Fan Art: Cyberblast Prime and Phoenix Prima Art Request

Discussion in 'Requests' started by cybertron2006, Dec 4, 2009.

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    I'd like to see my fancharacters drawn for the first time. I'm a horrible artist and my gf keeps saying "Pics or it never hapoened".

    Can someone help?

    Description of Cyberblast...

    Head: Alternators Prowl-type head with a cerulean blue "helmet" and white "eyebrows" (as I like to call the horns).

    Upper Torso: the front of a cerulean blue Lamborghini Reventón with the Autobot symbol.

    Lower Torso: same as Alternators Prowl but silver.

    Shoulders: Same as Prowl but with doors from the Lambo. Also the doors are cerulean blue and the arms and hands are white and black, respectively.

    Legs: Stocky white upper legs. Lower legs are the back bumper of the Lambo and are cerulean blue.

    Optics: Yellow

    Can you draw him in Alternators style?

    Thanks! I'll get Phoenix Prima's description tomorrow!

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