Customs: Customizing the Star Dino Team

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by DrJest, Mar 11, 2017.

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    May 24, 2016
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    I just got the multicolored version of the Star Dino Team and plan on turning most of them into Dinobots. This had been done plenty of times and I think I have a handle on it. I am thinking of ways to handle the tail wireless, though. If like to add storage for them.

    The T-rex definitely is not Grimlock, though. I think I'm going to turn him into Beast Wars Transmetal Megatron. It's nice because I barely have to do any painting! I looked on Shapeways and could only find titan master faces for that character. Does anyone know where a good head I could use could be found?

    Also, my triceratops only came with two right horns. I know this has happened with some other people, so please message me if you have two left horns and want to swap.

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