Heavy/Scratch: Custom Transformer's Allspark Display

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    This is a fan-custom Transformers Movie Prop of "the Allspark". A source of power that the Autobots and Decepticons fought over in this summers blockerbuster hit based off of a 80's cartoon. Like many fans I was on the edge of my seat when I finally saw one of the greatest toys/cartoons came to life on the big screen.
    Hope you like it, sculpted from scratch with Aves Apoxy Sculpt.


    It's a 5" X 5" sculpted cube. When it is on the stand it almost 13'' tall. .
    Based was made of a combination of foam core board, foam blocks (using in shipping items), a small round wooden base cover in everyone's favorite cat litter (country fresh of course). All glued together and seal in foam hardner called Ureshell. This stuff rocks. Seals foam makeing hard as pllastic and after it dries, you can use any kind of paint on it.
    I try to give this thing as many textures, designs, carving as possible. Now these pics are great but they don't pick up some of the texture design I added to this pc. I use many concept drawing off the net to try to create the Allspark. Primed, paint and sealed, I think it came out very nice.

    More pics click here --->http://www.angelfire.com/blog/pdi/allspark

    I will posting it on Ebay tonight 8/13/07 Check back on my website tonight – for the link

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