Customs: Custom Weapons & Play Sets for Transformers, GI Joe, Star Wars

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    I have been working on many different projects. One of these projects I have started is making molds, so you can cast your own weapons and play sets. This is what I was planning on doing for the weapons. I am going to vacuum form many different shapes and sizes (small pipes, large pipes big and small pipes, handles, ect….) You can then cast these shapes dozens and dozens of times. You can then put these shapes together and make your own custom weapons. You could also cut out the molds and assemble the plastic and make weapons this way.

    For the play sets I was going to make molds for computers, roads and ect….

    Would you guys be interested in any of these molds? If so, what items would you want to see for the play set? Is there something special you would want to see for the weapons?

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