Custom Shockwave 2.0

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    Custom Transformer Movie DOTM Shockwave | eBay

    Shockwave has been disassembled, cleaned, prepped and airbrushed with layers of darker tones to lighter tones for that worn metal look and then given slight highlights of purple as in the movie. Washes have been applied as well to help bring out the detail as well as the copper and brass detailing for mechanical realism. The gun belt has been weathered and given a slight rust affect for contrast. A red jewel has been placed in the barrel to give the appearnce of weapon powering up to fire. Therefore there is no batteries to replace and no switch to flip in order to get that affect. It's always there! Shockwave has been painted with quality durable paints (Kustom Kolors) but should still be handled by and is intended for an Adult for collection and display.

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