Customs: Custom Prime & Beast Hunters Figure Ideas

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    Just copying the theme of Combiner Wars and Titan Returns threads in this section of the forum. Just take a Prime FE, PRiD, or Beast Hunters mold and re-purpose it. Go nuts.

    Unless specified otherwise those listed below are G1 homages.

    PRiD Megatron -> Sentinel Prime
    PRiD Rumble -> Rewind, Eject
    PRiD Hot Shot -> Autotrooper, RiD Jazz
    PRiD Knock Out -> Moonracer
    PRiD Wheeljack -> Sideswipe, Road Rage
    PRiD Dreadwing -> Alpha Trion, Air Raid
    PRiD Soundwave -> Powerglide
    BH Smokescreen -> Nightbeat, Tracks, Macro, Overclock, Armada Blurr
    PRiD Bulkhead -> Front-Line
    PRiD Bumblebee -> Doubletake
    PRiD Ratchet -> Gears
    Prime FE Cliffjumper -> Tailgate

    PRiD Dreadwing -> Jhiaxus, Leozack, Talon
    PRiD Bumblebee -> Lockdown
    Prime FE Starscream -> Lyzack, Snare
    PRiD Soundwave -> Jetstorm
    BH Smokescreen -> Deadheat, Pandemic
    Prime FE Cliffjumper -> Mismatch, Wipeout
    PRiD Knockout -> Firebreaker
    PRiD Bulkhead -> Crankcase, Rampart

    V. Predaking -> Doublecross
    Grimwing -> Grotusque

    Grimwing -> BW Silverbolt
    Skystalker -> BW Stiletto, BM Nightscream

    Ripclaw -> Snapdragon, Esmeral
    V. Predaking -> Gigatron

    Adventure/RiD15 Stunticons:
    PRiD Ultra Magnus -> Motormaster
    PRiD Vehicon -> Dragstrip & Wildbreak
    PRiD Kup -> Heatseeker & Slashmark

    Torchbearers/Rust Renegades:
    PRiD Ultra Magnus -> Pyra Magna
    PRiD Wheeljack -> Dustup
    BH Smokescreen -> Jumpstream
    PRiD Airachnid -> Skyburst & Stormclash
    PRiD Arcee -> Rust Dust

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