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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Cybertronian, May 14, 2010.

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    Howdy, y'all.
    Is it possible to swap parts ("face", torso, legs) between the 1988 Headmasters?
    For example, unscrewing and placing Nightbeat's face on Quig, Siren's headmaster, or Muzzle's legs (minus some sculpey-ing or sanding) on Lokos, Squeezeplay's headmaster.

    Here's what I'd want in a custom (or better yet, a casted custom):
    • A headmaster with Fangry's face (Brisko's back) and Lug (Hosehead)'s upper body and legs. (If Lug's body and legs won't fit, I'd accept Lokos (Squeezeplay)'s as a substitute.)
      The body should be molded/painted (Hemi) Orange and the legs should be blue or black. The robot head/face should stay black.
      If it were possible, the stats should be raised to all 8's.
    • The remaining Fangry/Brisko parts could be mated with the Hosehead face. I could see the robot face and legs in black with the torso in a brownish gray (like Horri-Bull).
    As I imagine it, the 1st HM would be for an Autobot, and the second for a Decepticon, but as original Headmasters, they could go either way.
    If someone finds out that this can be done, I'd be happy to commission a copy (esp. one of the "Lug w/ Fangry face" combo) made from their success.

    -- Cybertronian.
  2. Superquad7

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    I don't see why it wouldn't be possible :D 
  3. bradforj

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    Your best bet would be to see if Darkov has the molds for these two. If he does, then I am sure he could do any color you want. If he does not, contact him and see if he would like to add these two headmasters to his offerings. If he says yes, you will need to loan him the heads for copying. This would be good for others, as these little heads are not easy to find :) 

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