Cybertron Toys: What Rocked and What Sucked?

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    So now with the release of Quickmix, barring any more repaints to come, the Cybertron toy line is finished. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed, these have been really fun to find and collect.

    However, that's not the point. I'm wondering which toys you think really made this line shine, and which ones you really just hated, wished you hadn't spent your money on or just flat out returned.

    Now, I haven't picked up every single toy... and I've missed one or two molds, but I feel I have an adequate collection to judge.

    Remember... this is all opinion based. Just cause I think Thundercracker sucks doesn't mean someone else might think he's a pretty cool toy.

    Best In Size Class
    Leader - Given the three choices we have, I'm going to have to go with Optimus Prime. I WANT to say Megatron, but in the end, Prime's combining gimmick with Wing Saber and Leobreaker just puts him two points ahead.
    Supreme - I don't own any Supremes, but from everything I've seen, Primus is the clear winner here.
    Ultra - Jetfire.
    Voyager - Evac. Soundwave is a contender, but the arm transformation is just screwed up... maybe it's just mine or it's a universal problem, but the arms just do NOT line up unless you transform him improperly.
    Deluxe - This is my favorite size class, and probably what I have most of, so it's a hard choice. I'd like to give the title to the Bendy Prime repaint - it's such a great toy, I'm loving it! But, this is also an Armada toy. And I also have new-toy-syndrome (NTS) which makes me love it a little more. So, with a bit of thought, Excellion gets my vote. The Hot Shot mold is my favorite, but the Hot Rod homage decor puts it over the top.
    Scout - This one's tough, since there weren't too many Scouts that I got very excited about... I liked the ones I got, but none were particularly memorable. Except Clocker. He gets the vote. I tried so hard to find him once he was confirmed released in the US. I never picked up a Swerve, so he wasn't considered.

    Worst In Size Class
    Leader - Metroplex... I like him, I'm glad I got him... He's not as awesome as either Optimus Prime or Mega/Galvatron.
    Supreme - Unless I'm mistaken, we've only gotten Starscream and Primus as Supremes... so unless that statement is wrong, I have to give this one to Screamer.
    Ultra - This one is going to have to go to Scourge. But this is only because I only have three Ultras with which to judge... CD Red Alert, Scourge, and Sky Shadow. Scourge is just the least fun. He's still cool.
    Voyager - Cybertron Defense Scattorshot. Wow. He looks so cool, but is really just a pretty boring toy.
    Deluxe - Thundercracker. I hate the cannon arm... I COULD have gotten used to it if it were implemented properly, but the shoulders don't clip in place, the cannon arm is flimsy and really doesn't add anything... he makes G1 Thundercracker cry.
    Scout - I haven't really run into any bad Scouts. I think Wreckloose is the worst in my collection, but I hear that Backstop was pretty bad.

    Biggest Disappointment
    Soundwave. He's so cool... but just does NOT fit together in alt mode at all. And that REALLY bothers me.

    Biggest Pleasant Surprise
    I usually read reviews before picking up a new toy... but there are still some who've surprised me. I'm going to have to give this one to Repugnus. I always ignored Undermine... then one day I saw Repugnus and bought him on a whim, and just really, really liked him.

    Anyways. Feel free to add categories. I'd like to see what everyone has to say.
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    Damn you Renidragon!!! I was waiting for the line to finally end to post this topic... ah well. Here are mu picks for Cybertron's Best in Show.

    Best In Size Class
    Leader - Optimus Prime hands down. Not because of the combining thing, just a very cool figure overall.
    Supreme - Again easy answer here... Primus. I love Screamer's crown, but the god wins this one.
    Ultra - CD Red Alert. I love the alt mode here and the bot is pretty good as well.
    Voyager - CD Scattorshot. One of my favorites of the entire line.
    Deluxe - This is the toughtest decision as there are quite a few to choose from. I've got to go with Hot Shot on this one. Just plain cool.
    Scout - For myself I think Armorhide deserves the title in this round. There were many good ones, but I think he was one of the best.

    Worst In Size Class
    Leader - Metroplex. Really had no interest in him at all. Just couldn't get into the gimpy alt mode.
    Supreme - Not that Starscream is a bad figure at all, but by default I guess he wins.
    Ultra - Jetfire. Really not that impressed with this guy.
    Voyager - Leobreaker. Again, had no interest in getting this one.
    Deluxe - Thundercracker. For me, this was the worst overall figure. No contest!
    Scout - I have to say Lugnutz on this one. Too much kibble on top.

    These are only my opinions with regards to this line. Overall Cybertron was a good line and I don't have many complaints. Looking forward to Classics now.
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    Detroit- It's a shithole full of people who steal

    Supreme: Primus. He's fucking PRIMUS!!!

