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    Since there doesn't seem to be a designated thread for this, I figured that I'd just create a place to post my random ideas for customs projects. Being limited in both money, experience and free time, I doubt I'd be able to pull these off myself. However, if anyone gets inspired by this thread, I would be ecstatic. Everyone else, feel free to post your own ideas.

    General Ideas:

    -Beast Wars Depth Charge into Manta Ray (The female Happy Meal toy)
    -Movie Jetstorm/Cybertron Jetfire into Soundwave
    -Animated Prowl into Rattrap (BM version)
    -Classics/Universe 2.0 Bumblebee into Glyph
    -Classics/Universe 2.0 Hound and Ravage into Swindle and Howlback
    -Cybertron Evac into Kup
    -Animated Samurai Prowl into Bludgeon
    -Movie SpyShot into Classics/Universe 2.0 Reflector
    -Movie High Score 100 into Classics/ Universe 2.0 Beast Box
    -Movie Stockade into Movieverse Optimus Primal
    -Movie Booster X10 into Classics/Universe 2.0 Buzzsaw
    -RoTF Knock Out into Movieverse Rattrap
    -RoTF Depthcharge into Movieverse Thunderblast
    -RoTF Breakaway into Star Wars Crossovers Ewok
    -RoTF Breakaway into Movieverse Powerglide
    -RoTF Chromia into Movieverse Vehicon Thrust
    -RoTF Wheelie into Movieverse WAL-E

    I will continue to update this post as ideas come to me or are suggested. Those that are suggested will have the member's name put after them.

    Edit: Hello? Is anyone out there? :( 

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