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    This thread is to list custom TF parts and WST kits available on Shapeways, created by myself.

    Shapeways is a 3d printing service. They require a $25 minimum order. The price includes UPS shipping. So if you order parts that total $29.00 before checkout, that price includes shipping as well. I recommend ordering the parts in White Detail (WD), which has the best surface, and is great for heads. White Strong Flexible (WSF) material is the next recommended material. It has a grainy finish. I only recommend it for weapons and WST kits. All materials require sanding. Parts do not come colored/painted. The color renders below are to only give you an idea of what the parts or WST kit looks like with color.

    Sorry, I am not accepting any requests or commissions at this time.

    Buying these parts does not give you rights to recast them. If you do need to recast them yourself, please PM me for details.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.


    Thunder Clash head v1:
    This version of the head was scaled to fit the Classics Optimus Prime mold. The head is a solid piece, so you must adapt it to whatever neck joint you have to work with. The dimensions for this head is 1.7cm x 1.5cm x 1.5cm.

    Shapeways | Classics Thunderclash Head


    WST Model Kits

    These WST model kits are mostly non transforming static figures, with limited articulation. Shoulder articulation is standard on all the kits. They require sanding and painting. Most of the kits come with the TF character in their robot and alt mode. Some kits have the modes as separate files on Shapeways, so you can order only the mode you want in some cases.

    WST Powerglide:
    Powerglide comes with both his robot and jet mode. The robot mode stands at about 5.5cm tall when completed.

    Shapeways | WST Power-fly


    WST Ransack:
    Ransack comes with his two modes separated. His robot mode stands at about 5.5cm tall.

    Shapeways | Ransack-tor - Bot mode

    Shapeways | Ransack-tor - Grasshopper mode


    WST Venom

    Venom comes with his wings as separate parts. You can order it in the translucent material, if you want to give it the g1 look. Or it can be ordered in the same material as the rest of Venom.

    Robot and Altmode:
    Shapeways | wst venom 01

    Shapeways | wst venom 02


    My previous projects, and examples of what I have done with parts made through shapeways.
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    I bought a Universe Skyfall upgrade head from Venksta, it easily swapped out with my stock one and looks amazing! Thanks Venksta!!
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    That Thunderclash head looks great! I'm considering getting one for my '09 BotCon figure. Gotta check to see if the size is right, though. Plus figure out how to attach it. Hmmm....

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