Cybertron Optimus Prime and Wing Saber Double Pack

Discussion in 'Transformers Feedback & Reviews' started by Optimus Prime Super Mode, Jan 27, 2007.

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    Jan 18, 2007
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    Hey I don’t know if anyone has talked about this Double Pack before so here it is.

    Ok so I got this through the post a few days ago and when I opened it I was like 'YAY'. I opened it and started to play around with them, first I just played with them separately then I combined them to make Optimus Primes Sonic Wing Mode, and I must say it looks soooooooooo cool. The only thing which I think is quite annoying is that you’re left with the Cannons of Optimus prime but there is nothing you can do about that.
    The model is very nicely made as I doesn’t really matter what mode your in there are no stupid fragile bits which wont break off as all brackets fit snug and so do all the other fittings.

    Here are a couple of pictures:

    Optimus Prime Sonic Wing Mode

    Optimus Prime Normal

    Wing Sabor

    I would highly recommend this model :D .

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