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    Cybertron Skyshadow is a gorgeous repaint of Cybertron Jetfire/GF Dreadrock, now as a Decepticon.

    Here's his image from BBTS...
    ((his hips/legs are facing the wrong way))

    He has no remolded parts I can find save his Autobot logo which was once embossed plastic is now simply a Decepticon sticker. They smoothed it over, so it is flat now... on the package on the back you can see it is just a sticker over a colorless Autobot insignia though... taking him apart, the insignia piece is a seperate chunk of plastic... why they didn't emboss on a Decepticon logo and replace this piece is beyond me.

    His articulation is good for those who do not know. Good, but not great. His legs are perfect and his waste does swivel, but the cockpit blocks the rotation... which stinks. His arms are "unique" the wrists and elbows rotate good, but the shoulders are strange. Head moves nicely.

    The major flaws of Jetfire of course carry over... he is very back heavy and falls easily, and the chest from the side angle is completely hollow ((kinda like Energon Mirage)) and looks strange.

    Overall, I recommend him over Jetfire as I feel he has a much cooler paint scheme. He's pretty tight, and I really like his design, namely the head sculpt. A fair amount of poses can be reached and he displays nicely and uniquely in the Cybertron line.[​IMG]

    Edit: No, his bio is not the same as the one on BBTS
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    Is this from his real bio?
    'He hangs back while all the other troops wheel out their “A” material and try their luck with Thunderblast.'-quoted from BBTS Order page.

    The curses of being the only Female in Cybertron, (Overide is too manly to count as female).

    Sky Shadow looks about a thousand times better than Jetfire, And, If i like him when his hips and legs are the right way round, I may just get him.......may.
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    I wanted to pick up Jetfire... but this guy is actually looking kinda cooler.

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