Cybertron Satellite and other perspectives from Japan...

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    Hi all,

    Just got back from Japan the other day.
    Spent time in Akihabara, Nakano, Odaiba, and Harajuku.
    I wanted to share my thoughts on TF and related stuffs.

    1. Cybertron Satellite - In Akihabara, its in the Yodobashi Camera store.

    It's an electronics store, but the entire 7th floor (ish) is dedicated to toys, models, and games. For TF's, they only had one side of one isle with figures. No store exclusives tho; not even a place for them. Only wave 1 of Prime on the shelves (Optimus, Megatron, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, and Skywarp) w/ mincons of course for about 18.99 yen. Cyberverse, same deal, Wave 1, but Vehicons were plentiful; 4.59 yen. Other than that, they only had old movie deluxes that were peg warming, like 3 Animated voyagers(no Blackout), and MP Starscreams and Hot Rodimus.

    Overall prices were retail. I woundn't recommend this be your first stop as everything can be found cheaper elsewhere in assorted shops around Akihabara. The cheapest i saw Cybertron deluxes were 14.99 yen.

    Also, First Editions were scarce. I only saw one shop with a First Edition Vehicon, but it was priced at 44.99 yen (ebay-ish) least i could say i held it in my hand lol. Saw a couple First Ed. Starscreams and Arcees both around 2000ish yen. No First Ed. Primes or Cliffjumpers.

    Best TF deal i saw was Jetwing Prime DOTM for 113,000 yen = about $135 US. Ran out of suitcase space, so had to pass...fml.

    2. Gundam Front Odaiba - DiverCity Shopping Complex

    This is where there's the 1:1 scale of the Rx-78 2 gundam. It's outside and free to see. At night there's a mini show that goes off every 1.5 hours or so. Light show, huge video wall projected on the building, music, and the cockpit opens up to show Amuro saying something before activating the gundam.


    You can visit the official site on how to get tickets, which is actually in english now....bastards, only had a jp site before i left. The actual museum is on the 7th floor of the shopping complex. In addition to the pay museum, theres a free model exhibit and Strictly-G clothing shop. Exclusive merchandise is sold outside in a tent next to the gundam. There's a Gundam Cafe which has churros, coffee, drinks, and more exclusive goodies. I picked up a few coffee mugs, coasters, and a beam saber umbrella to name a few.

    In Odaiba, there's supposedly Tokyo's Toys R Us, but i didnt have the time to seek it out. Google maps says its walking distance from Daiba Station.

    3. TF in Akihabara and Nakano Broadway.

    There's really not as much TF stuff compared to Revoltech and and other assorted 'girly' figures. You'll see the most stuff at Mandrake, also usually the cheapest. I saw they had the new Soundblaster and that other Blaster recolor for like under $40 US each. Other than that, it's a hunt. Wear comfortable walking shoes, b/c you'll be using the stairs frequently as multiple shops are usually stacked up to 7 floors high.

    Ok thats my litte tid-bit about my Japan experience.
    Feel free to ask questions, I'll try to answer.

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