    Leader: Optimus Prime. Just what we needed after the failures of Armada & Energon Prime.

    Ultra: I really like Menasor for some reason!

    Voyager- Either Dark Crumplezone or Cybertron Defense Scattorshot.

    Deluxe: This one has the most "good" molds from the entire line, IMO. I'll have to pick Cybertron Defense HotShot.

    Scout: Probably Armorhide or maybe Scrapmetal.


    Supreme: Starscream, by default.

    Leader: Metroplex. Nowhere near as fun as the others.

    Ultra: DARK SCORPONOK!!! Lame remold. Or, if we're going by new molds only... Jetfire. Not happy with him at all.

    Voyager: Leobreaker. Boring and not fun.

    Deluxe: DirtBoss. Horrible colors.

    Scout: BACKSTOP!!!! That thing is just plain hideous.
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    Supreme: Primus, no contest
    Leader: Optimus Prime, awesome awesome designs
    Ultra: Menasor was a big surprise for me, very damn poseable
    Voyager: Soundwave, love the gimmicks
    Deluxe: Sideways, gotta love the two faced jackal
    Scout: Undermind, I love the figure for some reason, I think it's the face...
    LOC: Thundercracker, love to transform the lil guy!
    Cartoon: Galaxy Force, Cooler names, and Nitro Convoy's a dude


    Supreme: Starscream, had they imported the Galaxy Force version, it would've won the voyager class easily
    Leader: Galvatron (Didn't get Megatron) the feet on mine is shit, can't get him to do any cool poses
    Ultra: Cybertron Defense Red Alert, it's kind of a brick...
    Voyager: Leobreaker, meh in all modes, Crumplezone is a close second
    Deluxe: Override, sucky feet!
    Scout: Scattorshot, can't do much with it
    LOC: Cybertron Defense Red Alert, don't even know why they had to try this one...
    Cartoon: Cybertron, Override's a chick? WTF? and why does it take forever to come out? and at odd hours?
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    Supreme: Primus. Due to low number of Supreme toys in the line, it wins almost automatically.

    Leader: Prime. After the last two got savaged, they had to get it right this time.

    Ultra: CD Red Alert.

    Voyager- Evac. Tough class though - both Crumplezones, and CD Scattorshot get an honorable mentiont too. Soundwave gets a B+ for effort.

    Deluxe: CD Hotshot, but Crosswise is a strong contender.

    Scout: Ransack. Lugnutz comes very close though.


    Supreme: Starscream becasuse if Primus wins, Screamer looses

    Leader: Metroplex. Interesting idea, not very well executed.

    Ultra: Menasor. For the same reason as Metroplex.

    Voyager: Leobreaker. VERY lazily designed toy. Nem Breaker was a slight improvement becasue of the color scheme.

    Deluxe: Dirtboss.Tires hanging off his back is kind of lazy.

    Scout: Overhaul. Why in the name of Primus didn't they design the arms properly?
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    I was waiting until the line ended to do this too :lol 

    I'm going to do mine a little differently...I'm going to just separate everything into 'Great', 'Good' and 'Mediocre'. I really don't dislike any of the molds, but I definitely like some more than others:


    Optimus Prime- obvious reasons. It's easily the best Prime since RiD. I love the faceplate gimmick and the removable Matrix is always a superb touch. The combinations with Leobreaker and Wing Saber, while not groundbreaking, are fun and awesome on display.
    Megatron/ Galvatron- other than stability issues, I love the toy. Great articulation, and I love the sculpting. Galvatron is great too, I didn't buy the Galvatrons in Rid, Armada or Energon but I had to buy the Cybertron version. It's the one TF I've left in the box for display.
    Evac- The helicopter mode is fabulous and the robot mode is fun to tinker with. It's one of my fav TFs ever.
    CD Scattorshot- Best CD toy of the trio. I love the key gimmicks and the poseability!
    Vector Prime- Granted, the GF cersion did have better paint apps but I still think the mold is spectacular either way.
    Landmine- I daresay Landmine is my favorite deluxe in the line. I love the bot mode. I think it's so underrated.
    Hot Shot- Not perfect, but compared to the shitstorms called Hot Shot from Armada and Energon this one looks like a Picasso. I think the key gimmick it REALLY lame but it adds to the Hot Rod homage. I'm so releived it's not retina-searing yellow this time around.
    Sideways- Mine has stability issues, but it's still one of the best TFs since RiD. The alt mode is great, and that head Very nice.
    Armorhide- Why the hell is it a shelfwarmer!?!?! I'd think kids would love an affordable truck that turns into a robot! This is my favorite scout class toy from Cybertron. It's just a sool little toy.
    Ransack/ Ransack GTS- Articulation sums up why I like this guy so much! Weird feet, but overall one of the most poseable toys in the line. I prefer GTS' color scheme, but both are great.
    Primus- Hasbro didn't disappoint. Awesome planet mode (with landmarks to boot!!!!), good articulation, armed to the the Omega Lock is a good little gimmick. I do wish it was Armada Unicron's height, but it's a minor complaint. Great toy all around.

