Cybertron and Armada parts 4 sale

Discussion in 'The Junk Pit' started by OldsCut78, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Taking offers on this stuff. One man's junk is anothers treasure.

    Vector Prime sword SOLD
    Override gun
    Override GTS gun
    Swerve pipes and gun
    Ransack gun x2
    Clocker gun
    Sideways wings
    Hot Shot missile and launcher
    Minicon Safeguard
    Excellion launcher
    Blurr missiles and launchers
    Downshift missiles and launchers 2 sets
    Evac blades
    Brakedown gun x2
    Swindle gun
    Hardtop gun
    Smokescreen launcher and missile 2 sets
    Runamuck gun
    Red Alert hand attachments and both hood pieces
    Brushguard missile
    Overhaul missile

    Red Alert doors with arms and winsheild
    Cyclonus blades
    Sideswipe gun and knife
    Black and red repaint of Blurr missiles and launchers
    Deluxe Prime smokestacks and Overrun
    Jetfire shield with giold trim

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