custom sigma 6 halo master Chief

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    custom sigma 6 halo master Chief and Others

    Hey guys. I am trying to make some extra cash for my daughters christmas. I don't know if anyone would be interested or not, but I figured I should let you know. Throughout the week, I will be listing all of my Sigma 6 and Transformers customs. Tonight I am starting off with my favorite, my "Sigma 6 Master Chief". I have a thread here:
    with plenty of pics.
    Later this week I will put up my Sigma 6 Alley Viper, and Sigma 6 V2 B.A.T.
    Also I will be listing all my 3-3/4 25th, and VvV Joes.
    Like I said just thought you guys might like to look. Just click the Ebay link/pic under my avatar. Thanks for your time.

    here is the auction:

    Also added another new custom from the sigma 6 line. A cobra BAT here is the link:
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