    Supreme Starscream- Not as articulated as the other supremes but I like it all the same. I love the crown, I still need to get some fabric to make a cape!
    Metroplex- Yeah yeah yeah the alt mode looks like he's a bitch in prison. But the robot mode and the brute mode are both great. I really like it.
    Jetfire/ Sky Shadow- Best Jetfire from the trilogy. The wings sag from the weight in plane mode, but overall it's still a beautiful alt mode. decent articulation...though I don't care for the key gimmick. to 'use' it in robot mode you have to pose it so it looks like he's taking a crap:lol . Sky Shadow's color scheme is a lot better in person than in pictures.
    Scourge- Very cool dragon TF. Menacing headsculpt, neat key gimmick, a huge axe, and the vintage TF sound. Badass. The only thing I'd change is giving it wrist movement to compensate for the weird elbow joint.
    Dark Scorponok- The original wasn;t one of my faves from Energon, and I wasn;t going to get this version, but I broke down and got it during TRU christmastime sale last year. The colors are much better than the original version, and I like the character's backstory too
    Wing Saber- Even if it didn;t combine with Prime it's still a fun toy on it's own. I don't mind the lack of hands at all, in fact I think I'd prefer having the swords mounted the way they are to being handheld anyway. I said it in the feedback forum as well, but integrating the swords into the alt mode as flaps is genius. Kudos to the designer for that one.
    CD Red Alert- Another shelfwarmer in need of some love. The lack of outward shoulder movement is the only thing thats keeping it off the 'great' list for me.
    Menasor- Alt mode is crappy but I love the bot mode. It's really menacing (no oun intended)
    Quickmix- It has several issues, but overall it's a pretty cool TF. I might have muted down the colors personally, but the bright orange definitely works for a construction vehicle. Stripmine is a nice addition, being a psuedo-targetmaster and all.
    Mudflap- Poor guy was destined to be a shelfwarmer, but I actually like it. The articulation is great, and it's just solid. Too bad kids don't want it.
    Voyager Starscream- Again, I think I'm in the minority but the colors are what I like best on this guy. I don't think every Starscream has to have identical colors to G1. I never got into the comics, but it was still cool to see a War Within-inspired toy since a lot of people have been clamoring for it for so long.
    Crumplezone/ Dark Crumplezone- Not much to say here, I just think they're solid toys in both modes.
    Soundwave- The transformation is beyond annoying, but it's a perfect update to G1 Soundwave, Laserbeak and all.
    Longrack- Easily the best of the Armada remolds. I love the headsculpt
    Snarl- Lame key gimmick, but I really like both modes. The colors work perfectly, and I like the sword/ gun weapon.
    Downshift- One of the best alt modes in the entire line. I even like the ugly green since it fits the car perfectly. I haven't done the head and waist mods that everyone jumped on, but I still like it even without them. As an added bonus I love the fact the key slot can be concealed.
    Crosswise- I'm definitely in the minority here, but I don't think Crosswise is nearly as great as everyone raves about. Mine is really floppy and some parts of the transformation, like RiD Sideburn is etremely irritating. Though Sideburn is one of my fav TFs ever, so maybe if I give it time and fiddle with Crosswise more I'll like it more.
    Red Alert/ Cannonball- Interesting transformation, unobtrusive gimmick and I like the 'sort of a Magnum' alt mode. Connonball is absolutely ridiculous but I think it's SO audatious it's endearing.
    CD Hot Shot- Small for a deluxe, but it has enough weapons to level Russia. 'Nuff said.
    Brimstone- I know a lot of people think it looks too thin but I love the fact it is. The robot mode is awesome in my opinion...the articulated fingers are a huge bonus, and it has one of my favorite headsculpts in the entire line. In dino mode, the head is way too massive, but I think it's a cool TF nonetheless.
    Unicron- Love the details, love the concept...the floppyness is annoying but overall is a really cool toy.
    Thunderblast- I don't mind the fact it's a shellformer, I think it's got a really nice looking robot mode, and there can never be enough TF boats! I also like the fact the weapon is a BFG that turns into....a BIGGER BFG!!!:lol 
    Dirt Boss- Not a bad deluxe with good articulation, but for some reason do enough for my tastes to make it 'great' I'm not exactly sure why...
    Clocker/ Swerve- It has a great car mode, and decent articulation (if you can forgive opening the panels on the back of the legs to better the leg articulation. I think I like both the original and the repaint equally. Although Swerve's golden eyes are a really nice touch and looks great with the crimson color.
    Brakedown/ Brakedown GTS- I like the quirky little car mode, and my only gripe is the teeny forearms that make him look like he had a shop class accident. I love the Kup homage in GTS.
    Undermine/ Repugnus- The dino mode is cool, even if the key gimmick is really lame lol. The robot mode is so different I have to like it. I wasn't going to get Repugnus but I finally broke down and bought it last week. I like Undermine's color scheme a bit better though.
    Scrametals- Piledrivers...awesome. Articulation...awesome. Scorpion tank mode...very cool. My only real issue is the lack of wrist articulation (Similar to Scourges), but I realize it would have been tricky with the transformation. I can forgive it.
    Shortround- Its so damned ******ed I love it. Plus the 'toilet mode' seen here on the boards (i forget who came up with it, I'm sorry!) adds SO much coolness factor to it
    Hardtop/ Swindle- Articulated small guy with a sniper rifle!
    all Minicon Teams and Vs. Packs- I just like Minicons!

