hurt.” Bladewarp commented upon seeing the figure of a giant brute on fire running on his direction with a giant hammer.

    Meanwhile, Ironshell and Skyquake battled for their lives in brutality, Skyquake obliterating one big chunk of Ironshell with each punch of his, Ironshell cutting through Skyquake like an Energon Slug digs through the ground.

    “Give up, little ‘Con, would you?” Said Skyquake, growing tired of the infinite willpower of Ironshell.

    “My name is Ironshell, You horned bastard” Ironshell wasn’t much better either, he is holding up on his sheer willpower, otherwise he wouldn’t be able even to stand up.

    But before their fight could continue, two burning balls of steel hit the ship, and the explosion caused by it launched both Skyquake and Ironshell away from each other.

    “I thought you said Four minutes.” Once the smoke cleared, Rawbones could be seen [literally] on fire.

    “Four, two, what’s the difference?” Answered the burning Bombkill, upset.

    “Rawbones!?” Ironshell screamed in surprise, barely being able to stand up.

    “Missed me?” Rawbones said in irony.

    “The Mercenary Doom Bringer!? What joy in meeting such a legendary soldier!” Shouted Skyquake laughing, amused by his presence, “What brings you here?”

    “It’s a pretty long story, I’ll tell once I finish off this little ‘Con, for now you should try to head the ship the other way around.” Rawbones smiled, his flames starting to vanish.

    “But what about Bladewarp’s ship?”

    “Exploded into smithereens, why do you think I’m burning?” Said Bombkill, trying to light out the flames on his shoulder.

    “Pretty much.” Rawbones commented, “Sit on your chair and enjoy the trip, Skyquake, we won the battle for you, now we need only to finish off Ironshell and Bladewarp.”

    At this moment, more Drones of Bladewarp’s army arrived to help Ironshell.

    “ATTACK, ATTACK!” he ordered, genuinely scared of Bombkill and Rawbones.

    He then ran away in desperation; it was time for retreat.

    “More Drones? I grow tired of this.” Commented Bombkill.

    “Just shut up and fight, would you?” Rawbones pulled out his Bisento and charged at the Drones, unleashing a slaughter upon them.
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    Very good man.....I like it
    I was wondering if you'd mind if I could do the Autobot half of this
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    Uh..what Autobot Part? Because the fanfic is about mercenaries fighting against a new Decepticon Overlord.

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