Custom PRID Voyager Optimus Prime

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    Optimus has been painted with various applications of silver, yellow, and red (with some gold on the sword and light blue on the eyes). The head was painted with incredibly delicate applications of silver to match the on-screen model. Yes, I did line his horns as they appear on the show. The eyes were painted over in blue, but the light piping still works. His arms were simply colored with a red Sharpie. They do tend to wipe off, because I didn't seal them in any way. I honestly couldn't without stripping off the ink. I would advise touching him up every so often. The lights on the roof were painted yellow, as were the VERY tiny ones on the chest. Silver was applied to his knees, his tail lights, and his torso. I painted his chest red to match the show, and to match Optimus Primes in general. The gray chest is just... naked.

    Due to lack of any reference material for the sword included with this figure, I painted it to stand on its own. It's meant to emulate the Star Saber, in some way. Ignore the fact that it doesn't have a Matrix hilt. In fact, ignore it altogether if you wish. But it does look quite good in his hands, despite not really matching the figure's color scheme.

    His gun is the pride of this custom. It's a somewhat-commonly-used technique that I found out about in the Radicons section. I tore apart the stupid MechTech gun, cut it to bits, and glued the best parts back together. It is capable of sitting over his hand without any real mechanism, but the tab on his left arm helps to hold it on.

    You can find him on eBay here.

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