    Leobreaker/ Nemesis Breaker- I like the lion mode, but the robot mode leaves much to be desired. Saveage claw mode looks alright, but integrating a real hand would have looked much better. Nemesis Breaker has the better color scheme by far, but the mold is still pretty weak.
    Runamuck- I'm not an Armada Sideswipe hater at all, but Runamuck, while having a great new headsculpt, just doesn't do it for me. Plus, this has the worst key gimmick in the entire line.
    Blurr- See above, though at least the key gimmick is better than Runamucks
    Buzzsaw- I'd say the weakest of the four Armada remolds...the headsculpt is blah and the robot mode has been spindly since 2002.
    Thundercracker/ Skywarp- That giant gun arm just gets in the way. Plus the shoulder joint of the same arm is extremely floppy...some sort of locking mechanism would have made the toy much better
    Override- Decent idea, poorly executed. I was really looking forward to this one but I was pretty disappointed. The Auto-Transforming gimmick works much better than those they've tried in the past, but it still hinders the playability of the toy. I don't know about others' Overrides, but mine also has a ton of stability issues stemming from the feet and the top heavy upper body
    Lugnutz- Great alt mode, but the damn shoulders hinders a lot of arm articulation. I really want to put it in the 'Good' category, but the kibble is just too frustrating
    Backstop- My least favorite Cybertron toy for obvious reasons...articulation is poor, the aestetics are cruddy and every time I see its face I want to slap that smarmy grin right off...though I still really like the rhino mode.
    Overhaul/ Brushguard- This would have been a good toiy, but those arms....THOSE DAMN ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Scattorshot- I love the details on it, but while Overhaul's arms ruin the mold, Scattorshot's legs do the same.

    Once again I don't consider any of these 'BAD' TFs...Leobreaker and Backstop come really close...but overall Cybertron has been one hell of a toyline. In fact I have to say IMO it's been THE best TF line ever produced.
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    I usually shy away from ranking my collection, so this is going to be a very indecisive list.

    Supremes - both are awesome, I like Primus for what he represents, and since I added a little "extra" to mine he's been the highlight of the collection. Screamer rocks too, though, but I still feel they could have done something more with those arms at that scale.

    Leaders - Optimus all the way, best Prime in years. Metroplex is awesome, Megatron is good but the weakness in his hips hurts him. Galvy is incredible. I love all four of them.

    Ultras - Jetfire stole my heart the second I saw the design, and he's jealously guarded it ever since. CD Red Alert comes close though. The others are good too but have issues that hold them back a little.

    Megas - CD Scattorshot, my toy of the year last year. Awesome robot mode, the tank mode is very well executed, the Force Chip gimmicks are satisfyingly integrated. Can't fault him. Soundwave is the one that annoys me most, he is frustrating, though he looks badass as Soundblaster. Special shoutout to the Crumplezones, those two are fun toys and very imaginative designs.

    Deluxes - this is where it gets hard to judge. Best crop of Deluxe toys in years. Every last one has something I like about them, be it the overall look of Sideways, the wonderfully done Harrier jet mode for Thundercracker, or the badass Crosswise design. Crosswise gets my vote for being a mini-Alternator, tied with Sideways who looks plain awesome and is a very nice, different take on a Transformer. Only one I don't like is Override, she's a toy let down by a gimmick.

    Basics - Lots of nice ones here too. I'm partial to the Scrapmetal army I've built up, got every Galaxy Force colour variation because I liked him so much. Armorhide is a great little toy too. The one I like least is Overhaul, because of his awkward arms. I still got Brushguard though! Special shout to Shortround, who looks extremely ungainly, and is awesome with it!

