Cybertron Dirt Boss, Override, Thundercracker

Discussion in 'Transformers Feedback & Reviews' started by Pravus Prime, Oct 8, 2005.

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    I know these figures have their own threads, but the circumstances are a bit different. Rather than doing a straight review, instead, I'm looking more at the value, or bang for my buck. Besides, I feel like sharing!

    With the TRU sale, buy 2 get 1 free, I had been eyeing Dirt Boss, and decided that there were of course, 2 other ways of looking at the sale. Buy 1, get 2 half price, or buy 3 at 2/3 price. Opting to look at it as the former, despite the bad reviews, I picked up Override and Thundercracker to the glee of TRU and the disapointment of my wallet. I chose Override because of the Arcee resemblence and because of the tec car vibe to even Lightspeed of the Technobots, and Thundercracker because I like jets.

    I have to say, at the moment, Dirt Boss is among my favorite Transformers to actually play around with. He's really a lot of fun, his Force Chip is a neat little transformation, he's a great robot and solid transformation, clearly worth every penny. He's very well articulated, and a great figure, IMHO. Of the Cybertron (excluding GF figures) that I've gotten, he's by far my favorite. As a Deluxe he's almost a steal for what you get. Nearly every day I use the force chip gimmick. Heh, he's fun. :thumb 

    Override, well, for starters, the instructions almost had me break her. I kept trying to swing the hips the wrong way. :banghead:  The autotransformation thing is neat, but really, she's not much. At the basic price, she's well worth it though.

    Thundercracker, unsurprisingly is the bottom of the barrel. Good grief, how could this figure make it to a final product? Nothing locks together, I'm certain I'm going to break that left arm/barrel of his transforming him, and his feet are so needlessly complicated for the effect that I'm also sure that one day I'm going to break that as well! At the basic price, he's not worth it.
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    I really wish Dirtboss had a different color scheme. If he did, I'd be all over him. His colors seem so garrish to me whenever I see him on the pegs. Maybe down the road he'll get a better repaint.
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    I don't have Dirt Boss, but I do have Override and Thundercracker, and you're pretty much right about both of them.

    I think Override's pretty darn neat... but that's about it. The gimmick is original and appropriate, and definately pulled off well... but then all that's left is to transform the legs... and I dunno about anyone else's, but my Override's swivel joints on the legs (not the hips, just the leg pieces) are REALLY FREAKIN' TIGHT. This makes transforming back into that badass of a car rather difficult to get right.

    Thundercracker... oh, he could have been great. He really could have! But you're right. His downfall is entirely based on that one thing: NOTHING locks together in bot mode! And... I think only his left arm cannon locks in in alt mode, now that I think about it.

    But Dirt Boss is cool, huh? Well, I HAVE been meaning to pick up Ransack... maybe I'll grab DB, Ransack, and another basic for TRU's sale.
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    I agree, I like dirt boss..

    I like him so much that I gave him his own minicon Partner (the brown prowl repaint)
    Try out dirt boss with him and OMG!!!! its like they were made for each other.

    also on thunder craker.. there is a lock, at least on mine, but its not very strong but it will hold the barrle arm thingie if you just pose him.

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