    This line as a whole has been one of my favourites. I've not really thought twice about any of my purchases, and if space weren't such an issue I'd seriously have got every last one of the guys. As it is, I'm getting every unique design and a healthy number of repaints.
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    Oooh fun time. :)  I've got most of the molds, but there's a few I skipped so I'm just going by what I have.

    Supreme: Primus. Duh. :p 
    Leader- Prime. Look at those wings! Awesome.
    Ultra- I'm going with Scourge. 3 headed dragon, classic tf-ing sound effects, only bad thing is the lack of wrist rotation.
    Voyager- Starscream. As either the GF version or the Thrust repaint, this is just a freaking awesome figure. Perfect size for the design. Second place to CD Scattorshot and his BFGs.
    Deluxe- Very tough call on this one, but I think I have to go with Crosswise. He's the most solid in both modes.
    Scout- Scrapmetal. Lot of good ones here again, but this little guy is just so freaking cool.

    Surpeme- Starscream by default. Still a great mold, and the crown is great, but just too under-detailed for the size.
    leader- I'll go with Metroplex on account of crappy alt modes. But both he and Megs are pretty cool.
    Ultra- Not much to go on here (I don't have jetfire) but I'll go with CD Red Alert. He's good, but there's some issues like the hollow legs and he's a bit simple for the size.
    Voyager- the Breakers. The arm idea is great, but they look like hell in bot mode, and even lion mode is kinda weak.
    Deluxe- Almost said Thudercracker, but I'm gonna go with Override. The auto-transform gimmick ends up killing articulation and it's just not a wonderfully poseable bot.
    Basic- Backstop. 'nuff said.

    best pleasant surprise
    I think this goes to Thunderblast. Wasn't expecting much, and I remember really thrilled with her. Landmine turned out to be pretty cool despite being a pass initially.

    Biggest Dissapointment
    Soundwave. Too much arm kibble and tfing him shouldn't be that annoying.

    Best homage
    Excellion :D 

    Overall Cybertron/GF has been a fantastic line with very few real duds and some truly awesome gems.
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    Evansville, IN
    Best In Size Class
    Leader - I'm going to go with Optimus Prime/ Just all around fun.
    Supreme - Primus is easily the best.
    Ultra - Jetfire plain and simple
    Voyager - Soundwave is my fave by far. .
    Deluxe - This is a hard one to choose. There are lots of deserving figures here. I'd have to say my fav is Crosswise. CD Hot Shot was close but the fact Crosswise is like an alternator in a deluxe body clenched the deal.
    Scout - I'm going to go with Scrapmetal on this one becasue he is so much fun to play with. Shortround gets second place though.

    Worst In Size Class
    Leader - Metroplex i really like him, but he isn't as fun a OP or Megs.
    Supreme - Starscream by default and the fact it is a voyage toy blown up to supreme size and cost.
    Ultra - Easy. Scourge. He is basically a giant playskool transformer. Overly Simplistic.
    Voyager - Leobreaker He is just dull in my book.
    Deluxe - Dirt Boss. he is just kinds dull.
    Scout - Backstop because he looks like a happy meal toy. Piss poor figure.
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    I don't have most of the Cyb. line; I only picked up the 10 or 12 few that I really liked/wanted.


    Supreme: Primus. Haven't opened him, but I can still tell that he whups Sup. Starscream

    Leader: Megatron. This one was a bit painful...I usually pick Prime just because he's the good guy, but I just can't get over how cool and well proportioned Megatron is.

    Ultra: Don't have any.

    Voyager- Vector Prime

    Deluxe: Can't decide between Downshift and Override.

    Scout: Clocker


    Supreme: Starscream

    Leader: Metroplex. Don't have him, but I can tell from pics and seeing him in package in person that he's a little,

    Ultra: Don't have any.

    Voyager: Mudflap

    Deluxe: Cannonball

    Scout: Overhaul
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    Best Toys in Class

    Supreme - Primus, no question. Awesome toy, much better than Unicron because he actually transforms into a planet, and much better than Starscream, who unfortunately reeked of being rushed with things like no finger articulation.

    Leader - Galaxy Convoy/Prime - reasonable alt mode, great robot mode, lots of play value with his articulation and various combinations, and interacted with other toys well too. And he looked visually cooler than any Prime in a long while. Megatron was great too though.

    Ultra - Difficult call between Dreadrock and Fast Gunner. Dreadrock probably just nicks it on the basis of having better articulation, but on a different day I might have gone the other way.

    Voyager - Backguild/CD Scattorshot. One of my most favourate toys in years. Bags of articlulation, fun transformation, nice proportions, tons of guns. But damned nearly all the voyagers except one were awesome this year.

    Deluxe - I'm going to go with Autovolt/Crosswise, because he's basically the best Alt since RiD and one of the few exceptions to the lines seeming recent "ugly cars only" policy. Awesome in every way, but the deluxe class was pretty much winners all round this year, certainly for the original molds at least.

    Scout - the scout class was the only one that was slightly disappointing, but Armorhide is awesome. The Scrapmetal/Rumbles are lots of fun too.

    Worst in Class

    Some of these just had one toy where it wasn't up to scratch. Some were difficult to come up with a poor toy at all.

    Supreme - Starscream, by default. The Supreme class has a lousy history, and he's still a better toy than a lot of them, but things like articulated fingers would have helped so, so very much.

    Leader - Metroplex/Megalo Convoy. Transformers are supposed to transform into something. His axe is also far too heavy to attach to him properly. Gigalonia was extremely poor overall, save for Quickmix/Blender.

    Ultra - Menasor. See above, more or less. Rubbish alt mode, rubbish robot mode, dull transformation. Minicon cockpit is interesting, but not enough to save the mess the rest of the toy is. No contest here.

    Voyager - Leobreaker/Leigerjack. We more or less know a lot was gutted from this design, presumably for cost reasons. They've have been a lot better off keeping it so he actually had some form of arm mode and losing the electronics, which are lame even by TF standards. I don't hate him as much as some people, but definately the worst Voyager mold as the rest were all winners.

    Deluxe - there were no bad new mold deluxes, so the award goes to Demolishor, for being a repaint of a shitty Armada toy, without even any retooling to try and salvage it.

    Scout - I really liked the characters, so it was really disapointing that Backpack/Scattorshot and Jackshot/Overhaul were such poor toys with severe articulation problems (and in the latter, horrendous painted windows). Both a real let down.

    Overall though, Cybertron was probably the most consistently good line we've had since the Transmetals, if not ever.

  12. JD

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    Best In Size Class
    Leader - Metroplex. Sure, his official alt mode sucks, but there's just soo much other stuff you can do with him.
    Supreme - Seeing as the only other contender is Starscream, I'm going with Primus
    Ultra - CD Red Alert. Even though he can't move his arms outward, he's still pretty poseable.
    Voyager - Mudflap. His little pile thing looks like a tank canon, which is pretty cool
    Deluxe - Sideways. Nuff said.
    Scout - Swerve and his Wolverine-like claws. RAR!

    Worst In Size Class
    Leader - Prime. His torso is squashed, his back(side) is bare, and hios head feels kinda flat... I don't care if he can combine with Leo and Wingstaber, to me he's just big pile of red and blue plastic.
    Supreme - Starscream 4 teh suck!
    Ultra - Cross between Jetfire and Scourge. Most likely Jetfire due to his empty torso.
    Voyager - CD Scattershot is pretty boring, IMO
    Deluxe - Thundercracker. The only reason I own him is because he was included in the win pack with Crosswise.
    Scout - None really, but if I had to choose then I guess it'd be that one who turns into a toilet. Cause y'know sh*t happens...get it?

    Biggest Disappointment
    Soundwave. Kibble plus inability to tf him back into jetmode makes hims a real let down :( 

    Biggest Pleasant Surprise
    Dark Crumplezone for sure. He looks so badass from the middle and up. Though it would've been better if his legs were bigger.
  13. LigerPrime

    LigerPrime Well-Known Member

    Jul 20, 2002
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    I'm actually quite pleased with most of the toys but the ones that disappointed me slightly were Metroplex (his alternate mode was, er unusual) and Supreme Starscream (the smaller version would have been sufficient)
  14. llamatron

    llamatron OFFICIAL MMC REP TFW2005 Supporter

    Jul 11, 2002
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    Supreme: Primus
    Leader: Don't have any, can't comment. Optimus does look the best though.
    Ultra: Again, don't have any.
    Voyager: Evac, he's is awesome. Actually, all the other Voyager's I've got are sweet too (Soundwave, CD Scattorshot and Mudflap).
    Deluxe: Very close call between Downshift and Sideways. Gonna have to go with Sideways though, he also get's "Best toy of line" too.
    Scout: Tough choice again, will probably go with Scrapmetal, but honourable mentions to Lugnutz and Armorhide.


    Supreme: Starscream, looked pointless.
    Leader: Metroplex for his lame alt-mode.
    Ultra: Hmm, Scourge seemed a bit weak.
    Voyager: Out of what I have, CD Scattorshot (he's still good though). Out of all in the line, Leobreaker.
    Deluxe: Thundercracker (only got him because he came with Crosswise in that 2-pack).
    Scout: Overhaul.
  15. Scantron

    Scantron Well-Known Member

    Oct 3, 2004
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    With the exception of the stupid Planet Key gimmick, Cybertron is one of my favorite TF lines in years, so it's going to be a little difficult to pick the 'Best' toys...but there were plenty of low points as well.

    Best in Size Class

    Supreme - Primus. Looks great, has lots of features and is neat to play with. Sure to drive completists nuts with the three versions in existence (Unicrn head, no Unicron head, Wal-Mart exclusive with Minicons).
    Leader - Optimus Prime. The toy has a lot to offer on it's own, but interactions with other figures make it even better; a fun, versatile figure. Honourable mention to Galvatron because, while I'm not fond of the mold, the aesthetic is excellent.
    Ultra - While not a perfect toy, Scourge is still fun and has a neat appearance. Unfortunately, this was (IMO) the weakest size class in the line.
    Voyager - Soundwave. There are a few quibbles here and there (particularly in alt mode), but the accessories are well done and a great update of the Cassetticons. I actually prefer GF Soundblaster, due to the colour scheme, but this is just a Cybertron thread.
    Deluxe - My favorite deluxe is actually GF Dark Fang Wolf but, again, Cybertron thread. From the US line, I'd give the nod to Excellion. The Hot Shot mold has a few issues (which were easy to fix), but the aesthetic was very nice.
    Scout - Scrapmetal. Highly versatile little toy with a cool look and lots of poseability. The Key gimmick is also better than even some Deluxes.

    Worst in Size Class

    Supreme - None. While Starscream is the only other Supreme, I don't think it's a bad figure.
    Leader - Megatron. The mold has some major problems (weak leg joints, compartments that won't stay closed, etc) and the colour scheme isn't that great either. While Metroplex also has issues, it's also more fun to play with than Megatron.
    Ultra - Menasor. Nothing major wrong with it, but a lot of little problems that make the toy a nuisance. Overly simple transformation and multiple floppy pieces make this a big disappointment. Dishonourable mention to CD Red Alert for the weak hips and annoying shoulders.
    Voyager - Quickmix. While there are no major problems, it's just kind of a bland toy. Doesn't help that this is one of the strongest size classes in the line.
    Deluxe - Skywarp. All of the problems inherent to the mold are even worse in this repaint and it doesn't hold together in robot mode at all.
    Scout - Lugnutz. A nuisance to transform and looks terrible in robot mode. Dishonourable mentions to Backstop and Wreckloose for their bad aesthetics.

    Best Repaint/Remold in Size Class

    Supreme - N/A.
    Leader - Galvatron.
    Ultra - Dark Scorponok.
    Voyager - Nemesis Breaker.
    Deluxe - Longrack.
    Scout - Swerve.

    Biggest Disappointment

    Vector Prime. I have the Galaxy Force version and love it, but the Cybertron release just had too many flaws (I got a copy of it in the TRU two-pack with Starscream).

    Best Pleasant Surprise

    Giant Planet Minicon Team.
  16. onesock

    onesock Banned

    Aug 14, 2006
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    Best In Size Class
    Leader - I'm going with Metroplex. He was huge, he was innovative, and I'm probably the only one who liked the Alt. Mode.
    Supreme - Primus. Need I explain?
    Ultra - CD Red Alert. Yet again, innovative and fun. Loved the arm attachments and huge cannon.
    Voyager - Mudflap. I'm digging the Alt. Mode, bot mode, and huge sword. AWESOME.
    Deluxe - Unicron. Gave me that Bludgeon homage-feel. I love how they innovated Uni into a tank.
    Scout - Armorhide. Awesome Bot and Alt. mode, and cool key gimmick.
    Worst In Size Class
    Leader - Galaxy Force Optimus Prime. Don't get me wrong, I love this figure. But throwing out a crap repaint at us? BLEGH.
    Supreme - Meh....Nobody. I loved Starscream. He doesn't deserve to be the worst by default.
    Ultra - Dark Skorpinok. BOOO. NOT EVEN A REMOLD.
    Voyager - Leobreaker. THAT COMBINED MODE SUCKS ASS!
    Deluxe - Thunderblast. Shell-former much?
    Scout - Backstop. Hands down.

    Biggest Disappointment
    Soundwave. Great homage gone wrong.

    Biggest Pleasant Surprise
    CD Scattorshot. Didn't look fun, but was an amazing toy when in hand.
  17. Cheebs

    Cheebs Well-Known Member

    Jan 8, 2004
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    Cybertron was consistantly way above average, but there's a few blips that stand out as much higher peakes than the rest. Screw size classes, I'm just saying what they are.

    #1 far and away: Downshift. Wow.

    Armorhide is endlessly kit-bashable and a really freakin' amazing take on truck cab transformation design.

    Primus: very imposing

    Crosswise: Not so much as Downshift, but still...That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

    Vector Prime (yes, even the US version). The detail! The majesty!

    LOC Starscream: Best mini Transformer EVER! Not just good for a mini: Great for a Transformer in general! If convention exclusives count towards "Cybertron" then make it LOC Skywarp. If not, LOC Scream is still freakin' amazing.

    As for those I'd rather forget:

    Backstop. Lol.
    All of the Giants. Horray bad Playschool design!

    As for the best pleasant surprise.... It's Shortround's toilet mode and you all know it!
  18. Scantron

    Scantron Well-Known Member

    Oct 3, 2004
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    The end of the scorpion tail is remolded: Planet Key port added, shape of 'cockpit' changed, hook removed, shape of deploying guns changed and other minor resculpting.
  19. Samana Rombuca

    Samana Rombuca Well-Known Member

    Aug 19, 2006
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    Best In Size Class
    Leader - Optimus Prime He has a neat design, lots of homage. Face plate gimmick is cool when it works and we have some history.
    Supreme - Primus. Because he's not a scaled-up Voyager, he does transform into Cybertron, he comes with Unicron's head (sometimes), he puts my planent keys to permanent use (lol) and he has an overall likeable design. His chest is really nice from a slight top down view.
    Ultra - CD Red Alert. Penis gun of doom. Check. Big, bulky transformation. Check. Overall, this guy jives well with me. I don't have Quickmix yet (grrr) so I can't make an informed conclusion to this debate
    Voyager - Starscream. The hotness, pure and simple. Too bad the good one never saw release here, but he gets my vote nonetheless.
    Deluxe - Noisemaze Maybe NM won't be considered BEST DELUXE EVAR, but he has designs aesthetics that evoke the best of the BW and RID days and is a very nice figure. Unicron is a very close runner up in this department.
    Scout - Scrapmetal Despite the fact that I'm very bitter that all 3 of GF versions got lost in the mail and I never got them, I do think Scrapmetal is one of the hardier and most versatile basics out there..

    Worst In Size Class
    Leader - Metroplex. His Japanese version was cool because it came with a little Prime toy. :redface2:  And he has a pizza cutter. :redface2:  :redface2:  That's about it. He's not bad... but that's more than what I can say for "bend over and kiss my ***"-mode. :redface2:  :redface2:  :redface2: 
    Supreme - None. I like both Primus and SS equally and in different ways.
    Ultra - Jetfire. Really crappy transformation. The toy had so much potential, but it got squandered. Scourge isn't much either. Too plasticy.
    Voyager - Leobreaker. Ugly sonavagun, not fun to transform or fiddle with. Nice robohead.
    Deluxe - Thundercracker. It was a jetformer that would make Movie Starsceam cry.
    Scout - Overhaul Arm articulation didn't rock. Head was ugly. Vehicle and design was doofy. I never had Backstop.
  20. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Comic Ink - Dublin, CA

    Aug 5, 2003
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    SUPREME: In all honesty I really like both, but I'm going with Primus because of the detail :) 

    Leader: Optimus Prime, best Prime in AGES!

    Ultra: Overall not my favorite size class...but I'll go with CD Red Alert.

    Voyager: Evac, I'll but any recolor we can get of this guy!

    Deluxe: Downshift! Okay, I'm an old fogey and a '70 Malibu was the car my parents had until I was 14! so a 70's style muscle car was love at fist sight. Another that I'd go crazy for repaints!

    Basic: Armorhide, I just really like him!


    Supreme...I know there's only 2 to choose from, but I have a hard time calling Starscream "worst" when I really like him a lot.

    Leader: Metroplex. I don't like the alt mode at all...glad I didn't pay full price for him.

    Ultra: Dark Scorponok...a straight Black Zarak paintjob would have been sooooo much better than the "almost" version we got.

    Voyager: someone earlier said...he's just plain, kinda boring. I didn't think there would be a voyager I liked less than Leobreaker...then I bought this guy...

    Deluxe: Mudflap...just not a good figure.

    Basic: Backstop! IMHO the worst figure in AGES...looks and feels like a happy meal toy.

    Biggest Dissapointment: Override, I like the vehicle mode, I like what the robot mode could have been, but the auto transform gimmick took too much away from the design. It's a gimmick that shouldn't be used on anything larger than a basic...they got it right with the MW flipchangers :) 

    Biggest Pleasant Surprise: CD Scattorshot. I really expected him to be boring, the vehicle mode just didn't inspire me at all, but I like fiddling with this one :) 

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